Legion of the Damned

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Gallic Brigands.

Legion of the Damned
LE Logo.png
Origin Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 817 A.S.
Founder(s) Enzo du Sable and Etien Fitzroy
Current leader(s) Lord Enzo du Sable
Base of operations Border Worlds: Narbonne Base, Montbard Base, Epernay Station, Planet Marne, Valence Base. Bases in the Gallic Core.
Primary role
Gaining profit by any means necessary
Secondary role
Building of a more powerful criminal empire
Table of contents

Basic Information

Legion des Damnes, or just Les Damnes (as some prefer to call them) are a legion of criminals, united for one primary goal: gaining profit by almost any means necessary. They are the most powerful Brigands, controlling and influencing every Brigand Space.

The Legion itself consists of people with different origins. Freelancers, Traders, Ex-Navy, all united under the same flag, making Gallia and the upper part of Sirius unsafe.

History of the Legion des Damnes

The former members of the Royal Navy group Legion des Damnes successfully escaped the clutches of the GRN, but suffered heavy losses in doing so. A once proud hundred thousand men and women was whittled down to two thousand in a single day.

Struggling to escape with what they had left, the Legionnaires regrouped deep inside the Nievre asteroid field, with brave pilots fighting swarms of GRN ships, to buy the time needed for the Grande Guillotine, to escape.

With few options, and the GRN closing in on them quickly, due to damage caused to the Guillotines engines, the Legionnaires set a course for Montbard base, their only salvation. Intending to assault and capture the base, despite the impossibility of the task with their weakened forces.

However, the Legionnaires did not send in an all out reckless assault. Tactics and skill were in their blood, and because of that, there remained a slim hope that they would survive the coming battle.

In the end, unforeseen circumstances intervened. Certain Brigand elements aboard the base, who were assisting in the co-ordination of the defence, enacted a plan that would, if successful, allow both sides to survive against the GRN fleet coming in to wipe out the remains of the legion forces.

The plan was successful. Depending on your view of successful. Montbard still stands, despite heavy damage. The Legionnaires survived, despite heavy losses. And the Royalist fleet was tricked into turning back, preventing the complete destruction of either sides forces.

However, there were unexpected effects of these facts. The Legion changed. It still stands strong, but now, the surviving Legionnaires fly more for themselves than for a common goal. They still understand teamwork, and the bonds they forged together so long on the battlefield.

But now they have turned to a life of crime. Won over by the destruction of their lives, and their time on Epernay with the Brigands instead of fighting for the crown, they steal for themselves. Instead of boasting about their skills as pilots and warriors, they instead brag about their latest spoils.

They themselves have become Brigands. United, as other small gangs of Brigands are, by their lifetime of working together, they steal and smuggle as one, fighting for the best spoils from a lonely tradesman, or fighting for dominance over each other.

But they have survived. Now, they started every kind of illicit business - to regain their once lost proud power. The first months were hard, as there was no clear Brigang group with enough influence to keep peace amongst them.

Chaos, everywhere. Gang wars. Everyone wanted to be the best, everyone wanted to "rule" the Brigands. There were no rules, the winner was the one who killed all the others.

Amongst those groups, the Legion has risen, slowly but surely. Deals with Sirian factions and clever tactics brought the Legion's enemies to their knees, making it the most powerful Brigand force. It all ended when the Legion's Lord, the well-known Enzo du Sable, defeated the last hostile gang boss.

Since then, the Legion has steadily risen, having more power and influence over Gallia, aswell as the edges of Sirian space, with each passing day. The Legion has become a symbol of proudness for it's allies, and a symbol of terror for it's enemies. They are coming to take what they want...

They are the Legion des Damnes.


  • Higher influence over Gallia and Sirius
  • Smuggling, pirating, deals, extortion
  • Finding Sirian allies and partners and expanding into Sirius
  • Pure and simple: Le Profit

Enzo du Sable, the leader of the group, follows one simple rule: “Every man and woman has to be valued by what he/she can do for a certain purpose, no matter what origins or beliefs he/she has.” That attitude is common among the Brigands.

This is why people of many origins form the gang. Some may seek refuge, others may look for adventures. Many people are attracted by the romantic aura surrounding the Brigands in general. And many of them come because they want to make money easily. The gang accepts all, if they’re have what it takes to get our job done.

The Ways of a Legionnaire

  • "You're on your own"

Don't expect anyone to hold his hand in the fire for you. We stand together, but that does not mean we have to take on the problems of one another. Don't expect anyone to sacrifice himself for you.

