Freeport 1

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Freeport 1
Dern class Freeport
Freeport 1.jpg
4C, Omega-3
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 770

Freeport 1 was opened in 738 A.S., by a group of vagrants, wanderers and social Outcasts that had left territories of the Houses in order to live beyond the rules and regulations enforced in the core systems. It was the first ever Freeport to be constructed, as the name clearly states, and it quickly gained popularity with the criminals, outlaws and others of a dubious disposition as a place to easily obtain supplies and repair their ships. Most of the criminals who visit Freeport 1 tend to be members of the Mollys or the Corsairs, although the occasional Red Hessian and Gaian are seen onboard.

Originally a small abandoned Deep Space Engineering depot left over from the construction of the Omega-3 Trade Lane, Freeport 1 has grown, with new cargo modules and habitation decks being constructed until the station was barely recognisable from the small platform it started out as. Small ships are known to be constructed here, sold to both Freelancers, criminals and other zoners, and although Bretonia has made irritated noises towards the Freeport, they have as yet left it alone, preferring to put up with the annoyance of criminals docking there to the unknown consequences that might otherwise occur by antagonising the largely peaceful Zoner society.

Missions Offered

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Light Fighter
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Very Heavy Fighter