Liberty Separatists

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This is an NPC faction.  For the rules for this particular faction, see Liberty Separatists ID.

Liberty Separatists
Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 823 A.S.
Founder(s) Rear Admiral Victoria Knight
Current leader(s) Rear Admiral Victoria Knight
Base of operations Marshall Station, Bering
Primary role
Stopping Nomad Influence in Liberty
Secondary role
Creating a new government for Liberty

The Liberty Separatists are a group mostly consisting of former Navy and LSF personnel. With most of them being Navy pilots and crew that have been able to escape the LSF-Navy war in 823 A.S. This skirmish lasted about 2 months and was mostly fought in Zone 21, also known as Alaska. With assistance of the Lane Hackers and the Unioners the group managed to escape the Navy and fled into the Border Worlds. There they've further expanded their relations with other groups. The MND is one of the main funders of the Battlegroup Harmony and equally aligned groups.

The Separatists main target is the dismantling of the Navy's upper echelons. With the LSF now being back under Liberty control those and other law enforcement is among the Separatists biggest enemies. The Hellfire Legion is also among their targets though it is not a priority.


In 800 A.S. the Battleship Harmony was deployed to defend Research Station Willard and was then severely damaged by an attacking Rheinland Military force. Severely damaged, the ship was repaired back to a flyable state on the spot and was then hauled to Norfolk Shipyard to be repaired fully. Due to the Nomad War, these repairs hadn't been finished until late 802 A.S. After that it was reassigned to combat and was retrofitted several times.

In 822 A.S. secondary fleet assets were reorganized and with the promotion of Victoria Knight to Rear Admiral she was transfered to command the Battleship Harmony. Soon the restructuring was complete and the Harmony received its remaining Battlegroup. Along with the capital ship vessels, most fighter wings were completely newly structured and some squads saw their comrades for the first time when the Battlegroup went into service.

First, the Harmony was assigned to the Manhattan defense grid during the Scylla raids and soon after the nomad incident in late 822 A.S. . The Battlegroup had been requested by the LSF for a greater, classified, operations. Since then, the worth of the Battlegroup was to be proven outside of the regular Manhattan patrols and was assigned to other Navy objectives.

In the middle of 823 A.S. Battlegroup Harmony was attacked by Liberty Navy forces under accusations of harbouring Nomad infectees. The flagship, Harmony, had been crippled and Rear Admiral Victoria Knight captured and placed under observation on Juneau Shipyard in Alaska. The rest of the battlegroup joined forces with the Liberty Security Force, who sided with them against the Liberty Navy accusers. The result was a standoff between the LN and Seperatist forces, where the LSF and the remnants of the battlegroup were blockaded and contained in the Alaska system beyond Zone 21.

The LSF and remnants of the battlegroup fought for survival, making strikes against the oppressing Navy and Libertonian government, which was thought as compromised by Nomad influence. For brief periods of time, they allowed smugglers that supported their cause to make supply runs towards Alaska to avoid them from starving out, but the supply lines frequently collapsed just days later. During daring missions, the battlegroup managed to retrieve Rear Admiral Victoria Knight and other captured supporters back into their ranks, restoring proper hierarchy.

In late 823 A.S. the situation in Alaska grew grim. Supply stockpiles were quickly disappearing, and the Navy seemed to become more and more impatient as time went by in the monochrome system. With an information leak that the Navy were plotting a final invasion into the strongholds in Alaska, Battlegroup Harmony, fueled with desperation, staged a pre-emptive assault on Juneau Shipyard to retrieve the flagship dreadnought and escape the system. With the help of the Lane Hackers, the operation was successful, but at the cost of nearly half the battlegroup.

With heavy hearts, they now seek a way to restore themselves to functioning order and find organizations that would help them rid of the Nomadic influence that plagues Liberty.

Since then, the Battlegroup has further solidified its alliance with both the Lane Hackers and the Unioners. Strikes against the Navy have been executed with success, earning them the attention of foreign forces and possible allies and support even beyond Liberty's underworld. If the Battlegroup will survive in their guerilla war against the Navy will show itself in the future. If further support lines cannot be built up and maintained the Battlegroup will fall.


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Battleship Harmony

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