  • "Keep what you kill"

Hunt down your prey, loot from its remains, and keep it, if you were the lone hunter. If not, share. And don't forget to give the Legion its rightful share for keeping you. (10%)

  • "Your past does not matter"

Once you become a Brigand, your past does not matter. You are here to pursue your goals, whatever they are. You are here amongst other like you, either volunatarily or forced....

  • "Your life is your most worthful possession"

Don't risk your life for anyone, or anything. If you are overwhelmed by enemies, you can run. As Brigand, you don't have to die for a worthless belief, if it is not your own.

  • "Take from the rich or poor and give to yourself, or the poor"

Take l'argent from anyone you want and do whatever you want with it. We don't have to be les Robin Hoods of Gallia.

Medals and Declarations

Devils Aegis Awarded to those who successfully defend the Legion's Bases and Transports in times of need

Cross of the Legion Awarded to those who show extreme loyalty to the Leigon

The Damned Fist Given as they pass initiation

Demon Thief Awarded to those who successfully pirate 5 people in a solo operation

Chrono Heart Awarded to those who perform thier job to perfection time and time again

Hades Guile Awarded to those who successfully step up to command in times of need and see the Legion to victory

Bane of Gallia Awarded to those who achieve a collective count of 20 Gallic kills for the Legion.

Legion's Dagger Awarded to those who manage to kill a high member of the Legion's enemies

Le Profiteur Awarded to those who bring 40 million credits of wealth to the Legion

Damned Soul Given to members who stood as the shining light in the darkness for other Legionarres and have shown extreme proficiency for the Legion and as even impressed the Lord

Sirian Destroyer Awarded to those who kill more than 20 Sirian enemies of the Legion

Infecteur de Gallia Awarded to those who bring more than 20.000 units of Cardamine into Gallia

Bond of Power Awarded to those who save the lives of the Legion's allies

From this day on, everyone who wants to claim a title in this hall, will have to stand up and provide enough proof to be granted one of these titles - except for The Damned Fist, which every Legionnaire is carrying. May the Legion's Champions live forever, vive la Legion!

Legionnaire Hall of Fame

-to be added-

Zone of influence

Primary ZoI: Systems where Brigand bases are located, and trading/mining areas

Secondary ZoI: Outcast Space, Tau Space, Kusari, Bretonia, other systems of interest


  • Brigand Lord - Enzo du Sable "Le Mort-Vivant
  • Underlords – Vulpe Felanis "Monstre de Nord" and Christine Armand "Princess d'Epernay"
  • Legionnaires - Matthieu Dragon - Jean Aigle
  • Chasseurs -
  • Cuirassiers - Hina Moreau - Paul du Champ - Etien Fitzroy - Brigitte Bardot - Lily de Vrai
  • Marauders - Hugues Gromiko - Thierry Truchon, Commercant de la Légion
  • Hussards - Julia Delamaine - Felix Leclerc - "Scythe" - Daniel Neville -
  • Bandits - Amelie Zacharie - Ruby Malone - Isabelle Maitre
  • Grunts - Brigitte Dupuis - Argent Fleche - Roland Deschai - "Macabre" - Colette Brunnel


The LE has access to Brigand vessels and civilian vessels. They also use Corse ships, And sometimes one can also see Council ships between their ranks.

Light Fighters

Dagger of the Legion
Ga civ lf.png
Secondary LF

Heavy Fighters

Blade of the Legion
Ga civ hf.png
Secondary HF

Superiority Fighters and Bombers

Axe of the Legion

Utility Ships

Ga freight.png
Civilian Smuggling Vessel
Light Smuggling Vessel
Repair Ship
Mobile Repair Craft
Transport armored.png
Armored Transport
Mobile Armory
L ane.png
Armored Raiding/Smuggling Ship


Heavy Raiding and Assault Vessel


Grande Guillotine
Welcome your doom


Faction Relationship
Gallic Brigands
Unione Corse
The Council
The Maquis
Golden Chrysanthemums
Mandalorian Mercenaries
The Omicroners
Bretonia Armed Forces
Kusari Naval Forces
Sirian corporations
Everyone else
Independent Miners Guild
Societe Militaire Privee
Ile-de-France Shipping
Gallic Metal Service
EFL Oil & Machinery
Gallic Royal Police
Bounty Hunters Guild
Colonial Remnant
At War
Gallic Royal Navy
At War
At War

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