Battlecruiser Lehigh

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Battlecruiser Lehigh
Interdictor class Battlecruiser
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Flag-liberty.png Liberty Security Force
3D, Bering
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Lehigh was laid down in 822 A.S., just a few months before the close of the Liberty - Rheinland war. Initially designed to be the spear that would lead an LSF tactical operation deep into the heart of Rheinland, it found itself overequipped for its new peacetime role. Peace with Rheinland came a mere month before the Lehigh left drydock, and as Liberty's war machine drew down against its foe in the east and turned to face Gallia in the west, the Security Force became the chief element responsible for driving out those dissidents taking shelter on Liberty's borders.

Lehigh's first deployments were part shakedown run, part reconnaissance operation into the backwater Pennsylvania system and neighboring Kansas. There, the crew of the Lehigh laid low, monitoring inbound and outbound traffic and the relative capabilities of those unsavory elements that took up residence there. By late 824, however, the immediate threat of Gallia had become much more apparent. Even substantial Security Force assets were now being drawn away to hold back the tide - which left the Lehigh as one of the few remaining vanguards of the east. Attending Kodiak Research Station in Alaska, the Lehigh received several upgrades to her already advanced complement before setting off on her latest tasking.

With the rise of the Unioners and the Separatist movement within Bering, the Security Force has dedicated all of its eastern resources to quelling the threat, and they have hedged their bets on the Lehigh and her attendant craft. Operating as a reconnaissance platform, intelligence station, command center, and battlecruiser should it come to it, the vessel is perhaps the LSF's last hope of stemming the Bering incursion. Taking up a vanguard position near the main suspected smuggling lanes in the system, the Lehigh now serves as the spearhead it was always designed to be.

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