Ezrael Vertiga

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Ezrael Vertiga
Vertiga old.png
Ezrael Vertiga, 823
Origin Planet Curacao, Cortez,

Independent Worlds

Occupation Battleship Captain
Gender Male
Affiliation Freelancer
Freelancer since 823
Born 14th March 792 A.S. Planet Curacao


Ezrael Vertiga is a billionaire from Planet Curacao. He is known for captaining an unaffiliated Mako-class battleship, the Apahanta. Apart from that, he is also known for being a skillful womanizer.
Ezrael appears as tall man in his late 20's and early 30's. Most notably is his long black hair which is often pimped by a few red strands at his front hair. Whenever he leaves Curacao for a longer time, his usually brown-peach skin turns slightly grey. He is phsyically well toned, athletic and healthy, however not too buffed. Ezrael often appears to wear uncommon clothing styles, either dressed like a punk rocker all in black with leather jacket and studded belt or wearing wetsuit-like skintight starship uniforms in dark colors and with blue accents. Due to the tropical climate on Curacao, he is also used to walk around topless, both on Curacao and his ships, which simulate Curacao's climate, often to the annoyance of his crew.



Born on Planet Curacao in the Independent Worlds, Ezrael enjoyed a hedonistic childhood. His parents were the owners of Blue Star, a subcompany of Orbital Spa & Cruise with a not meager amount of assets on Curacao and in space. Caressed by wealth, Ezrael grew up without much troubles and developed one of his most notable traits already in the beginning of his time as teenager: He began to focus on women. Sports and surfing were his early hobbies, ensuring him to maintain a toned and healthy body, ensuring a high sexual market value.

His grades in high school and college were average; above average in biology and physical education. His studies were focused on these topics, which later lead to him working as college teacher for biology, physical education and specifically surfing. Criticism was voiced for his unserious approaches in terms of teaching, a lack of distance to his students and his influence on the female teachers and professors. Given Curacao was never meant to be a planet for a settled population and more for visitors from all over Sirius for vacations, the college had to take what was available, ensuring Ezrael would stay.

During his time as college teacher, Ezrael met Sombra Hookier and Leon Isley, which became his best friends already during their time in class. Sombra was an obese, unmotivated woman with suicidal phases when he met her. Successfully raising funds for a surgery, he helped Sombra to become the athletic, healthy woman she is now, enjoying life physically and mentally. Since then she developed a fanatic admiration to him, doing anything he wanted. Trying not to exploit her fanatism towards him, he remained in touch with her, often intimately. As their mentor, Ezrael managed to get Sombra and Leon through college and used his connections to get Leon into Orbital Spa & Cruise's engineering training program and Sombra into the liner piloting.

Reknown for his aesthetic body and his success with women, Ezrael got in touch with several pornography studios and performed in several heterosexual scenes. This was when he started to go for a more excentric hair style as trademark: long black hair with red highlights. By the end of 820, he was rumored to have had a high three digit amount of women. This reputation lead to an awkward increase of women enlisting for a certain curacaoan college as well as an increase of complaining parents.

Apart from spending his time with women, Ezrael started to develop his hobby as hoverbiker, first merely as amateur, later as participant in Curacao's and Liberty's hoverbiking leagues. The success in those tournaments was missing, however it turned even more public attention to him, in many aspects.

In 822 A.S., an incident in the Cortez system caused the death of Ezrael's parents. A small group of Nomads appeared in the Independent Worlds and approached the Blue Star Liner with his parents aboard. The pilots panicked and opened fire on the aliens, causing them to return fire. The Blue Star Liner was destroyed, without any survivors. Without knowing the details of what exactly happened on that day, Ezrael was facing his first heavy loss and suddenly inherited the company of his parents. Selling it, as he did not intend to run a tourism company, Ezrael turned into a billionaire, having received an estimated amount of 5.500.000.000 Credits. This was followed by him developing an addiction to alcohol, which lead to uncontrolled behavior. Ezrael started bar fights, and as a result of one of them, he received the scar at his eye. Deciding against a removal of the scar, he kept it as a reminder of the worst time of his life. Officially, however, he claims the scar was making him only more interesting to women.

Having spent two months in rehab, Ezrael thought about revenge. He had money, so what could he do to make use of it? Between 822 A.S. and 823 A.S., Ezrael heard about the Core, contacting them and offering a deal. He invests two billion credits into the restauration of one of the older Mako models parked in Omicron Rho, and in return, he is permitted to captain it. After some negotiations, he left Curacao to quote-unquote join the Core, skipping the training on Nauru but completing several training courses on Durban Station and Yaren Base. Of course, he acted following his reputation, spending his spare time with the female Core personnel. According to rumors, even with Jessebelle Fillian.

