House Steiner

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House Steiner
House Steiner.png
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Alignment lawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Alfred Wilhelm Alexander Steiner
Base of operations Warwickshire, Planet Cambridge
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A brief History of the House Steiner

House Steiner is an old family that traces its origins back to before the flight from the Sol system where notable members include Klaus Steiner, (ace of the Alliance fleet). Over the centuries it has seen the accumulation of great wealth by its members, and also great debts. At present there are seven members of the family. The origins of the 'Steiner' line have long since been lost to history, all that remains are fragments and loose records that are held by various organisations and don't paint a complete picture of those who came before. Much of the information about the family comes from the surviving members themselves, although even they admit to limited knowledge of their families past. What is known is that they have been privy to great secrets, many of which have faded or disappeared over time and that it's members have been everything from traders and smugglers to pirates and spies. But, as is with most families, they have no great claim to fame, and do not pretend to be people they are not. Titles of royalty and nobility are not common within house Steiner, although they do wish to one day change that.

These members (Listed in order of Birth) make up the last line of the family that once spread across all four houses. Alas, following a great many wars and tragedies, the extended line finally died out in Kusari in about 760 A.S. The last remaining line was the original which remained in Rheinland.

The Patriarch of the Steiner family was at the time, Wilhelm Alexander Steiner. It was he who single-handedly rebuilt the family from the ashes his father before him had left behind. Wilhelm managed this through a chance agreement with a member of Republican Shipping. Moving Alloy's to Bretonia and Liberty, while tedious, opened up a number of contacts for him to expand. In roughly 10 years, the family was resurgent, wealth flowed through their purses and many say that it was the golden age of the family. Yet in 770AS Wilhelm decided to move the Rheinland branch of the family to Bretonia, due the the increasing financial misfortunes of Rheinland, where they settled on Planet Cambridge. A few short years latter Wilhelm passed on from this life and the duty of maintaining and building the family fell to his only son and heir Albert.

Current Steiner Residence

Albert Hans Fredrick Steiner:

  • Born on Planet New Berlin, the only child of Wilhelm labored as hard as his father did. Yet it was not long after his fathers passing, did he meet the love of his life. Jullia Weber. It was a fairly straight forward matter, They met and were smitten with one another, despite the protests of the Bretonian social elite, who felt that she could at very least, do better than a Rheinlander. Nonetheless they were wed in a short time and life went ever upward for the family. While Wilhelm Steiner was granted a peerage from the Bretonian Monarch (thus becoming the 1st Viscount Steiner) The Peerage did not extend to his first born. Alfred did not inherit the title, but the family wealth was left untouched. His life seemed to revolve primarily around books, his wife and his family. He was made professor of Xeno-archaeology in 786 A.S. and was more than happy to let his wife organise his day to day routine. Alas, the families fortunes were not to last forever. Following the birth of their final Child (Victor) both parents vanished in strange circumstances in 800AS.

Later found to be operating within the Order, Albert Steiner made several covert return's to the House, mainly to keep a quiet eye on his remaining children as well as to engage in activities against certain parties in the Taus. He was known to frequent Gaian bases before a recently disappeared once again. In recent months, it has been confirmed that Albert Steiner has in fact passed away due to old age, his burial place is unknown but he is presumed to be buried in the edge worlds or the Omegas.

Jullia Maria Victoria Steiner (née Weber):

  • Jullia (unlike her husband) was a born Bretonian. More than aware of the politics and history of the Empire but caring little for either. She was raised to be as tough and as steadfast as the rest of her fellows. Yet she never lost her charm or her quick wits. She found service within her Majesties Intelligence Services and remained dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge. Her marriage to Albert was as joyful as she had expected, but his peerage provided unique opportunities for her in advancing her career. A tireless woman of infinite stamina and patience, she showed a strength that few could match, although arguments in the Steiner household were rare, it is said she won most of them. Like her husband however, she disappeared under mysterious circumstances in 800AS.

Jullia was spotted in Rheinland in the mid 820AS, often only for a moment, she has not been seen in Bretonia for more than 20 years, but will occassionally venture into the Omega systems. Jullia Steiner passed on from this world on a Zoner station in the year 824 A.S, unknown to her family and children

Alfred Wilhelm Alexander Steiner:

Alfred Wilhelm Alexander Steiner
  • The eldest child of Jullia and Albert, Alfred is currently the acting head of the family. Much like his father, books were his preferred company and he has spent a great deal of time exploring the outer reaches of the Sirius sector in pursuit of knowledge. He followed in his fathers footsteps for a time before diverting and gaining a doctorate in Xeno-Sociology. A field he arguably created single-handedly. His time spend wandering the out reaches was unfortunately cut short with the invasion of Gallic forces. As a member of the gentry he was called up for service in the Reserve forces and was stationed on the HMS-Arcturus as captain. His age prevented him from any real service and thus he was retired after two years. He has since returned to the University where he has taken a position as dean of Sociology. He often leaves the house to study various groups, organisations and people that inhabit the sector. He is known also to teach from time to time and has recently been seen in the company of a young girl, whom many speculate to be either his daughter or grand-daughter.

William Frederick Volker Steiner:

William Frederick Volker Steiner.png
  • Like his grandfather Wilhelm, William inherited the knack for making money, and a great deal of it. As soon as he finished his navigation, mapping and piloting exams he left to join Deep Space Engineering (DSE) as a trader. Over time he earned enough to buy his own vessel. He often makes trips back to Bretonia to see his remaining siblings. Due to his success as a businessman, Alfred has left the Families finances in William’s care, which has worked out quite well for all. William is rather generous with the coin he makes and often lends money to his siblings fighting in the war effort. As he is not on the front lines, he makes a point to talk to each of his siblings, trying to assist in whatever capacity he can to relieve the stress of the war. Recently, an offer was made to him from a member of the BMF, he has since left DSE and returned home to fly for that organisation. He graduated from the School of Law on New London with the Company and returned to service as its Corporate Lawyer.

