Border World Exports

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Border World Exports
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Alignment Corporation


BMM, Bretonian Authorities, Planetform


Gateway, IDF, Imperial Shipping, Universal


Mollys, Gaians, Outcasts, Corsairs, Red Hessians, Coalition

Border World Exports is a pioneer in the exploration of the Border Worlds, and the preferred supplier of the Bretonian government. The bulk of their contracts are the result of a direct partnership with Bretonia Mining and Manufacturing, providing shipping of their raw materials and finished goods at an extremely competitive rate. They maintain a tense corporate rivalry with the independent underdog Gateway Shipping, who often competes with Bowex in vain for Crown shipping contracts.

Ships used

Ship Class
Base Construction Platform Transport
Repair Ship Repair Ship
Starblazer Very Heavy Fighter
Clydesdale Freighter
Large Transport Transport
Hawk Light Fighter
Armored Transport Transport
Bretonia Transport Transport
Large Train Train
Falcon Heavy Fighter
Train Transport
Bretonia Heavy Transport Heavy Transport
Eagle Very Heavy Fighter
Bretonia Train Super Train
Civilian Gunboat Gunboat

Bases owned

Base Owner System Region
Leicester Shipping Platform Border World Exports Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Durham Outpost Border World Exports Leeds Bretonia
Scarborough Shipyard Border World Exports Newcastle Bretonia


Base Owner System Region
Portsmouth Drydock Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing Cambridge Bretonia
Ulm Border Station Rheinland Federal Police Stuttgart Rheinland
Planet New London Bretonia Police New London Bretonia
Planet Los Angeles Liberty Police, Inc. California Liberty
Sheffield Station Bounty Hunters Guild Manchester Bretonia
Newark Station Interspace Commerce New York Liberty
Planet Baden Baden Orbital Spa & Cruise Stuttgart Rheinland
Tsushima Depot Samura Industries Kyushu Kusari
Kagoshima Depot Farmers Alliance Kyushu Kusari
Planet Cambridge Bretonia Police Cambridge Bretonia
Cambridge Research Station Cryer Pharmaceuticals Cambridge Bretonia
Planet Kyushu Kusari State Police Kyushu Kusari
Kingston Border Station Bretonia Police Manchester Bretonia
Douglas Station Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Battleship Missouri Liberty Navy New York Liberty
West Point Military Academy Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Willard Research Station Liberty Navy California Liberty
Elbe Border Fortress Rheinland Federal Police Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
Planet California Minor Planetform, Inc. California Liberty
Luxury Liner Shetland Orbital Spa & Cruise Newcastle Bretonia
Leicester Shipping Platform Border World Exports Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Akita Border Station Kusari State Police Honshu Kusari
Fort Bush Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Battlecruiser Yellowstone Liberty Navy California Liberty
Battlecruiser Livingston Bretonia Armed Forces Tau-31 Tau Border Worlds
Narita Outpost Kusari State Police New Tokyo Kusari
Halifax Freeport Freelancers Leeds Bretonia
Birmingham Station Planetform, Inc. Manchester Bretonia
Nansei Research Complex Kusari Office of Intelligence Kyushu Kusari
Perth Station Bretonia Armed Forces Edinburgh Bretonia
Freiburg Station Imperial Shipping Stuttgart Rheinland
Planet Gran Canaria Zoners Omega-48 Omega Edge Worlds
Battleship Macduff Bretonia Armed Forces Cambridge Bretonia
Pueblo Station Ageira Technologies Colorado Liberty
BPA Newgate Bretonia Police Manchester Bretonia
Freeport 1 Zoners Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Kansai Research Institute Kusari Naval Forces Honshu Kusari
Planet Manhattan Liberty Police, Inc. New York Liberty
Planet Sprague Bretonia Police Omega-3 Omega Border Worlds
Scarborough Shipyard Border World Exports Newcastle Bretonia
Shinagawa Station Kishiro Technologies New Tokyo Kusari
Waterloo Station Interspace Commerce New London Bretonia
Thames Outpost Bretonia Armed Forces New London Bretonia
South Shields Refinery Independent Miners Guild Newcastle Bretonia
Norfolk Shipyard Liberty Navy New York Liberty
Gateshead Station Bretonia Police Newcastle Bretonia
Baltimore Shipyard Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Planet Denver Liberty Police, Inc. Colorado Liberty
Planet Pittsburgh Deep Space Engineering New York Liberty
Freistadt Base Independent Miners Guild Omega-7 Omega Border Worlds
Portsmouth Shipyard Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing Cambridge Bretonia
Battleship Norfolk Bretonia Armed Forces Cambridge Bretonia
Planet Honshu Kusari State Police Honshu Kusari
Valley Forge Flight School Interspace Commerce Pennsylvania Liberty
Lewes Shipping Platform Gateway Shipping Tau-31 Tau Border Worlds
Peterborough Mining Facility Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing Cambridge Bretonia
Planet Curacao Orbital Spa & Cruise Cortez Independent
Planet Stuttgart Rheinland Federal Police Stuttgart Rheinland
Planet New Tokyo Kusari State Police New Tokyo Kusari
Heaton Mining Station Planetform, Inc. Newcastle Bretonia
Battleship Ark Royal Bretonia Armed Forces Leeds Bretonia
Versailles Station IDF Shipping Ile-de-France Gallia
Durham Outpost Border World Exports Leeds Bretonia


