Indochine Wreck

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Indochine Wreck
Henshaw class Wreck
Indochine Wreck.jpg
6G, Tau-23
Technical Data
Gravity None
Docking bays No
Amenities No
Crew 0

What was once a mining project in the far reach of the Taus for BMM soon became a symbol of the Gallic invasion of Sirius. In Gallic hands, Indochine Outpost was used not only a s a forward supply Depot for the invading Gallic forces in Tau-31 and Bretonia, but later on as a mining Outpost for the GMS to ine the rich Beryllium fields present in Tau-23.

As the front lines moved even further into Bretonia and its suplly lines became overly stretched, the Gallic Crown commissioned EFL to build a Trade Lane between the Languedoc Jump Gate and the Indochine Outpost to aid increasingly taxed supply line and to secure their dominion over the Tau systems. To that end, the construction of a more suitable Station began elsewhere in the System that soon became to be known as Cheronsee Outpost.

However, while the Indochine Depot security focused mainly in protecting the Lanes construction, Gate and mining Operations against Outcast and Pirate actions, they disregarded their own domestic enemies, namely the Maquis. In a daring and uncompromising Operation, with the help of a turncoat operating inside and the increased operatives visited the Station with false identification and security clearances granting them access to restricted sections of the Outpost, planting several explosive charges over the course of days and avoiding the weekly security sweep.

With flick of a button, Inodchine Outpost was gutted from the inside out, with the reactor core reaching a critical status and finally ending its existence, alongside over two hundred souls. Propaganda videos of teh attack soon flooded the Gallic media cortesy of the very people that turned the Indochine Outpost into a Wreck, reminding the Crown of the Maquis manifesto and mission