Completing his training courses in capital ship warfare, captaining, kick-boxing as well as some other necessary courses, he got the command of the restored Mako-class battleship, the Apahanta. Within the limitations the Core set, he was permitted to fight Nomads in Omicron Rho, Omicron Delta, Omicron Minor, Omicron Kappa, Omicron-74 and Omicron Zeta, later even in Omicron Major before the activation of the dyson sphere in late 823 A.S. and the destruction of the Omicron Major gate in Minor.


His days in the Omicrons changed him. Ezrael realized many things. The Core, the faction he used to believe to be the heroes of the Omicrons who want to eliminate the Nomads once and for all, did not share his goals. Instead, the Core wants to exploit the Nomads as regrowing resources for APM research and products. Being an unusual reasonable Core representant, Ezrael got in touch with Order captains, Gammuian AIs and even Nomads and Infectees, only to find out the truth about the Core. They were only interested in technology and resources, their personnel merely pawns and cannonfodder until the more skilled pilots emerged, who quickly ranked up. The Core was only for people who exploited the faction as much as the faction exploited the personnel.

With growing unrest, Ezrael thought about how to leave the Core, get out of the contract. However, people don't just leave the Core. They either die as glorious Core pilots or die the very moment they show weakness. Having been able to get in touch with many Core employees, mostly female, he carefully tried to find out who was sharing his opinion. There was a massive increase of unrest within the Core when the first Core-Zoner-Conflict in the mid-823's started, boosting Ezrael's support quickly. Having planned his defection from the Core in great detail and with the help of a woman called Maren von Westefeld, the Lane Hackers, the Zoners of Livadia Shipyard and some investments into Kishiro and Detroit Munitions as well as into the Junker Congress, Ezrael managed to defect from the Core. In a staged battle with Auxesia, the Apahanta got heavily damaged in the midst of Omicron Minor. Ezrael gave order to evacuate the ship and most of the crew escaped with rescue pods, just to get captured or shot by Auxesia. A few Core-loyal people remained on the Apahanta, only to get stunned by the internal defense turrets Ezrael bought from Detroit Munitions, the rest was put out of action or killed by Ezrael and his loyal defectors. Ezrael himself got shot during the capture. A plasma wound on his shoulder, which turned him into a berserk, killing his opponent in rage. It was the first time Ezrael killed a human. Something he wanted to avoid.

The staged battle was successful. Auxesia sticked to the plan, only hitting the Apahanta where they were supposed to. Deploying fake debris in Omicron Minor, the Apahanta cloaked, getting escorted to the Livadia Shipyards in Omicron Kappa by Auxesia. With the personal approval of the head of the Confederation of Freeports, Finn McCool, the Apahanta remained at the hidden shipyard for repairs, to disappear later and hide in Omega-49. Possible killswitches of the ship were disabled by a software created by the Lane Hackers, provided by Goro Yoshida, a Professor Provocateur of the Inner Circle. With around 50 defectors, the Apahanta was barely operable. To counter the lack of human crew, Ezrael bought more than 400 Kishiro Service Robots, short KSRs, and over time, they were programmed to do the tasks their human equivalents would have been required to do. Not many defectors sticked to Ezrael and over time, he hired new people, one by one. In 824 and 825, the crew consisted merely out of 23 people. Thanks to the KSRs, the ship was maintained well.

After the defection

Having escaped the Core, Ezrael was free to do whatever he wanted to. With his perspectives having changed majorly, he refused to fight the Nomads, knowing the other side of the story. Mankind started the war with them, and Core, Order, Corsairs and other groups were constantly agitating the Nomads to fight back. With the help of his girlfriend, Maren von Westefeld, Ezrael managed to achieve neutrality with the Nomads and the Wild. Simply because after three months of their relationship, he found out she was a Wild. Since he was in love with her, and because she helped him whenever she was able to, he refused to kill her and decided to allow her to be with him. This was the moment his entire life was changing, as he was dragged into something even more chaotic than the Omicrons.

The Apahanta vs OCV-Osiris

Every now and then, Ezrael was forced to protect Maren, who was operating as Wild agent, Unschuld. At some point, Auxesia started to suspect her of being infected, shared that suspicion with Bretonia and the Lane Hackers and started to damage his own reputation, suspecting him to be under nomad influence. Only by using tricks he managed to convince them of the opposite. Maren and him moved to the Eidolon Wraith, Auxesia's flagship, where they would be scanned in detail, only to have Auxesia find: Nothing. Maren did not appear to be infected during the scanning, simply because during that period of time, she was not the host of a nomad incubus. Her incubus was transfered to a friend of them, Nancy Sweetwater, who was willing to accept the incubus for the time being.