Faction Relationship
Blood Dragons
Gallic Brigands
Farmers Alliance
Independent Pirates
Golden Chrysanthemums
Sirius Coalition
Lane Hackers
Liberty Rogues
Red Hessians
Unione Corse
The Maquis
Independent Miners Guild
Cryer Pharmaceuticals
Interspace Commerce
Deep Space Engineering
Orbital Spa & Cruise
Ageira Technologies
Bounty Hunters Guild
Liberty Security Force
Liberty Navy
Alaska Security Forces
Liberty Police, Inc.
Kruger Minerals
Rheinland Military
Rheinland Federal Police
Bretonia Mining & Manufacturing
Bretonia Armed Forces
Bretonia Police
Planetform, Inc.
Bretonia Intelligence Service
Border World Exports


Planet New London
  • Side Arms are transferred from Universal transports to Bowex ships on New London and are sent straight to the men on the front lines. We used to distribute them evenly around the house, but all shipments go to the Armed Forces these days.

  • Some of our traffic consists of Food shipments from Cambridge. We use London as a trans-shipment point, with cargos delivered to Southampton, the Essex and the Suffolk. On the return trip to Cambridge I usually take some Basic Alloys or Mining Machinery to the new BMM installation Peterborough.

  • New London used to be a hub for H-fuel exports. Leeds was our powerhouse of industry... now, now every day is just another fight to reclaim territory from endless enemies. I guess Tau-23 was just one gate too far.

  • Our ships haul the raw materials like Basic Alloys to Graves before heading off to the other Houses with Gold. Unfortunately, these commodities are desired by the Mollys and Gaians alike, and there have been a fair number of attacks in recent years.

  • Bowex handles many BMM Gold shipments to Liberty. We usually make the return run with Luxury Goods, although that's slowly changing to bringing in Boron and Side Arms. Priorities have to be made I suppose.

BPA Newgate
  • Sheffield is a large distribution point for Commodities in Bretonia, and a clearing house for traffic bound to and from Liberty. Since it is so close, we bring basic supplies to this base from there. It's a simple run, but still requires a heavy escort because of the Mollys that will ambush ships travelling to Newgate.

  • It may be nearby, but I have close calls running Side Arms here from Sheffield all the time. On the last run I almost got vaped by some Outcasts. Those guys can smell when you're carrying cargo they want, I swear.

  • We use a lot of Oxygen and Water at this base, so Bowex ships extras from Birmingham. The BMM mining operations produce a large surplus of these because those are byproducts from their hydrocarbon extraction from dirty ice.

  • The runs that I make for Bowex are the only ones that bring supplies to this base from outside of Manchester. Pharmaceuticals from Cambridge are shipped regularly to this base. We also ship in Synth Paste from Los Angeles.

Sheffield Station
  • Pharmaceuticals are in demand at this facility, both for local use by injured Bounty Hunters, and for transfer to Newgate. You can pick those up from Cambridge.

