Brotherhood Shipyard

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Brotherhood Shipyard
Founder unknown
Affiliation Zoners Logo.png Zoners
Government Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
Population 1200 men, 1800 women
Armament, Equipment, and Other Information
Preemptive Weaponry 2x TL-45 Heavy Antimatter Cannon
2x EMP-1 Pulse Cannon
Offensive Weaponry 2x 15-IN Dreadnought Main Gun
2x ML-BB Guided Missile Launcher
Defensive Weaponry 10x 05-IN Rapid Fire Defense Turret
6x ZT-2 Secondary Turret Array
Hyperspatial Equipment Jump Drive Module Series IV
Impact Rating - Hull 1,500,000 hitpoints
Impact Rating - Armor 4,000,000 hitpoints
Impact Rating - Shield 460,000 hitpoints
Table of contents

History of the Brotherhood Shipyard

The Brotherhood Shipyard was a Zoner-aligned secret society of Freeport 1 in Omega-3. Founded in 720 AS, they primarily discussed ways to circumvent problems that occur when designing new fightercraft. One such debate was that of fuel source, with many members supporting the traditional H-Fuel cell, while almost as many supported using MOX-based nuclear batteries. The former was a safe choice, but the latter was a large saftey risk. The MOX battery had cost roughly the same and would outlast the rest of the ship, but if destroyed it would likely shatter, and even if the shards did not puncture the pilots's ejection suit the radiation surely would. This debate left deep wounds that virtually split the society, until 3 years later someone suggested a completely modular fighter, capable of using whatever parts the pilot. This mild suggestion made in passing slowly but steadily healed the wounds that had been made over the years. This idea revolutionized their method of construction which was st the time only semi-modular, exclusive to the ships armament and equipment. However, this demonstrates the omnipresent ideological tension between all of mankind.

Today, the Brotherhood Shipyard is an actual shipyard, a retrofitted Jinkusu-class Mobile Freeport. It has its own refineries, smelters, reprocessing plants, factories, and even shops.

Commodities and External Economy


Ores, Metals, Compounds, etc.







Ships Manufactured


Modular, foreign-designed



The Brotherhood Shipyard maintains an informal bicameral oligarchy. A council of regents known only by number, even to other regents, maintains all power over the course of the life of their citizens. The exception to this anonymity is Regent Zero, also known as the Chairman of the Ship. He or she is publicly known, and serves primarily to the people. Regent Zero is chosen by forum by the populace, by discussion until all qualms are settled. This is the same manner in which the Council of Regents operates. Regent Zero may also be another Regent, and as they are known by number only this is impossible to tell. Despite it being impossible to enforce, it is strictly forbidden to hold multiple regency positions, with Regent Zero being the only exception. In the event of war or emergency all power is held by Regent Zero, though the other regents maintain the power to end the state of emergency.

Resident Sub-capital Groups

There are many groups that choose to reside in Brotherhood Shipyard. They are mostly natively-founded groups, but there are a few foreign-founded groups that call Brotherhood Shipyard their new home. Often described as the backs of the hands of the Brotherhood Shipyard, the pilots of the 1st Brotherhood Defense Fleet are the primary defense against marauders. They are primarily seen operating the CTE-6K "Eagle" VHF and Z-series "Sabre" VHF, though it is not uncommon to see the Evo-1B "Charon" VHF in use.

11th Brotherhood Fighter Wing

Officially, the members of the 11th Wing are those currently on duty for them. However, the common use of the word is to describe those who spend most of their time with any given wing. The 11th Wings name is often misunderstood. The wing is not an all-encompassing group of all fighters, but is actually the Heavy Fighter group. They exclusively use the CTE-6K, Z-series, and the Evo-1B, though the Evo-1B is mostly used in special events and where the mission calls for supreme agility past that of the Eagle.

12th Brotherhood Fighter Wing

Identical to the 11th wing, these pilots are aces among aces. While many potential members choose to stay with a VHF, some choose to return to using a light fighter. It was decided early to separate the light and heavy fighter pilots due to a ideological and tactical differences used in piloting their respective fighters, but this separation is almost unnoticeable given the modular nature of the ships and the nonexclusionary society of the Brotherhood Shipyard. This is helped by the two wings sharing a commander.

15th Brotherhood Bomber Wing

Roughly four times the size of the 11th wing, the 15th wing is known to almost exclusively use the CTE-19K. They are normally fit with two ANC-2 torpedo launchers, but when on escort duty or are otherwise unlikely to be able to rearm are fit with an AN-3 "Supernova" cannon and a CD95XT Train Cruise Disruptor.

6th Exploratory Prospection Squad

The 6th Exploratory Prospection Squad is composed of four E78-12 Deep Space Explorers. They harvest ores in many systems to detect fluctuations in the ore field. When it is considered unnecessary, they assist the 7th Fleet in standard mining operations. It is a common misconception due to the name and purpose of the squad that they are a subordinate part of the 7th Fleet. However, they are completely independent.

7th Material Harvest Fleet

By and large the largest group of the nation, the 7th Fleet commonly referred to as the mining fleet. Equipped with 40 KS-773 "Dacite" Very Heavy Miners, 10 KS-1093 "Mafic" Super Heavy Miners, and 15 CT-53 "Heron" Transports. The CT-53s have been specially modified so their engine pods and cargo pod sections can retract to just under a third of its length and three fifths its width, allowing them to be stored with ease.

9th Experimental Navigation Fleet

Composed of only three ships, this is by ship count the smallest group of of the ship. This is just about the only statistic it is the least in, save maneuverability. It is composed of two CT-73 "Stork" Transports and the Spacetime Fearless-class destroyer.