Bonn Station

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Bonn Station
Zeus class Station
Bonn Station.jpg
IC Logo.png Interspace Commerce
5C, New Berlin
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 850

Originally constructed in 521 A.S., to oversee the transition of Trade Lanes and Jump Gates to Rheinland ownership after Interspace Commerce (IC) was all but forced to sign agreements to nationalize them, Bonn Station has since become the headquarters of IC within Rheinland, and is the station where all cargo being shipped out of Rheinland is insured for the journey.

Thoroughly angry with having to wipe countless billions of credits of debt away almost overnight, after Kusari and Rheinland both nationalized their trade lanes and jump gates, IC had never been satisfied with the two hundred years of tolls it got in exchange, and it is for this chief reason that a good deal of animosity towards Rheinland and Kusari exists even today. As a result, IC often allowed ships from the Bundschuh, Red Hessians and even the Unioners to dock and purchase supplies, and was even going so far as to donate money to their causes or share information of cargo shipments with them.

This angered the Rheinland government considerably, and when hard proof was finally obtained in late 818, Rheinland wasted no time in evicting IC from its borders. Bonn Station was seized and put under Police administration for several years, but the upkeep costs proved too much for an already heavily burdened governmental budget, even with the aid of Bonn's many onboard transactions.

After the Liberty War's end, the government decided to sell Bonn Station to IC again as a hasty means to recoup some of its wartime losses; but with far heavier and more stringent on-station surveillance with permanent garrisons of Police and security. Additionally, Brandenburg was towed and expanded upon whilst the Battleship Strausberg was called to the Southern flank of New Berlin.

IC has once again returned to insuring outbound shipments and managing the billions of credits transacted upon Bonn every day, but rumors still circulate that occasionally they manage to smuggle Rheinland criminals aboard through bribery and other subterfuge. At present these rumors are denied by both IC and the Federal Republic.

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