Ames Research Station

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Ames Research Station
Cochrane class Station
Ames Research Station.jpg
4D, Kepler
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Restricted
Amenities Limited
Population 330

Ames Research Station was originally constructed in 677 A.S. by Deep Space Engineering, to investigate the strange dark matter clouds that were in the eastern areas of the system, and also to study the dark matter storm that was scheduled to pass through the system in 684 A.S. As it happened, the storm entered Kepler 104 years later than it was expected to, destroying the old Trade Lane that passed through the western area of the system and rendering it extremely dangerous to travel through. Deep Space Engineering incurred heavy financial losses during the construction of the new lane to the Shikoku Jump Gate, and as a result their operations on Ames were scaled back almost completely to the point of abandoning the station.

Around 760 A.S., a group of Zoners moved onboard the station, slowly taking over previously vacated habitation decks and science laboratories, bringing the station back up to operational status. In exchange for keeping the station running and use of the repair facilities onboard, DSE agreed to give the Zoners complete ownership of Ames. Since then, the Zoners have run it as a Freeport and despite DSE's occasional complaints about allowing even Xenos to dock, it has been running smoothly and has become a convenient stopover for anyone passing through the Independent Systems between Kusari and Liberty.

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Heavy Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter