Gallic Royal Enclave

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This is an NPC faction. 

Gallic Royal Enclave
GRE Logo.png
Origin Flag-gallia.png Kingdom of Gallia
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding September 7th, 742 AGS A.S.
Founder(s) Director-Regent Renée Hennequin d'Avignon
Base of operations Planet Bordeaux
Primary role
Returning Gallia back to it's former glory
Secondary role
Securing the Hebrides sector

The Gallic Royal Enclave is the remaining royalist force of Gallia, acting under a decree by King Charles XI.


The Gallic Royal Enclave is the remains of the largest military in Sirius. With the end of the Second Gallic War called by the Grand Duchy of Burgundy, the estranged forces in the Gallic Hebrides declared itself as a new Gallic state, styling itself the [Gallic Royal Enclave]]. This new state is as a military junta run by high ranking officials of Gallic Royal Intelligence and the Gallic Royal Navy. At present, they work to secure the Gallic Hebrides, naming building up Planet Bordeaux. They remain in conflict with the Kingdom of Bretonia, refusing to surrender. Conflict also stirs with the Grand Duchy of Burgundy and the Republique of Gallia, both seen as traitors of Gallia. They are also responsible for catching any Sirians attempting to bring trade to Gallic space, and are charged with protecting the citizens of the Gallic Hebrides by any means necessary. They will not hesitate to shoot anyone reluctant to proclaim their loyalty to the Enclave, or anyone who takes too long to obey their orders. Within the war-torn Taus Sector, their word is law; and they do not take kindly to foreigners.


As the ceasefire was called to end the Second Gallic War, Royalist forces in the Hebrides announced that they would not recognize the authority of the Grand Duchy of Burgundy, deciding to form their own splinter state. The new state, styling itself the Gallic Royal Enclave, is a military junta run by former high ranking officials of Gallic Royal Intelligence and the Gallic Royal Navy.

The most notable of these figures is the former Marquise of Marseille, Renée Hennequin d'Avignon, who retreated from the Provence system during the Minarchy's uprising. d'Avignon, who records now show to have been the head of the Crown's spy network on Planet Marseille, possessed close ties to both the upper echelons of Royal Intelligence and high ranking Gallic nobility. The displaced Marquise claims to be acting under authority of King Charles XI himself, citing a letter of regency allegedly left in her care during the final days of the war.

While such a decree, if legitimate, would make the former Marquise Queen Regent of the Kingdom of Gallia. d'Avignon has rejected this title, instead fashioning herself Director-Regent. This is likely a calling to her position of Director within the GRI, which she rose to near the end of the war, as well as an attempt to garner favor with the unusually robust military demographic of the new state.

d'Avigon's first edict as Director-Regent of the Royal Enclave was to declare the authority of Grand Duke Trintignant null and void. She has also issued the immediate expedition of construction efforts on Planet Bordeaux, the Enclave's capital. Flooded with hundreds of millions people, primarily displaced nobility, servicemen, and Bretonian serfs, the incipient nation-state currently faces a great food and housing crisis. The Director-Regent has authorized the use of whatever means necessary to clear arable farmland and extract resources needed for the erection of more permanent housing in lieu of Bordeaux's tent cities.

Despite these challenges, the Royal Enclave refuses to surrender to Bretonia, and the three system state maintains a military disproportionately large to its small size. Analysts have surmised that the Enclave's position within the Hebrides is a tenable one, should they be able to resolve their present issues and avoid succumbing to civil unrest. The Enclave's fleet has shifted to a more defensive posture, and it appears that the only system outside their borders which they presently have a vested interest in is Dublin, where Enclave patrols have been seen engaging Bretonian forces on roughly equal footing. Elsewhere, the Enclave's military activities appear to be limited to smaller scale anti-shipping raids and hit and fade strikes on soft targets.

While it remains to be seen whether or not the Enclave will stand the test of time, it appears that if so, they could remain a thorn in Bretonia's side for years to come.


Fighters & Bombers

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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter
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Transport Division

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Assault Transport
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