Li-117 Liberty "Upholder" Bomber

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BlueWarningTriangle.png This page has been retired but kept for historical or other reasons, The information on this page may be incorrect, out of date or just not relevant to this version of Discovery. It should not be taken as canon nor any authority on the current version of Discovery. It is kept simply to show some history of the Discovery Mod:
With the introduction of DSCore (25th Febuary 2019) (Discovery Freelancer Version 4.91 Patch 5), Ship statistic pages and Ship pages will not be updated anymore. Or not regularly atleast. They will be kept for historical reasons. DSCore will give you the most up-to-date info you can get about almost everything you need to know about Ship and Equipment statistics.

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Li-117 Liberty "Upholder" Bomber
Ship Class Bomber
Built by Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 6 / 0
Opt. weapon class 2
Max. weapon class 4
Other equipment
Hull strength 19,800
Max. shield class 10
Cargo space 80 units
Nanobots/Batteries 98/98
Max. impulse speed 80 m/s
Max. thrust speed 199 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 45,390 u
Power recharge 1,880 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $7,750,000
Package price $7,868,880

DSCore: Upholder

With her shores under constant strain by pirates of all stripes and nationalities, the Liberty Navy was forced into a position of pressing beyond the solid delivery of the Havoc class Bomber towards something universal, something agile, something that would look good on a recruiting poster.

The Upholder is a masterfully crafted vessel utilizing the height of Ageira drive and reactor technology to form a craft capable of unleashing devastating power in sizes thought unimaginable for the maneuverability offered. An adaptable design more than capable of handling any threat, from darting Xeno fighters to the heaviest foreign armor.


Review (4.88)

Populary called „Cupholder“ because it was the only being good at, Upholder recently got changed to a Medium Bomber. The change certainly made it stronger. The biggest pro is the agility, being the most agile Medium bomber in the game. However, that's the only good thing. Armor and Snac placement are average, and gun placement + size is bad – it has a big butt. All in all, a solid ship.

Pros: Agility

Cons: Gun placement, Size

Rating: 7/10

Flavorarrow2.jpg Review by Antonio


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