Hyperspace Matrix MK1

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Hyperspace Matrixe Mk1
Equipicon armor.jpg
Hyperspace Matrix
Hit-Points ?
Cargo Space 25
NPC Buy Price 550,000

First noted in Notice: Hyperspace beacons.

Charging time: 0s

Effect time: 30s

Cooldown time: 300s

Fuel usage: 250 Jump Drive Batteries

It can be mounted in slot: Equipment Type 2

Only following ships do not have Equipment Type 2 slot:

Buy/Sell Locations

This item is not sold on any known bases. It may only be available on player bases.


The Matrix can be manufactured in every Hyperspace Scanner Factory

Commodities required to build:
Commodity Ammount (units) Price/unit (credits) Price (credits)
Reinforced Alloys 90.000 250 22.500.000
Gravity Stabilizers 5.000 5.000 25.000.000
Critical Temperature Alloys 15.000 300 4.500.000
Industrial Hardware 21.000 200 4.200.000
Robotic Hardware 15.000 250 3.750.000
Argentium Silver 20.000 200 4.000.000
Magnetic Superconductors 15.000 350 5.250.000
Total 69.200.000