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<noinclude>{{Style Guide navigation}}<!--</noinclude>
<noinclude>{{Style Guide navigation}}<!--</noinclude>
{{notice|1=A lot of these system pages are outdated, [http://space.discoverygc.com/navmap/#q={{PAGENAMEE}} Space's nav map] may be better.}}
{{#if: {{{image|}}}
{{#if: {{{image|}}}
| [[image:{{{image}}}|thumb|right|244px|{{PAGENAME}} System]]
| [[image:{{{image}}}|thumb|right|244px|{{PAGENAME}} System]]

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This template allows you to make the System look very nice. (Thanks to Blodo and Tazuras and Chovynz and some other wiki editors.)
To see a System Example Page see: Burgundy

  • The table of contents is automatically generated on the left.
  • The system description or Synopsis must be put into the |description = field.
  • The caption underneath the system image is automatically determined by the System article name. It will be PAGENAME + "System".
  • Additionally this template makes use of the planet template. Please visit the Planet template page to understand it's functionality.
  • The AltStation variable allows the stations section to be moved to the 2nd Column. It should be used to minimize blank space at the bottom of shorter columns. To use it set it equal to 1.
  • The "systems category" will be automatically added to any systems that use this template.
  • It will also deal with any systems that do not currently have an image, e.g. Texas. "No-image systems" will have an additional category to the normal
|image = 
|description = 
|planets = 
|stations =
|AltStation =
|lawfulnpcs =
|semi-lawfulnpcs =
|unlawfulnpcs =
|commodities = 
|mineable = 


|description = The [[New York]] system is the capital system of the [[Liberty]] space. Due to...
|image = newyorksystem.jpg
|planets =
|AltStation = 1
|lawfulnpcs =
*[[Ageira Technologies]]
*[[Deep Space Engineering]]
*[[Interspace Commerce]]
*[[Liberty Police Incorporated|Liberty Police, Inc]]
*[[Universal Shipping]]
*[[Liberty Navy]]
*[[Liberty Security Force]]
|semi-lawfulnpcs =
|unlawfulnpcs =
*[[Liberty Rogues]]
*[[Lane Hackers]]
|commodities =
*[[Consumer Goods]]
*[[Counterfeit Software]]
*[[Food Rations]]
*[[Luxury Consumer Goods]]
*[[Light Arms]]
*[[Sirius Credit Cards]]
*[[Spaceship Crew]]
*[[Toxic Waste]]
|mineable =
*[[Scrap Metal]]


BlueWarningTriangle.png A lot of these system pages are outdated, Space's nav map may be better.
System System

The New York system is the capital system of the Liberty space. Due to...

System Navmaps

System Overview

Local factions
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None known