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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Xenos (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Xenos ID.

Origin Flag-liberty.png Republic of Liberty
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding unknown
Founder(s) Texas and Colorado radicals
Base of operations Ouray Base, Colorado
Primary role
Stopping foreign shipping in Liberty

The Xenos are one of the most unpredictable criminal groups in the Sirius Sector, along with the fact that they're loosely affiliated most of their members are extremists opposed to any trade or other interaction with foreign entities. As they see foreign trade as the cause of the worker's plight, any foreign transports caught by the Xenos are ruthlessly attacked until they abandon their cargo, which the Xenos then use to supply themselves.


The origins of the Xeno movement are found within the populations of miners and laborers of the Colorado and Texas systems, disenfranchised as Liberty’s economy shifted from one of production towards a system dependant more upon information technology licensing and trade-lane associated monopolies. This shift pushed the laboring classes of Liberty from being the core of her strength, to the peripheries of her society.

The laboring populations of Liberty, now destitute and without means of securing employment were an easy target for an emerging practice: Prisoner Labor. Huntsville prison became the new home for a generation of people who found that their hands could still be put to good use: Wages paid for petty infractions visited upon them by a nation increasingly caught up in its own opulence, increasing dependence upon foreign goods to fuel basic needs and services and an ever growing population of dissident citizens caught in an endless cycle of hard time and hopelessness.

As generations came and went, a radical enclave of dissident prisoners formed the early core of what was to become the Xenos. Focused on settling blame upon the import of cheap foreign goods as being the root cause of the hardship of the Libertonian working class, those that could secure vessels began to prey upon transports moving goods through the California and Colorado systems, taking advantage of bases carved from the asteroids from which that their ancestors had once gleaned a living. Sponsorship was gained from Universal Shipping, to exchange for security of passage and to further their own ends of sabotaging the markets of their competitors, and so the Xenos grew with the construction of two more Bases in the Independent Systems|Independent Worlds: Nome, and The Barrow.

The Xeno movement is highly varied, composed of many different groups who differ from minor to major amounts in how they accomplish their goals. But the goal is always the same. A better Liberty for the working man, free of foreign influence and corruption. The main difference is in violence used. Some groups, such as the Xeno Alliance decide to opt for more laid back approach towards vessels that are not clearly piloted by foreigners. Instead of outright destroying the vessel, they demand anything and everything that is not nailed down. Nanobots, shield bots, cargo, whatever you have they'll take it. On the other side, many decide to rain antimatter on anything that dares to trade across Libertonian borders. Libertonians or not, these Xenos are merciless and unwilling to compromise.

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