Ciutadella Outpost

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Ciutadella Outpost
Menorca class Asteroid Base
Ciutadella Outpost.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
6G, Omicron Kappa
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 250

Ciutadella Outpost was first established by the Corsairs in 810 A.S. in response to the security situation in Kappa growing increasingly fraught. Despite the Order's victory the previous decade, Nomad activity was again rising and attacks from the deep Omicrons imperiled Corsair ambitions in the area.

Equally concerning, ancient technology beneath the surface of the barren world Gammu had come back to life. Sentient machines of unknown intention began to be sighted more frequently and with increasing numbers throughout the system. Finally, a small breakaway community of Zoners from Freeport 9 had made an attempt at building a new installation within the Peloponnese nebula - dubbed Livadia Shipyard. The Council of Elders immediately reacted with outrage to the latter, declaring it intolerable that any facility even potentially capable of producing warships could exist on Gamma's borders. It was only through immediate mediation from their then-allies The Order that a compromise was struck and bloodshed averted. The Zoners of Lividia agreed to service and repair Corsair vessels on their way to and from Omicron Delta, and pay a regular protection tithe to Crete. In return they were permitted to ship supplies through Corsair space and largely left to their own business, which they claimed was the fabrication of deep space transports.

After the collapse of the Corsair's alliance with the Order in 818 A.S., this agreement looked to fall with it - ironically, it would be the normally divisive Nomads presenting a common enemy that would allow the agreement to persevere. With the Order's influence waning after the loss of Planet Toledo, Nomad incursions into both Kappa and Gamma began in far greater force than ever before. In light of this, having a local contingent of armed Zoners was seen as the lesser evil and even complaints about the manufacture of Zoner warships became marginally less aggressive. In the present day, tensions are again at an all time high after the loss of Yaren Base in Delta to the encroaching Core.

With the Corsair's expansions in Delta seemingly crushed, many voices on Crete are again questioning the wisdom of allowing Livadia's continued existence: offers to service ships en-route to a system they had abandoned as lost seemed a hollow deal, and the risk of their enemies capitalising on the facilities seemed ever present. Amid this atmosphere of paranoia and fear, the defenders of Ciutadella have been tasked with protecting Gamma's borders from all and any who would oppose them.

Ciutadella was named after Ciutadella de Menorca city located on the Balearic Islands that belonged to Spain on ancient Earth. The word Ciutadella actually means "Citadel" in old Spanish, which well suits the outpost's purpose.

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