He has recently left BMF due to disputes with the board of Director's and joined the Merchant Navy as a transport Captain. He still maintains his wig in Law, although has little to do with it. He is known for drafting, editing and updating the Laws and guild-lines of various groups. He served as part of the prosecution team for Captain Richard Hall's trial along with his brother, Edmund.

Due to his lack of employment, he was drafted into the Merchant Navy (given his experience on transport vessels), running to and from Rheinland hauling supplies for the war effort. He was recently charged by the SIS to attend a summit in the Omega-49 system and attempt a diplomatic solution for the ongoing annexation of the system. The Summit failed to accomplish anything of note and thus William has returned to Bretonia.

Edmund Johann Reuel Steiner:

Edmund Johann Reuel Steiner.jpg
  • Harsher, colder and more aloof than his brothers, particularly John, Edmund Steiner is a man who simply doesn't like to waste time or give it without gain. He is more calculated that his brothers and enjoys the silence of books than the grandeur of music halls, although he has been known to frequent the parlor halls from time to time. His childhood was similar to that of the other Steiner children until University, where he took to studying linguistics and philosophy. After University finished, he left Bretonia for the Omegas, aiming to study the development of Hessian and Corsair languages until he moved to Rheinland to study the same thing. Over time, his journey led him to the Omicrons where he encountered a number of problems in his studies which ended with him returning to Bretonia, somewhat bitter. Once the eldest Brother (Alfred) retired from the BAF, and with a general mobilization order being issued, Edmund joined the Armed forces where he rose the ranks to his current position of Admiral.

Unable to see the point in marriage, he dedicates most of his free time to his own family and to the welfare of troops stationed aboard the HMS-York, which he deems to be an extended part of his family. With the destruction of the York, Edmund has been given command over the prototype Carrier Warwick, named after his county of birth, Warwickshire.

John Richard Xavier Steiner:

John Richard Xavier Steiner.jpg
  • A gentle soul in his youth and A doctor by profession, John is the fourth child of Jullia and Albert, twin to (and opposite of) Edmund, his hobbies include bird watching and playing the violin, something he was ridiculed for on both accounts by his siblings when he was younger. His passion of bird watching has led to John being the more observant of the Steiner family, often seeing things that others would miss and being skilled in providing a non-judgmental ear to people in need of comfort, a skill developed and perfected during his time on Planet Leeds.

He accepted a position on board the Hospital Ship Marama of the Sharp Edge International's organisation (SEI) chief surgeon. When the SEI organisation faced bankruptcy, John returned to Bretonia and ultimately joined the Bretonian Royal Marines as a conscientious objector as a trauma Surgeon. He was stationed on Planet Leeds, attending primarily to the sick and wounded children. As a Trauma Surgeon he served for three years before being wounded in action. Shrapnel resulted in him being medically discharged (as he developed an untreatable tremor in his hands). He returned to Cambridge for a short time before obtaining a post in the Bretonian Police Authority, where he slowly managed to become an inspector in the force. Despite clashing with Armed Forces high command (most notably the First Sea Lord Michelle O'Brian) on numerous occasions, he is still there.

With his fine motor skills slowly recovering, he has begun studying part time in order to obtain his medical license once more. In the meantime, he was been tasked with opening cases for the BPA that may take him outside of Bretonia.

Victor Alexander Weber Steiner:

Victor Alexander Weber Steiner.jpg
  • The youngest and the quietest child. Also the only one of the family who has no memory of his parents. Victor was raised by his siblings, the only knowledge he possesses of his parents is that which his family has told him. Victor studied music and Sociology at Cambridge University and is a concert pianist and violinist, although he only ever preformed once, joining the BAF instead of following his musical carer. Victor is a distant, fellow, mainly due to his constant reassignment, and he is not known for sharing his personal thoughts, as such he is often withdrawn, but still remains loyal to his family.

Victor was transferred from the BAF to the SIS, where he worked in infiltration of other groups. Upon his commodore's return to service, he was moved North into Kusari where he works with the Blood Dragons, currently looking for the survivors of House Dagon. With his return to Bretonia, he has been transferred back down to Naval intelligence and been recommissioned as a Lieutenant in the Armed Forces.

Alexandra Isabella Alvarie Steiner:

Alexandra Isabella Alvarie Steiner.jpg
  • The dark twin to Victor, disowned by her brothers in all but name and the living embodiment of what her brothers fear most: shame. Alexandra is a shame to the Steiner family, not because she is the only girl nor is it because of her beliefs, even some of her actions can be forgiven. It is instead her condition and the actions that result from such a condition that she causes such pain for her brothers. It wasn't until her late adolescence that it was discovered that she suffered from the age old affliction known as psychopathy, and it was her manipulations and her lies that very nearly broke the household. Her actions have caused much pain to her brothers to the point where they, truly believing they were unable to help her and believing equally that she did not want help, cast her out. Forsaken by her kin, Alexandra roamed Sirius, cheating, lying and betraying her away throughout the four houses, another predator among millions. The years of isolation took their toll on her, devoid of love she began to take on even more of a malicious streak, one dedicated in particular toward her brothers.

After wandering for some years, she returned to Bretonia, intent on ruining her brothers, but under the pretense of seeking their forgiveness. The brothers do not speak of their lost sibling, preferring to keep it behind closed doors, hushed and hidden from view, rarely speaking about her even between themselves and never to outsiders, lest they risk diverting their sisters attention onto those they care about.