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Cruise Disruptor Launcher
Cruise Disruptor Missile

Cruise Disruptors are small missiles with EMP warheads. They are self-propelled, explosive projectile weapons that use a specific hard-point, and can be mounted on almost every class of ship.

Cruise Disruptors explode when they hit an object, or when they reach the end of their life. Cruise Disruptor missiles do a small amount of Direct explosive damage to everything within the explosion radius, and also generate a very specific electromagnetic field upon detonation. The EMP blast overloads the circuitry of any engines in the blast radius, causing the systems to power down. Modern ships automatically reset the engine power supply controls and re-route remaining power to basic engines, forcing the affected ship back into impulse speed in order to retain handling.

This has three major consequences:

  • A ship travelling in cruise mode will be automatically thrown out of it and reduced to impulse speed.
  • A drifting ship will cease it's drift and return to impulse speed due to the propulsion system reset reactivating it's basic engines. Engine kill will not respond for 5 seconds.
  • The affected ship will be unable to power up cruise for approximately five seconds after being hit with the disruptor. The disruption field does not affect thrusters, allowing ships some degree of evasive manueverability after being hit.

The small explosion damage from the disruptor is also sufficient to trigger sensitive mines and missiles in the blast radius, instantly detonating them before they reach their target. This can be used to great advantage against enemies relying on ammo based weaponry.

Cruise Disruptors can themselves be detonated by Cruise Disruptors and other missiles, and can be led off-target by Countermeasures, pushed off-target by Battleship Flak Turrets, and can also be evaded with defensive maneuvers.

Large ships have an inherent resistance to disruptors when they are hit at the opposite end of the target, since the disruptor blast may not be large enough to reach the engines. It is usually possible to achieve the desired results by shooting the target from the side or from whichever end has the engines.

Cruise Disruptor Launchers

Name H dmg S dmg Refire Range Speed Energy Turn Rate Expl Range Launcher Price Ammo Price
Wasp Cruise Disruptor 37 19 1.00 2,500 m 717 m/s 0 8.71 rad/s 50 m $1,980 $50
Hornet Cruise Disruptor 159 80 1.00 3,000 m 808 m/s 0 8.71 rad/s 50 m $82,460 $500
Train Cruise Disruptor 140 70 1.00 3,000 m 803 m/s 0 8.71 rad/s 400 m $164,000 $2,000
Nomad Heavy Disruptor Bolt 140 70 1.00 3,000 m 803 m/s 0 8.71 rad/s 400 m $164,000 $2,000
Nomad Disruptor 155 78 1.00 3,000 m 938 m/s 300 8.71 rad/s 400 m $178,000 $1,500
Mosquito Cruise Disruptor 255 128 1.00 1,600 m 522 m/s 0 9.71 rad/s 250 m $192,000 $2,000
Reinforced Cruise Disruptor 210 105 0.67 3,500 m 976 m/s 1,500 8.71 rad/s 550 m $900,000 $7,000