  • Want to travel to California and make lots of cash while you're at it? Buy MOX from Birmingham, take it to the Yukon. Then load up with Optical Chips from Los Angeles, and head back here.

  • Boron makes it to this base all the way from Pittsburg. If you feel like you haven't had enough adventure, you can always continue your journey to Scarborough or Southampton. They'll purchase the Boron there for use in shipbuilding.

Kingston Border Station
  • Whenever we capture criminals while out on patrol, we toss them in the brig here until they can be transported to Newgate Prison. The run is an easy one overall, though you can run into occasional trouble with Mollys.

  • The demand here for H-Fuel is pretty high since patrols are constantly launching from this base. Police patrols run along the lanes and perimiter of the asteroid fields, and military patrols head into Cortez, as far as Curacao. Those patrols keep us covered as best as they can, so we try to make sure they're well supplied.

  • This station is supplied entirely by Bowex. We deliver Light Arms from Detroit Munitions. It's not too far, but the last delivery almost got destroyed by some marauding Liberty Rogues in Cortez.

Planet Cambridge
  • Bowex brings in a lot of Cambridge's vital imports from various locations. Industrial Materials are distributed from Lancaster, Basic Alloys are shipped from Planet New London, Optical Chips come from Los Angeles, and Polymers make the short trip from the Omega-3 system, where we get them directly from BMM at Douglas Station. I suppose we could get Optronics directly from Honshu now, but I wouldn't fancy my chances against the GRN in the Taus. Good money there, if you're brave enough.

  • We transfer a lot of the Republican cargo from Rheinland to Bowex ships here, including Engine Components going to Southampton, and High-Temperature Alloys going to Gateshead. Occasionally, there's the odd Diamond shipment bound for Lancaster or the BMM Mining Machinery factories. You can pick up the latter two from Rheinland yourself, if you're so inclined.

  • My convoy is holding here overnight to pick up Luxury Food. We're headed out in the morning for the Hawaii in Sigma-19, so I better have a drink tonight, since it could be my last. Corsairs and Outcasts are drawn to the Sigmas like flies - it's a real trial by fire getting through.

Cambridge Research Station
  • We normally stop by Cambridge to pick up a load of Pharmaceuticals for the frontlines on our return trip up north. That doesn't interest the Outcasts up there as much, so its not worth their time to attack. Even the Gauls don't seem too interested in hitting a medical transport. Guess they have some semblance of dignity still.

  • It's too bad Bretonia has to depend on a Libertonian company for our drugs. Just before the war with Kusari, the Cambridge Institute was putting Bretonia back on the map scientifically. Then the declaration went out, the Armed Forces mobilised and all those bright young minds got sucked away to Sunderland and the like. Cryer then filled the Institute up with Libertonians again. Considering we've got a war against the Gauls on our hands now, I doubt those fine Bretonian minds will be back any time soon. It's a real shame.

  • Three or four years back, a group of terrorists launched an attack on Planet Cambridge. They crashed a hijacked transport full of MOX into the southern hemisphere. In any case, the incident set some fairly prime pieces of real estate on fire. Cambridge's governor lost his job over the debacle. At least it prompted the government to invest in serious planetary defences. The whole thing rather stole the Molly's thunder, I dare say. The Mollies had been boasting they'd do just that to New London for years.

Battleship Norfolk
  • We are delivering supplies from Cambridge for the battleship. It's not much of a run, but it keeps me busy. The Corsairs rarely bother us along the Cambridge line. We bring the Side Arms and H-Fuel in from further afield as needed. Detroits' a good place to pick up Side Arms if you want to go direct. You can get H-Fuel straight from the GMG in Okinawa if you travel through Rheinland, too.

  • Normally, transporting Prisoners from a ship like this one is not an attractive target, but those Mollys think they can free their brethren so they keep harassing us. Fortunately, Corsairs don't seem to have any real use for Prisoners. That won't stop them trying to put a hole in your hull though - most of them seem to enjoy destruction for destruction's sake.

  • We had a rough MOX run on the way in. Mollys attacked us as we left LD-14. The Armed Forces saved the day on that one. Then the Mollys bit us again in New London. This time it got dicey, since all we had were police in the area. I lost an escort on that one. We're fortunate we got through Cambridge without trouble - Mollys have been moving in on this system too.

