Jump Drive Module Series III

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Jump Drive Module Series III
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Jump Drive
Hit-Points 80,000
Cargo Space 900
NPC Buy Price 550,000

The Series III Hyperspace Jump Drive Module creates a wormhole to move a ship between any two points in Einsteinian space in an immeasurably small time. Care must be taken that the destination hyperspace coordinates have been adequately surveyed or the ship may jump randomly into a gravity point source.

This module has an integated multi-mode fusion power plant that can run on a variety of fuels although MOX is considered the most efficient. This module has the ability to jump a ship of significant size and mass but uses massive quantities of fuel.

It can be mounted in slot: Equipment Type 1

Jump Stats

  • Field Size: 0
  • Charge Time: 30 seconds
  • Power Usage: 7,000,000u /sec

Fuel Consumption

Buy/Sell Locations

This item is not sold on any known bases. It may only be available from shipwrecks, sold on player bases, or given by administrators.