Battleship Fes

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Battleship Fes
Murmillo (Conversion) class Battleship
Battleship Fes.jpg
Flag-corsairs.png Corsairs
2C, Omega-47
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Battleship Fes is a modified Osiris-class vessel procured by the Corsairs from the Order during the years of their alliance, and lacks many of the technological innovations available to the standard Order design. It is, however, more heavily armored and better armed than the Order template. Commissioned in early 809 A.S., the ship saw little action for in its first few years patrolling the Omicron Gamma system.

Following the Red Hessian offensive of 811 AS, which culminated in the capture of Casablanca and the Planet Tangier, the Corsairs chose to commit more forces to Omega-5 while the Fes was relocated to a defensive position within Omega-47. Nine years later the Corsair council evaluated that Hessian forces in Omega-47 had been sufficiently suppressed, and thus ordered the Fes to advance into Omega-49 to secure Corsair interests in the system against the slowly encroaching Coalition forces. Eventually pushing forward into the Poole system.

After plundering its way from Poole to Cambridge through a distracted Bretonia, the Fes and her battlegroup were recalled to the Omegas following the Stirling's deployment to 49, which the Council of Elders saw as an opportunity to sink a weakened Bretonian battlegroup. Due to the risks involved in reaching the Omega-5 jump corridor in Cambridge, the Fes and her cohort opted to take the long way through Omega-3. It was during this journey that the Corsairs spotted the Hessian Battleship Kassel engaged with the Gwent in orbit of Planet Sprague. While their original orders were to proceed to Omega-49, the Fes has now found itself in Omega-47 once again, eying an exposed Tangier from the depths of the Melilla field.

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