Dagger Outpost

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Dagger Outpost
Namibia class Station
Dagger Outpost.jpg
Core Logo Final 3 pixel expand resize box.png The Core
E6, Omega-55
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 150

Dagger Outpost was initially constructed in modular pieces by Kruger Minerals at Stuttgart, from where it was shipped to the distant Omega-55 system. This was done to minimize the time that they were vulnerable to attack during its assembly on site, as Omega-55 became very dangerous once Rheinland abandoned it in 820 A.S.. The added pricetag for this method was deemed worthwhile by the Core, who have a vested interest in Planet Skagen which the facility orbits.

As the Core's most distant outpost, it only has a small active garrison, though other Core vessels are passively serviced on an as needed basis. Patrols from this base are primarily defensive, but some raids against the Coalition and Wild are occasionally launched as the Core tries to build up its presence in the Omegas.

It was only a matter of time before the Wild took note of the Core's presence in the system, and in 825 AS the base came under heavy attack. The last transmission out of Dagger before the destruction of its communications array was of the Order Battleship Canaan on fast approach. While the Canaan was responding to Dagger's distress call and moved in to assist against the alien forces, Core officials back in the Omicrons had every reason to believe that the Canaan and her crew were responsible for the attack.

While Dagger managed to rout the assault, the base is heavily damaged and cut off from repairs and supplies. It could be some time before her communications array is operational again, and for now the base is vulnerable to the many dangers of the Omega-55 system.

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Very Heavy Fighter