Auxesia ammended the damage they caused, sharing the scans with the Lane Hackers, Bretonia and Ezrael as well, so whenever they were accused of being infected, Ezrael was able to show the proof of them being not.

And this was only the beginning. Over and over he got dragged into troubles because of his infected girlfriend. Eventually, he convinced her to stop working as Wild agent. Getting in touch with the Oracles of Malta, he got their approval for this. Wilde Unschuld had done enough to earn her freedom, and thus she worked way less frequently for the Wilde, Rheinland's infected group. In the following months, Ezrael earned his reputation as wildcard. The Apahanta was unique in the aspect of mobility, and upgrades like a jump drive, an incredibly powerful cloaking device to keep the ship hidden for infinite amounts of time and alternative, advanced weaponry turned the billion credits heavy investition into a source of income by accepting missions only the Apahanta was qualified enough to complete.

While Maren often asked him to give up on the Apahanta and settle down with her, Ezrael decided against it because of her pathological lying. As long as she would try to trick him over and over again, despite them loving each other, he would not sell the Apahanta.


Ezrael is often seen as flawless. This is in no way true. He appears as a generally positive and philanthropic man, mostly smiling or smirking, rarely seen in a negative mood. He is well able to deal with problems one by one and does not give up in the event of a loss but instead tries to redeem the mistake next time. His positive attitude is said to be an influental aspect of his attractivity. People enjoy being in his proximity and vice versa. While being generally well prepared for combat, being a very fit kickboxer and able to handle firearms, he avoids combat. He avoids the loss of control, refusing to take drugs or hard alcohol, only allowing himself to drink red wine every now and then.

His greatest flaw is his inability to maintain monogamy. He is used to being surrounded by women who are interested in mating with him and thus is used to have sex as a means of stress relief. Not being able to go out, to clubs or other hotspots of interaction, affects his mood negatively. In the end, he will end up doing it anyway. Women willing to enter a romantic relationship with him are required to tolerate this behavior as he refuses to give up on the only constant in his life. His sexuality is an integral part of his personality, his humor and his general behavior.

The many women of Ezrael Vertiga

Even during his relationship with Maren von Westefeld, Ezrael was unable to reduce his sex drive and remained living promiscuously. While there is a huge amount of women who ended up in bed with him, some of them turned out to have a more significant influence on him and vice versa.

Maren von Westefeld
Maren von Westefeld turned out to be Ezrael's first girlfriend to maintain a relationship with him over more than two years, starting only a week before his defection from the Core. She also turned out to be the first woman with a nomad incubus in her body to end up in bed with Ezrael.
Sombra Hookier is, since he provided her with reasons to not commit suicide and instead enjoy living, fanatically in love with him and willing to do anything he demands from her.
Sherry Aguilar, the XO of the Apahanta, met Ezrael on Yaren in a bar and ended up in bed with him. Like many other women, she was convinced to join his defection from the Core based on these encounters. Since then Sherry performed the role as the Commander of the Apahanta, being the brain of the ship.
Lindsay Camillo, Veronica Cummings, Lorena Hawkins and Tasha Wright, female crew members of the Apahanta, were also convinced to join his crew by his special negotiation skills.
Paige Hale, a former erotic movie actress, performed with him. In 824 A.S., Ezrael and her founded HOT GEAR, a planet-side company on Curacao and Gran Canaria all about motorsports like hoverbiking, but also lingery and bedroom toys and outfits. Paige manages the company while Ezrael provided the first hoverbike models created in the workshop of the Apahanta and provided the funds.
Thallia Thorn, a xenoarcheologist from Cambridge, lived with him and a few other women on his former home ship, the CV-Hoffnungsschimmer. She was seduced by him passively and later joined the Apahanta's crew as Chief Science Officer, getting her own laboratory on the warship.
Nancy Sweetwater alias Sangria Reaver
Nancy Sweetwater, alias Sangria Reaver, joined Ezrael and Maren on their home ship in 823. Barely able to resist his physical attraction, and vice versa, they ended up becoming very good friends and Ezrael coupled his best friend Leon Isley with her as he himself tried to be as loyal as possible to Maren. Obviously, that was only so successful.
Katya Pimakhova, an ex-agent of the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army (SCRA), lived on his home ship for a few days before disappearing, trying to hide from the wrath of the SCRA.
Elena Voigt, a Forlorn Hope Knight Captain, fell for his charme as he offered her multiple missions. He himself hid his own identity back then, meeting her as Operative Red. She later got closer to him and was the reason the Forlorn Hope was more and more interested in him as an asset. Like this he received access to the Forlorn Research Vessel "Athena".
Enma Loyola, the maltese drama queen, seduced Ezrael during a meeting on Corinth Research Station and engaged intercourse with him in a restaurant in the publicly accessible part of the station. Multiple amateur videos of the very rough act were uploaded to the Neural Net, spreading information about the scandalous act quickly and viral. Despite hating Enma for being extremely manipulative and careless back then, he can't deny it was incredible. Sadly, Enma did not inform him about her relationship with Eliza Valdez, which caused a very big fauxpas since the proof of that affair is publicly visible, on dirty pages of the Neural Net.
Victoria Knight, the admiral of the Liberty Separatist Battlegroup Harmony, was seduced by him during a meeting on Marshall Station. He sold plans of alternative battleship weaponry to her and since she enjoyed his company, she showed him the station, her personal quarters and her bed. There he showed her a few things as well.
Jessebelle Fillian, the amazon-like captain of the Core warships WV-Terminus Est and WV-Danger Zone, is rumored to have surprised him. A very big surprise. Ezrael vehemently claims nothing ever happened or that he even met her in person.
Ivy Holt, a freelancer, was rescued by Ezrael in the depths of the dark nebula of Frankfurt, not far from Schatten. Quickly enjoying his caring attention, she turned into a groupie, admiring him for being an independent warship captain who can do whatever he wants.


