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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Kishiro Technologies

Kishiro Technologies
Kishiro Logo.png
Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari Empire
Alignment Lawful/Corporation
Recruitment Click to join
Date of founding 10 A.S.
Founder(s) Katsuhiro Kishiro
Current leader(s) Board of directors:

Sadafusa Tachibana, Director of Operations

Shigeo Takeshi, Director of Relations

Base of operations Planet Honshu, Honshu, Kusari
Primary ID Kishiro Technologies ID
IFF Kishiro
Tag(s) Kishiro|
Primary role
Develop cutting-edge technology.
Secondary role
Transportation of commodities for Kusari.

Prevent and sabotage Samura operations.

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Kishiro Technologies is one of the great keiretsu of Kusari; a sprawling empire responsible for the manufacture of advanced technologies including optical chips, engine components and gas miners. The consumer division also supplies high quality electronics for Kusari households who can afford the very latest technology.

In previous times, Kishiro was not as politically well-connected as their primary competitor, Samura and instead focused its efforts on developing advanced technology as it's primary profit source.

They are viewed as a progressive company, embracing change and innovation over the traditionalist views of their rival Samura.


  • Develop cutting-edge technology which is ahead of the competition.
  • Ensure the technological advances that Kusari has over the other houses is maintained.
  • Prevent Samura from controlling the Kusari market.


Founded in 10 A.S. by Katsuhiro Kishiro as a small research firm, Kishiro won the approval of the Kusari Imperial Family through the development of genetically modified fish species optimized for life in Planet New Tokyo's alien ocean waters. Cementing the favour of the rulers, they introduced a new strain of rice able to flourish in the harsh growing conditions found on Planet New Tokyo. With the approval of the shogunate, the firm grew in size and changed names to Kishiro Technologies.

Katsuhiro Kishiro embraced a progressive research environment for his company which led to breakthroughs in the mass production of Quantum Optronics on Shinagawa Station in 91 A.S.. This breakthrough revolutionized Kusari's economy, and these optical chips were included in almost every product on the market from ships, Trade Lanes and Jump Gates. They also revolutionized common consumer electronics, and found their way into being incorporated in almost every electronic product in Sirius, including products made by the rival firm Samura.

Kishiro's lucrative production of optical chips allowed it to leave the food production market in just over a century and expand it's manufacturing capabilities. It did this by establishing Yukawa Shipyard within the nearby Honshu system for the manufacture of high quality engine components and ship construction. Due to the exclusive contract signed in 303 A.S. between GMG and Samura over H-Fuel exports, Kishiro felt that it had to engage in it's own gas mining operations of the Crow Nebula to maintain it's growth in the domestic market.

With the decline of Planet Honshu's population due to massive food crisis, Kishiro took advantage of the plummeting land prices, selecting the planet as the location for it's main Optronics manufacturing facility. Construction of the facility was completed in 510 A.S. allowing Kishiro to gain a further foothold in the Honshu system.

To combat the failing Planet Honshu's fisheries industry, Kishiro invited Liberty corporation Synth Foods to begin shipment of Synth Paste to Kusari, and allowed construction of a number of Synth Bio-domes upon Deshima Station. This was a widely controversial move that angered Kusari's Farmers Alliance movement, and further stressed diplomacy with Samura that backed the farmer's movement.

When the Sigma-19 system was discovered in 550 A.S., Kishiro was contacted by the [Gas Miners Guild]] to jointly finance a Jump Gate into the system. It is believed that the GMG contacted Kishiro due to tensions arising with Samura pushing to negotiate a lower price for H-Fuel. The Jump Gate and the Gas Miner Ogashawa would be constructed 100 years later, ending Samura's monopoly on the export of H-Fuel and bringing with it closer diplomatic ties between Kishiro and GMG.

During the construction of the Sigma 19 Jump Gate, Kishiro embarked on a number of projects of its own. In 603 A.S. construction of the Nago Hydrocarbon mining facility was completed, providing the raw materials necessary in the manufacture of Kishiro's quantum optronics.

As Kishiro Technologies continued to demonstrate innovative research, it was cited by the Kusari Naval Forces for the next Kusari reasearch facility. With the completion of Kansai Research Station, Kishiro started research into military hardware for the Emperor's fleets, putting Kishiro one step closer to gaining the lucrative Naval shipbuilding contracts held by it's rival Samura. As the 800th century's Nomad war ended, relationship between GMG and Samura worsened even further; Samura was pushing H-Fuel's prices lower in order to fund their own gas mining operations. Kishiro was again contacted by the GMG regarding the construction of Kishiro's superior gas miners as well as H-Fuel storage and distribution, this would end the contract between GMG and Samura and bring huge profits to both GMG and Kishiro due to the efficiency of Kishiro's new mining equipment. In 812 A.S. Yukiko Kishiro took over the position of CEO in Kishiro Technologies from her father Makoto Kishiro. Although he was a brilliant man he had failed to exert the company to it's full potential. Thus began a period of restructuring that has endured for the last four years.

