Battleship Strausberg

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Battleship Strausberg
Bismarck class Battleship
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Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland Military
5E, Sigma-21
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Battleship Strausberg was initially scheduled for launch in 814 A.S., but due to a series of explosions caused by the Unioners at the Oder Shipyard, was not launched until 815 A.S. Upon its commission it was immediately stationed outside Bonn Station in response to growing concerns Interspace Commerce's (IC) activities. Persistent intelligence reports alleged that IC was covertly supplying the Red Hessians and Unioners.

When these reports were finally confirmed by undercover RFP operations in 818 A.S., Strausberg enforced a quarantine of the station. Between the arrest of several high profile executives (later released on legal technicalities) and the RFP's seizure of the station, IC was effectively evicted from Rheinland and ceased all operations in the House. Strausberg remained in New Berlin after that, to provide Rheinland Military patrols with a base of operations in the capitol system.

With the Hessians of Dresden cutting a brutal swath through the mined-out system, returning veterans of the Liberty-Rheinland War were immediately re-tasked to New Berlin's Southern Front. In 823 A.S. Strausberg served behind Altenburg as a reserve base of operations, keeping a close eye on the nearby Saarfeld in particular.

With the advent of the Sigma War against Kusari, logistical operational needs dictated the increase in strategic importance and security of the supply chain of fuel that feeds the Rheinland Military hardware. In an effort to guarantee, not only an upgrade in the area security but also a veteran force capable of dealing with threats efficiently, the Strausberg and its supporting forces were slated as first pick to be deployed outside of Wuppertal Refinery. The Strausberg's new objective is to ensure that the source of Rheinland’s Thorium MOX, and Cologne system itself, are safe from any threats, foreign or domestic.

In response to the construction of the Honshu gate site, the Strausberg was deployed alongside with Battleship Westfalen to the Sigma theater, as the timetable for an assault on Honshu was pushed forward with the imminent threat of greater jump bandwidth becoming accessible to Kusari. The Strausberg remained in Sigma-21 alongside the Kolleda following the assault on the gate site, while the battle hardened crews of the Bayern and Westfalen battlegroups pushed into Kusari's core systems.

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