Peterborough Mining Facility
  • The Corsairs are a bigger problem on this side of the system then the Mollies are. Near the Keswick that changes, so I guess they come from there. Another reason to take this route rather then to pass by Cardiff - you only have one set of ruffians to deal with.

  • Those Gateway boys must be seething now that we're cutting into one of their prime traderoutes. Delivering Beryllium to Rheinland and undercutting the IMG and Gateway would be a major blow to their business. I wonder if the bosses could persuade the Crown to offer a few "incentives" to get Peterborough going...

  • Finally a familiar run again. Albeit with a slightly changed starting point. Delivering Beryllium to Liberty was one of the runs I was often assigned to before the Tau war. Good folk, down in Liberty. Well, except the Xenos of course. And the Rogues. And Lane Hackers. But otherwise, good folk! Always kind enough to set me up with a load of Light Arms or Superconductors to bring back to Bretonia.

Planet Sprague
  • Gateway Shipping has proven to be even more of an irritant than Bowex ever envisioned. The war has wreaked havok with our finances. One ill conceived method for restoring them was to place the blueprints for the Bretonian transport line on the open market. Gateway and the damnable IMG closed the transaction and now have production rights on Aland Shipyard! What on earth were the directors thinking?

  • Bowex's Royal Charters and trade monopolies were recently revealed to be a double edged sword. The Queen herself decided that Refugee evacuation efforts were to be given a maximum priority before Leeds fell. The government forced us to shift a good portion of our luxury commodity trade fleets to the task, putting a huge dent in our profit margins. We've had to make several humiliating concessions to our rivals in order to refill our coffers.

  • If I can, I'll try and get one of the overnight convoy departures after a delivery here. The loose wires hanging from the ceiling and shabby state of the staff quarters leave a lot to be desired. I'd rather have a good night's sleep on Cambridge or get tagged by Corsairs trying. I've heard Refugee housing is even worse than ours, poor blighters.

  • It seems appropriate that Bowex should take such a position of influence here on Nottingham - after all, Bowex probably discovered the planet however many centuries ago. We trace our roots back hundreds of years, all the way to 66 AS and the Bretonia Exploration and Trading company. We're field experts in pioneering new systems and pushing back Bretonia's borders. Nottingham is no different.

Portsmouth Drydock
  • I used to do the Border World run to Kusari, then the supply run to Leeds. Nowadays, I stay within the confines of New London, piloting a small freighter for the local hops. This is my last job until retirement. I've got my eye on a nice cottage in the Cambridge countryside.

  • You are reasonably trustworthy in Bowex's eyes, so I don't mind telling you that the MOX on this ship comes from Birmingham. We ship them back Toxic Waste to reprocess. BMM had to start doing it after over 7 centuries of dumping because of ALG - the government does not want a second Leeds to happen. Makes things a bit more expensive. If you ask me they shouldn't bother regulating things in Manchester, there's no inhabitable worlds there anyway.

  • I've just delivered a load of Engine Components. This ship and it's escort fleet was heavily damaged during the fighting in Leeds - it's amazing she held together. Shipboard engineers are patching her up so that when the time comes, she's ready for offensive duty. Meanwhile York serves as a rearguard carrier. Molly, Outcast and Gaian raiding parties aren't a match for even a damaged Dunkirk.

Durham Outpost
  • I worked on Glasgow Outpost before the Tau War, all the way through to the Gallic invasion. Of course, I wasn't on the station when it was boarded, but it's hard not to be confused by the whirlwind of times. You can still find wrecks of Kusari and Bretonian fighters that skirmished on the outer reaches of the system, and now we're jointly enforcing an embargo together.

  • There's been a lot of Kusari traffic in this system of late. Really seems like they're more interested in building something new here than the Crown ever was. Personally, I'd much rather see a Bretonian Leeds for Bretonia's sake, but I suppose I've always been a little more patriotic than most.

  • Looking for Gold? You and the rest of Sirius, buddy. The Mollys locked what's left in their own little slice of hell when they blew the gate, and now we're fighting over the scraps.