Following GMG's discovery of the Okinawa system in 812 A.S., a decision was made by GMG and Kishiro Technologies to begin full terraforming on the arctic planet Miura and funding the operation through a loan from Interspace Commerce. As the terraforming project started in 813 A.S., teams of GMG and Kishiro scientists uncovered abundant quantities of Plutonium creating an immediate development of a plutonium mining operation. Despite the change in leadership in 812 A.S., Kishiro's once famed progress stagnated again, leading to the decision for a new board of directors to be put in change. Leading Kusari ecconomists are so far undecided whether this will bring about financial ruin to the once great company, or a new age of rapid expansion and progressive politics

Corporate Structure

  • Directors: Leaders of the Kishiro Technologies. All diplomacy decisions, punishment issues and routes are planned by these people
  • Senior Employees: Senior employees are players that have earned the trust of the Directors, either by their time spent in Kishiro, or by their ability to roleplay / lead convoys / contribute to Kishiro as whole. They enjoy bigger benefits of KT.
  • Employees: Regular employees, new recruits, people that enjoy standard benefits of KT Waiting for new recruits.

Used Technology

Used Equipment

Transport Ships


Big Dragon

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Security Ships

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Very Heavy Fighter
Raven's Talon
Very Heavy Fighter

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Heavy Fighter

Very Heavy Fighter

Code of Conduct

  • All members must obey Discovery server rules at all times. Sanctions, especially "F1" infraction, won't be tolerated. If it happens, make sure you explain it fast.
  • Weapons are for self-defense only, you should not fire a shot without being able to explain a valid reason behind it.
  • This is an roleplaying server, thus use suitable role play, no out of character chat in system.
  • When in convoy, the leader is the key to survival. Make sure you obey him.
  • Employees will do nothing to harm Kishiro's reputation.


Isehara Terraforming Outpost, Okinawa

Isehara finished construction in 814 A.S., four months after the terraforming of Planet Miura was started, to handle the flow of goods to and from the planet, including the ore shipments that frequently make their way up from planet-side and the transports full of Prisoners to work in the Plutonium mines.

As the base of operations for the entire terraforming project on Planet Miura, quite a few Kishiro scientists, advisors, and even an unspecified number of former Planetform engineers hired for a huge sum are based onboard the station, with sophisticated tracking and weather satellite arrays to keep track of the planet's progress.

The station itself has a considerable security detachment from both Kishiro's personal forces and the Gas Miners Guild's own paramilitary squadrons, and the civilian transports that make their way to and from the base carrying supplies are generally considered relatively safe from hostile attacks.

Shinagawa Station, New Tokyo

Shinagawa Station is the headquarters for Kishiro, one of the two largest keiretsu -- vast corporate networks -- in the Kusari Empire. While not as politically well-connected as their primary competitor, Samura, Kishiro has instead focused its efforts on developing cutting-edge technology. Its most notable breakthrough was in 91 A.S. when scientists working aboard Shinagawa perfected the mass production of Optical Chips using a common Polymers' base. These Optical Chips have since become key components in everything from Optronics to ships to Jump Gates and Trade Lanes.

Yukawa Shipyard, Honshu

Construction finished on Yukawa Shipyard in 118 A.S., and it is the primary shipbuilding facility for Kishiro Technologies. Large parts of the shipyard have been replaced, added to and upgraded over the years to keep up with technological developments, and many of the key manufacturing components such as hull panels come from Rheinland via an ALG contract set up with Kishiro.

While Yukawa mainly manufactures ships for the commercial and civilian markets, ever since the corporate agreements between Kishiro and the GMG were signed the vast majority of all GMG vessels are constructed at Yukawa and the shipyard works around the clock to meet the ever increasing demands.

Nago Station, Tau-29

Constructed in 603 A.S. by Kishiro, Nago Station is one of Kishiro's primary sources for the Hydrocarbons needed to fabricate the Polymers used in Optical Chips. Optical Chips manufacturing is one of Kishiro's major business sectors, and Kishiro depends on a supply of Polymers to manufacture them. The station also houses a standing security force to repulse frequent attacks by pirates and protect its interests from interference by corporate rival Samura.


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