ANC-2 "Nova" Antimatter Torpedo Launcher

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ANC-2 "Nova" Antimatter Torpedo

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Weapon Class: Bomber Torpedo
Hull Damage: 165,000
Shield Damage: 82,500
Range: 4,200 m
Projectile Speed: 105 m/s
Refire Rate: 0.20
Energy Usage: 18,000
Turn Rate: 0.15 rad/s
Explosion Radius: 96 m
Launcher Price: $2,120,000
Ammo Price: $3,000
Nova is the most devastating torpedo available to fighters in Sirius. It is an alternative to Supernova AN-3, being more reliable and energy-efficient. Torpedo based delivery allows massive amounts of antimatter to be carried and delivered with a large blast radius. What it lacks in penetration it makes up in additional damage that decimates all lightly armored targets. The launcher itself is pretty basic, except for a large antimatter generator. Torpedos are avaliable for sale at all specialised shops. Due to complex technology used they are always fairly expensive. Caution! Use only when your shields are on, massive shockwaves rip any fighter armor.
  • Requires Nova Torpedo. Only bombers can fire this weapon.

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