  • I can't help but feel weird about working here. It's like... rebuilding a commercial highway directly over a burial ground. Tune your comms the wrong way and your net gets flooded with memorial messages from low orbit.

  • While Glasgow used to be our headquarters, I don't think corporate intends to make the same mistake with Durham. It's ended up becoming the hub of sorts for all the reconstruction efforts in Leeds, but that's mostly because there's nowhere else to go with the supplies. I don't think anybody from the C-suite is gonna visit here anytime soon.

  • It's going to be a while yet before the Stokes project is completed, and who knows who will end up actually running that show. For now, we're mainly concerned with bringing in Kusarian imports, handling LD-14's exports, and keeping the Ark Royal supplied.

  • The routes are always changing these days, what with the beancounters upstairs constantly trying to find the least expensive trip in terms of insurance. For a while Interspace wasn't even interested in insuring any trips through Leeds, that's how bad things got.

  • Leeds has been a lot of things to a lot of people, and very little of it pretty. I remember a gruff old foreman telling me Leeds would eventually choke to death, overcrowded and picked clean of value. Sometimes I wish that was how things turned out.

  • Have you seen what BMM is up to down in the Stokes field? They're really dragging their feet with the rebuild there. LD-14 went from a scuttled wreck to a fully operational facility in the time it took them to put down a couple depots. And all the ships out there now are mining vessels, not construction ships. Looks an awful lot like they're grabbing whatever they can before someone else moves in.

Luxury Liner Shetland
  • I liked this ship better without the holes in her hull. Gaia and the Edinborough loop were more suitable to what she was built for then this. Still, needs must be. I can understand Orbitals reluctance to use this ship as a luxuary resort looking like this.

  • Bowex handles most of the cargo runs to this ship. Shipments of Pharmaceuticals and Food from Cambridge, and occasionally a ferry flight to New London with tourists who've had their fill, or lads recovered enough to be transported. The passenger flights are usually done with a heavy military escort - the Mollys would love nothing more than to blow up a ship full of Armed Forces pilots who aren't in their own fighters. Savages, the lot of them.

  • So tours of the most pristine planet become tours of duty on this ship. An interesting turn of events, but a good reflection on the state of Bretonia as a whole.

Battleship Ark Royal
  • We operate a converted passenger liner to transport workers to and from LD-14, but we also transport prisoners on occasion. They used to have their own prison and naval garrison, but after the war they've only really got a few guards and holding cells. It doesn't seem to bother them much, though -- can't remember the last time I saw 'em take a Molly alive.

  • The military is stretched thin, to say nothing of the poor constables. All the good policemen got used up fighting the war, so now all the warfighters have to play police. I'm mostly just here to make sure the squadrons here have what they need, as the Ark Royal is essentially the only thing keeping the LD-14 corridor from falling to anarchy.

  • With Glasgow gone, there's nothing but the odd patrol from the Ark Royal to keep you company heading into the Border Worlds. It used to be dangerous to take a convoy through the Taus - now it's practically suicidal.

Gateshead Station
  • Newcastle is an important system for Bretonia right now. Scarborough is second only to Southampton in terms of production capacity, and the mines on Middlesbrough could make up for the loss of Leeds a little. I think the Armed Forces realised this too, since we've got half their fleet huddled in this system. I wonder if they plan to go on the offensive.

  • I advise you to avoid pretty much everywhere off the trade lanes. There are so many dangerous parts of Newcastle; If you wander off the beaten track you're just asking to die. Aside from the usual criminal groups using the asteroid fields to ambush unsuspecting ships, there are also rumors of old minefields scattered throughout the region.

  • This place was built back in 692 AS to accommodate the many police patrols that pass through here, and the scientists that are always nosing about on Carlisle. It's not a bad place to be posted, and keeps you out of the line of fire, if you know what I mean?

Scarborough Shipyard
  • The IMG were the first to discover the Newcastle system, although they just used the jump holes. They were already building South Shields by the time the Bretonian government built the Jump Gate. After the Jump Gate to Leeds was completed in 595 AS, BMM built Belfast to start exploiting Middlesbrough. We built Scarborough nearby to make use of the resources they mined.

