Governor Tekagi

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Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Affiliation Kusari
Born unknown
Died 800 A.S

Governor Tekagi was a Kusari politician and one of the most powerful men in Kusari, being able to privately meet with Rheinland Chancellor Niemann. Tekagi was always a vile, unpleasant man, but after being infected with a Nomad presumably from the possessed Niemann, he grew ill and both his friends and enemies noticed that Tekagi began behaving in a highly unusual fashion, even for him. Eventually, Tekagi set up a trap for enemy of the Nomads and Order employed freelancer Edison Trent and his accomplices that had Trent, his compatriots, and a Blood Dragon strike team launching an attack upon an Akira convoy, loaded with valuable trinkets, but neither the tome or Tekagi himself. In the meantime, the Governor transferred himself to his enormous fortress in the highly remote and inaccessible Tohoku system, ironically accessible from his primary enemies, the Blood Dragon's headquarters system.

Trent and his allies led a successful assault against Tekagi and the massive Kusari guard fleet positioned outside his Heaven's Gate base. Trent and Blood Dragon Lieutenant Ozu infiltrated Heaven's Gate, but in turn were ambushed by a trap of Tekagi's. The Governor interrogated both men, launching a fatal and effective blow against Ozu, then finally revealing the secret that Trent had killed hundreds of men, fled entire fleets, travelled across vast astral distances, sought out of the help of professionals of all sorts, and risked his own life and ship for. Tekagi's Nomad controller revealed Tekagi was no longer human, and attempted to impregnate Trent with Nomad offspring. However, Lord Hakkera arrived in a Dagger fighter in the nick of time, and Ozu suicidally triggered an explosive blowing apart the entire base and killing Tekagi (and his controller) in the process. Both bodies disintegrated in the blast.

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