Planet Anaheim

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Planet Anaheim
Planet California Minor.jpg

Owner Planetform3.jpg Planetform, Inc.
Location 6E, California
Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Population 8,000,000
Docking Yes
Terrain Arctic/Transitional
Diameter 3,101 km
Mass 2.77 x 10e24 kg
Temperature -60°C to 12°C
Escape velocity 6.7 km/sec

First surveyed when the California system was opened up for exploration, California Minor is a small, icy world with a barely breathable atmosphere. It has always been considered unsuitable for conventional Terraforming ever since the initial survey landings, largely due to the frigid surface conditions and overall distance from the sun, although the surveys did detect unusual geothermic readings deep below the planet's crust.

In 741 A.S., Planetform devised a method to channel the planet's enormous subterranean stores of geothermic energy, releasing greenhouse gases and introducing alien organisms into the atmosphere to speed up the Terraforming process. Planetform estimates that the terraforming process will likely be completed around the year 826 A.S., but temperatures have already risen by as much as 30 degrees on average. Despite the harsh planetary conditions, the increasing availability of jobs on the planet has attracted large numbers of manual labourers, particularly from the Colorado system, and California Minor's population is estimated to be just over 8 million by 825.

In 826 AS, Planetform declared the world's terraforming project complete, and the geothermic pyramids venting head to the planet's surface were finally shut off. The local California government officially rechristened California Minor as Planet Anaheim, and Synth foods has expressed interest in relocating their headquarters to the newly terraformed world

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