Light Cloaking Device

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Light Cloaking Device
No fighter gun.png
Cloaking Device
Hit-Points 100,000
Cargo Space 25
NPC Buy Price 550,000

A cloaking device bends EM radiation to render the ship invisible to most sensors. It allows a ship to remain cloaked for a short time but uses significant amounts of fuel when active. This device is suitable for mounting on small ships such as Fighters, Bombers, Freighters and even Gunboats.

Cloak Data

  • Max Ship Size: 480 cargo hold
  • Time to Cloak: 10 seconds
  • Cooldown Time: 120 seconds
  • Power Usage: 250u
  • Drop shields on uncloak: True

Fuel Consumption

  • Battery: 4/sec

Buy/Sell Locations

This item is not sold on any known bases. It may only be available from shipwrecks, sold on player bases, or given by administrators.