  • Belfast used to be owned by the BMM, a mining and production platform that used the abundant resources on Middlesbrough to supply Bretonia. Ever since the Mollys captured it, we've had requests from BMM to build warships here for an assault on Belfast, but Scarborough isn't equipped for military ship production. Besides, the government would never allow it. With all the forces in the system however, I think the Armed Forces stand a good chance to take Belfast back if they wanted to.

  • Our escort pilots try and do a good job, but they are constantly overshadowed by the IMG escort fighters. They're just incredible. I've seen one shoot down three Outcast ships by itself before, and then it continued escorting its transport as if nothing had happened! I guess they get a lot of practice out in the Border Worlds though.

  • Producing Super Alloys at Scarborough... It certainly puts this place on the map. Bretonian Super Alloys have been the standard for decades, an essential component in Hull Panel production across the colonies. It's another reason why I don't think the other houses, especially Liberty, can afford to have Bretonia fall to Gallia. It would cripple their ability to maintain their own fleets.

  • When Belfast was taken over by the Mollys - oh, excuse me, "abandoned", Scarborough became the nearest place to that Molly hive. We've faced an increasing number of attacks ever since. We've requested that the Armed Forces place a few weapon platforms to provide more defense, but so far they haven't come through. I suppose having the Ark Royal here reduces the urgency for them, though.

  • The only known entrance and exit in this system is to New London via the Jump Gate. There were plans to build a Jump Gate to the Manchester system, but so far our pleas are left unanswered. Manchester would provide us with a quicker way to Liberty with our goods. I heard that Ageira might begin construction on one in the next couple of years, funded by Interspace and presumably paid for after the war ends, but who knows?

  • This system seemed a good place to build this station at the time. This is Bowex's only shipyard manufacturing facility and it is so modern that it can produce ships much faster than Southampton in New London. It was built here to take full advantage of the resources being mined at Belfast, but the Mollys rather upset that plan. Of course, Southampton can produce a lot more all at once, since it is much bigger.

  • We mainly use Trains for our jobs. For the more experienced pilots on high-volume routes we may grant them a Crane-class, but that's somewhat rare as they are very expensive to produce. The standard Heron-class train consists of a tractor and container linkage, usually a top/bottom assembly. The larger the train, the larger the strain on the engines and linkage, so the more expensive the ship becomes.

  • I don't like being assigned to this system. The Outcasts, Mollys and occasional Gaian were bad enough, but now we've also got an invading army to deal with here. Gallia isn't exactly interested in raiding cargo here. They want to take the entire place over!

Battlecruiser Livingston
  • With Leeds as it is, the nearest Bretonian popultion center to get some rest on is New London. Carlisle is slowly getting populated but it is not much to write home about yet.

  • Part of the crown's recycling and reconstruction effort involves large-scale toxic waste reprocessing at LD-14. What that really means is we get hazard pay to haul around extremely volatile garbage that's one stray shot from smearing you across the system.

  • I stay just long enough to load up a tanker full of MOX, and then I'm gone. I know they say it's all shielded and all that, but... their watered-down alcohol-free ale isn't worth sticking around through a rad-storm for.

  • This is perhaps BMM's most important operation, and we're more than willing to support them with shipping. MOX tankers are a bit unwieldy, and it's never fun when a trigger-happy pirate holds one up.

Battleship Harlow
  • As far as runs to warships go, this one isn't the hardest, so long as you don't mind having to deal with a ton of military patrols making sure you're not a Gallic spy or something of the sorts. I've been scanned so many times that I might just skip on my next medical examination. If there was anything wrong with me, I'm sure our diligent military would have found out by now.

  • I've received my next assignment just now. I'm to deliver a damaged engine to Southampton for repairs. The thing is, when I asked the chaps who gave me the assignment which bay it was in, they told me "it was still being looked for". Whatever could they be on to? Are those army chaps playing a joke on me?

  • I make the run from New London and Southampton to this ship. There's not a whole lot of needs on the Harlow, so Bowex handles the run with a few freighters rather then a fullsized transport. All this ship needs is the basic food, water, oxygen and fuel that all ships need, and a copious amount of replacement parts.