SRP Battleship, Mako
Unique Home Ship, Corvo
Mia Takashi's Reward, Bishamon
Cheap Gunboat, Montante (Sold)
Hw p1 lf.png
Apahanta's Scout Drone, Gitano
Bretonia Scout Drone, Hayabusa
Liberty Scout Drone, Hayabusa
Br fighter.png
Hussar Combat Drone, Hussar
Weapon of Mass Destruction, Hayabusa
Secret Bomber for Alter Ego, Roc
Forlorn Hope Research Ship, Corvo


- Since Curacao was natively free of any insects and even today only contains controlled amounts of practical insects, he is afraid of them. It was a cultural shock to him when he and Maren took a walk on Planet Canaria in a forest and he saw a head-sized moth flying around at a lantern, scaring him infront of his girlfriend who never saw him afraid of anything before.

- He hates the Alien-franchise and he is afraid of the concept of chestbursting.

- He loves sweet red fruit wine, especially gallic imports.

- He mostly eats fruits and vegetables and avoids eating larger portions when other people are around, as he doesn't like it when people watch him eating. On dates, he only eats salads. Of course, because fruits influence the taste of his body fluids.

- He is afraid of robots gaining sentience. Because of that, he always asks the Apahanta or any other robot or AI very politely to carry out his orders. Each sentence contains a "please".

- Ezrael dislikes the concept of love robots, as they take away the spice in seducing women and the higher stakes.

- According to Leon, Ezrael once got a Kishiro Love Robot gifted to him and he was not seen for days. According to that story, the robot realized Ezrael likes getting cuffed to the bed by women, so it did it as well. During one session, the robot ceased to function and Ezrael was cuffed to the bed without any means to free himself. He was naked and his lower body was covered by the motionless head of the robot. And he had to shout for help.

- He absolutely hates chocolate and greasy food and constantly tries to convince other people to not eat unhealthy, especially his girlfriend.

- Similarly to his time as teacher at the college, he also does not maintain distance to his crew and sometimes sleeps with the females on his ship. Dr. Adrianna Carr, the Chief Medical Officer of the Apahanta, hates him because of that as she finds that disgusting. She shows that openly, however stays with them because of the payment and the relaxed working atmosphere.

- He enjoys using the Apahanta's remote controlled drones, the Rovers, to just randomly fly around and talk with people remotely.

- He only studied because of a woman that kept him at bay. She later taught at the college he later worked as well. He met Sombra and Leon there. He never managed to bed the teacher. She was homosexual, as Sombra told him later.

- Preferably, Ezrael drinks curacaoan tea.

- Whenever he goes shopping, he is followed by at least four Kishiro Service Robots who later carry his purchased items home.

- He hates hats. When Maren joked to get herself a fez, he outright forbade it.

