Dinard Base

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Dounby Station
Rousay class Asteroid Base
Dounby Station.jpg
BrigandsLogo.png Gallic Brigands
F3, Orkney
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Crew 300

Built inside one of the Westray Field's larger asteroids by the Independent Miners Guild in 801 A.S. to capitalise on potential rare metals theorised to exist in the field. However, economical significance of the area proved to be lower than initially expected relegating Dounby to a backwater base with low importance. Its population consisted primarily of miners who preferred its relative safety over the riskier mining operations in Tau-23 and Tau-37. That was all to change by 817 AS.

Initially the distant minefield was thought to be nothing more than an Outcast blockade and eagerly avoided by the mining crews, until a series of explosions were detected prompting an investigation. Amidst the detentions a group Council ships emerged and made contact with the mining crews, revealing the presence of a jumphole and the realm of House Gallia.

In the wake of the Gallic pursuit of the Council, Dounby found itself briefly on the frontlines as the attacking Gallic Royal Navy forces poured into Orkney. Operations were temporarily suspended until an accord was reached between the Independent Miners Guild and the Gallic Crown, after operations were resumed most of the raw minerals harvested from the Westray Field were purchased by passing Gallic transports returning from the Bretonian front.

In 824 AS the ruthless Gallic Brigands launched a bold attack on Dounby station. Though caught unaware, the security forces of the IMG put up an admirable defense of the poorly armed base but ultimately were outmatched and overwhelmed by the calculated Brigand assault. The fearsome battle may have left Dounby in a severely damaged state and in need of major repairs, yet the Gallic Brigands still celebrate their victory and the claiming of a base that will allow them expand their influence far beyond the borders of Gallia.

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