Freeport 1
  • Cambridge supplies this base with almost everything the Zoners and Orbital Spa and Cruise want on Freeport 1: Luxury Food, Fertilizers, even Passengers who want to take a space tour of Nottingham. Then we take other Passengers here back to Cambridge. It works out rather tidily.

  • It really is a shame about that Gateway convoy that was set upon by Corsairs last week. All hands lost, truly a tragedy. Ha! They shouldn't be meddling with Bowex business; I say it serves them all right. Fine by me their wives are widows, that's what you get for marrying an idiot.

  • It's a shame the Zoners established a presense in this area first. This station would make an excellent Bowex trade relay between Rheinland, Nottingham and Cambridge - it's a suggestion I'll have to forward to my line manager. Do you think we could "persuade" the Zoners to leave?

Battleship Macduff
  • The Armed Forces gave no warning of their withdrawal from Harris. We just happened to arrive early enough on our supply run that we weren't left behind when Gallic forces showed up. You'd think the admiralty would be more interested in preventing the supplies they paid for from being delivered right into enemy hands, but they have a different set of priorities, it seems.

  • Officially, MacDuff and Yamaguchi used the jump gate from Tau-31 to enter Leeds, then proceeded here to Newcastle before the Gallic forces overran the Gates. Unofficially, well, we're not supposed to talk about it. But let's just say the Gate was a bit too crowded for us to sneak through at the time.

  • It doesn't especially matter to Bowex where MacDuff is, so long as we get paid to supply it. So far, we've been stockpiling supplies here like never before. Something big is up. Everyone knows it, but noone knows anything about it. Or so they say.

Planet Curacao
  • Bowex is holding its company executive retreat here for the fourth consecutive year. It's a little dicey getting here, but great once you've arrived. They should convert one of those crazy Bretonian terraforming projects into a pleasure planet like this.

  • The reefs here are stupendous. We took the five-day sail and sea package. They dive for all sorts of strange creatures and prepare absolutely amazing meals every night. The night sky is just incredible here. You can see the Barrier in all of its glory stretching off into space.

  • I'm normally based on Glasgow, that's our corporate headquarters. The Leeds system doesn't offer the recreational opportunities that this place can. We are close to the cruise ship in Edinburgh, but you can't land on the planet there.

Planet Manhattan
  • Bowex ships Gold into Ft. Bush from Graves Station. This is one of the most dangerous runs you can make between Bretonia and Liberty. Think about it -- you're hauling Gold, something everybody wants.

  • Bowex transports Basic Alloy from here in Manhattan to Pittsburgh, where we pick up Boron for delivery to Ship Hull Panel factories. I was hired by Bowex to pilot their freighters, but I've been thinking about going into a new line of work. I was almost killed a few days ago when Lane Hackers attacked my ship in the Independent Worlds.

  • Bowex deals in Luxury Goods acquired from Newark. Only the finest products are shipped by Border World Exports. Unfortunately, these are the very items coveted by the villainous Lane Hackers. They attack our shipments in the Independent Worlds of Cortez and Magellan between here and New London.

Planet Pittsburgh
  • Bowex is really a high-cost item shipper, but our contracts for the Boron here pay us reasonably well so we do it. Many of our ships haul Luxury Goods, Luxury Foods, and Gold. But I like hauling Boron. Pirates don't usually care as much about a shipment of Boron and will let me pass.

  • The problem with the run to Pittsburgh is I have to travel through the Pittsburgh Debris Fields. It always puts me on edge moving through debris; you can't see hostiles until it's too late, and usually the police can't move in fast enough to help.

  • We ship Boron from this plant into Bretonia, specifically Stokes and Thames Outpost. It's a long and brutal run to those bases. You got Rogues here, Mollys there, and Outcasts in between. And they will all try and kill you for your cargo. In the past few years, half the time it seems like there's a shooting war going on too!

Norfolk Shipyard
  • Bowex ships Deuterium here from Gran Canaria in Omega-48.

  • The Mollys in Dublin hit the last shipment headed here before this last one. All hands were lost, but that is the cost of shipping valuable Commodities like Gold. That is what Bowex is known for -- um, the shipping valuable Commodities part, not the dead-employee part.