- He does not like children and if it was not for Maren, he would prefer to not aim for making one or two with her. Since she is however infertile due to her cardamine consumption, he does not worry about that.

- His trust in Leon and Sombra is so high, they both have access to his banking accounts.

- Ezrael is addicted to adrenaline. This is why he enjoys surfing, sex and hoverbiking so much. However, he does not experience boredom and he is not impatient.

- Despite having defected from the Core, he still admires the Core and some of the Guildkeepers. Especially Erik Nodtviet impressed him. Ezrael also admires Goro Yoshida for his charismatic appearance despite the Lane Hackers being hostile towards him.

- While being fully aware of it being rather contraproductive, Ezrael on average sleeps only five hours each night, always wanting to be the first person to occupy the bathroom as he requires an entire hour for his daily shower-shave-style procedures. However, since he does workouts in the morning, he takes a nap an hour after lunch to sleep another few hours. After all, there is not much to do for him on the Apahanta as his crew and the KSRs do most of the work.

- Ezrael got his own Corvo, the CV-Eclipse, once Corvos were sold at Corfu, by his parents as present. OSC upgraded the ship, enabling it to do land on planets, which allowed Ezrael to use the Corvo as mobile home ship. He sold his apartment for it and moved to it and turned the ship into a party ship. His bedroom consisted out of a giant bed which filled half of the room. Of course he frequently made use of it to throw wild parties. Once he met Maren and engaged in a serious relationship with her, she moved in and shared the room with him. As a token of love, he renamed the ship to CV-Hoffnungsschimmer (Glimmer of hope) as Maren was his light guiding him through dark times. Later, Maren and her incubus installed a nomad power cell into the cloaking device of the ship, which worked well first but later ended up in the technical infection of the ship, turning the back part into something obviously nomad-ish. Because of that, Ezrael unregistered the ship, claiming it was stolen while in truth, he let Maren have it. Because of that, he is mad at Maren and her incubus as they turned his home into the very objectification of nomad influence destroying everything he loved in his life.

- Ezrael was obsessed with the idea of adding an apple tree to the hydroponics on the Apahanta. In 825 A.S., it finally happened and with a not small logistical effort, the ship now habitates an apple tree. The tree produces Pinky Lady apples and since that the hydroponics act as a meeting place for the crew of the ship.

- Whenever there is a chance, Ezrael claims Maren once laughed so hard that it caused her to vomit. Of course that never happened, yet he still tries to convince everyone and even herself of it being the truth.

- During a test of the upgraded cloaking device of the Apahanta, a critical AI error almost destroyed the ship by overcharging the power core. Ezrael had to manually shut the power core down, pushing heavy shafts into the core while the engine room was unbearably heated. Ezrael burned his hands and arms and his shoulders, only to be rescued and treated in time by Dr. Adrianna Carr. The flesh of his arms was completely burned and got replaced by synthetical muscle fibers. While his arms feel normal, they are synthetically recreated and are no longer his own flesh. Matter of factly, however, it is not noticable as it looks and feels exactly like the original.

- He and Maren have a cat they found on Gran Canaria. It is a black cat with red-ish paws, thus they called it Mittens. They found it in a forest, when Ezrael peed against a tree. The cat later followed them and seemed to be extremely cuddly, so they took it with them. Since then Mittens lived with them on the CV-Hoffnungsschimmer and later on Curacao.

- One of Sombra's three cats is called Ezrael, named after her love. It is a black cat that constantly pushes objects off the table. Sombra also named a cat after Leon, however later it turned out Leon was a female cat. She just sticked to the name, though. The third cat is Mojo.

- When Maren tricked Auxesia by giving her incubus to Nancy, there was a short period of time when Nancy forced the incubus to leave her body again - the incubus did out of respect for Maren's friend and had to remain in a bathtub before Maren was ready to receive the incubus again. Ezrael, who once said he would swim with said incubus, entered the bathtub and placed the incubus on his bare chest. He bathed with an alien.

- Ezrael refuses to allow any alterations to his body. Neither did he allow Maren's incubus to infect him, which could have made him stronger and better, nor did he accept James El Harady's offer to get nanites inserted into his body which would adjust his body values in any way he would like it. The reason for this is, apart from the obvious disadvantages of being mechanically altered or infected by Nomads, that Ezrael, as a biologician, loves the human body the way it is. He enjoys looking at attractive body shapes, no matter what gender, while his sexual interest is merely heterosexual.

- Despite being allied with Bretonia and every now and then cooperating with Kaze Dagon, he clearly dislikes her and doesn't hide the fact at all, which is a rather untypical behavior for him.