Willard Research Station

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Willard Research Station
Bingham class Asteroid Base
Willard Research Station.png
Flag-liberty.png Liberty Navy
6D, California
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew 340

There are few research facilities in Sirius as mysterious as the rocky white fortress that is Willard Station, hidden within the misty depths of the Tahoe Ice Cloud in the California system. Liberty Security Force transports frequent the station, although their contents are always shielded from scanning, and the Liberty Navy are careful to keep the inquisitive and the insane away from the station, either by the expedient of making verbal demands to withdraw, or simply allowing their massed energy weapons to do the talking for them.

Much of the research at the facility is classified, though since the highly publicised attack on Willard in 800 A.S. by a seemingly "rogue" Rheinland Military battle group, security has been further tightened with additional weapon platforms and patrols. It is known, however, that artifacts of unknown origin are researched here, although where they come from is anyone's guess.

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