  • Bowex is one of the oldest and most reliable shipping firms in all of Sirius. We have more ships and greater hauling ability than the upstarts at Gateway Shipping. Their company will not last the test of time, as Bowex has.

Newark Station
  • This station is our trading center for operations in Liberty space. We supply high-demand items to Ageira in Pueblo, but first we come through this point. We insure many of our shipments through IC at this base.

  • Bowex ships Silver here from Freistadt in Omega-7. The bloody Xenos are always a problem when it comes to making our various shipments in Liberty space. What is just as infuriating is Liberty's apparent apathy concerning the Xeno issue.

  • Bowex ships Hydrocarbons to this base from the Birmingham facility in Manchester. We supply all of Liberty's needs with these important Commodities.

Fort Bush
  • Normally I run Luxury Goods from Newark to New London. That is a cargo more befitting of a senior Bowex captain. Unfortunately, I lost a recent shipment in Magellan to Lane Hackers, and was promptly demoted to the Pittsburgh to Stokes Boron run. Maybe it's a hint that I should get out of the shipping business.

  • I'm returning to Ft. Bush after dropping off a load of Prisoners at Sugarland. It's not too bad here in Liberty space. At least there aren't any of those pesky Corsairs. I refuse to do any Border World runs anymore. It's just not worth it.

  • Ft. Bush lies on our Boron route that starts in Pittsburgh and goes all the way to Bretonia. I just brought in a shipment last night. We'll be heading off to New London after a few beers. Makes the drive a little less boring.

Baltimore Shipyard
  • This company received the first royal shipping charter from the Crown; we have hauled and shipped material throughout Bretonia's long and illustrious history. Through it all we have remained steadfast and vigilant to the needs of our customers, often times not only shipping but insuring precious Commodities.

  • Our corporation is the cornerstone of Bretonian shipping. We have always competed fairly with other shippers from outside of Bretonia, but the filthy young upstarts at Gateway Shipping have neither the experience nor the intellect to make a successful venture of their firm.

  • Bowex brings this shipyard the finest in Super Alloy from Scarborough. Yes, we brave the Rogues to ship these components to Liberty space.

Planet Los Angeles
  • We just came in with a load of Polymers and Hydrocarbons from Birmingham, across the Barrier in Manchester. I'm turning the ship back for Sheffield Station tomorrow with a load of Optical Chips.

  • I'm heading out with Optical Chips for Waterloo, which always has Passengers ready to head out to Dublin's Graves Station, and from there it's back to Fort Bush with Gold. The LPI recently started leasing part of the station for Consumer Goods distribution, and Los Angeles is a major consumer.

  • The scientists at Cambridge Research Station really prize Ageira's Optical Chips. There are always Pharmaceutical orders waiting for delivery when you arrive.

  • Sometimes we stockpile Optical Chips at Glagow Outpost if the Bretonian processing stations have full inventories. From there we distribute Super Alloy wherever its needed. Duluth Shipyard in the Minnesota system has several outstanding orders.

Pueblo Station
  • Bowex feels that Bretonian Super Alloys are superior to those produced here, so we don't feel the need to import any. Ageira still produces some for use here locally in Liberty, but we are working on acquiring the remaining market share. Hey, they did it to use with their Superconductors, so they're just getting back what they gave.

  • We bring in Beryllium from Tau-23.

  • Ageira is the most lucrative producer of Superconductors in the Sirius Sector. None of the other Houses can stay competitive with Liberty. We ship them from Denver to Southampton Shipyard in the New London system.

Freiburg Station
  • From New London, Bowex brings Gold to this distribution depot in Rheinland space. It's good cash if you don't get your ship blown inside-out by Hessians or Corsairs. While you're here, you might think about taking Engine Components into the Southampton Shipyards for the trip there.

  • Border World Exports, or Bowex as we are more commonly known, brings the Diamonds gathered here in Rheinland to our solicitors in New London. Hazardous run, I can promise you that, but not without its perks -- basically, the cash you get for making it there with Diamonds.

  • From New London Bowex brings Gold to this distribution depot in Rheinland space. It's good cash if you don't get your ship blown inside-out by Hessians or Corsairs.

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