Hyperspace Matrix MK1

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Hyperspace Matrix MK1
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Hyperspace Matrix
Hit-Points ?
Cargo Space 25
NPC Buy Price 550,000

Hyperspace Matrix MK1 works as a beacon, to which ships with jumping capabilities can jump to, when activated.

First noted in Notice: Hyperspace beacons

Buy/Sell Locations

This item is not sold on any known bases. It may only be available on player bases.

Uses 250x Cloaking Device Batteries Update: Materials to build a MK1 Hyperspace Matrix:

x90000 Reinforced Alloys

x5000 Gravity Stabilizers

x15000 Critical Temperature Alloys

x21000 Industrial Hardware

x15000 Robotic Hardware

x20000 Argentium Silver

x15000 Magnetic Superconductors