Canterbury Station

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Canterbury Station
Eden class Station
Canterbury Station.jpg
Planetform3.jpg Planetform, Inc.
4F, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 780

Canterbury Station houses the headquarters for Planetform, Inc., a pioneer in transforming uninhabitable or marginally habitable planets into terrestrial worlds. With the sparseness of suitable Planets outside of the core systems claimed by Liberty, Planetform Inc. has been conducting a considerable amount of business in Bretonia and elsewhere. However, due to the ongoing conflict with Gallia, most of the company's operations within the sieged house of Bretonia have either been halted or severely delayed. Whereas Planetform Inc. only had to deal with eco-terrorists like the Gaians and the occasional pirate attack before, now they find themselves faced with the Royal Navy, who treat the company like they would anyone assisting its enemies. After the assault on Southampton Shipyard and the loss of the Battleship York, Royal Navy forces have begun pushing further into the system proper and as a result Canterbury Station has sustained damage during raids despite being guarded by both the Battleship Ottawa and the Battleship Macduff.

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