Freeport 2

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Freeport 2
Dern class Freeport
Freeport 2.png
Independent Pirates
F5, Bering
Technical Data
Gravity Complete
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 850

Built out of the old framework of an abandoned Republican Shipping Outpost, Freeport 2 was founded in 650 A.S. by displaced Texas settlers, Hamburg drifters, and a variety of other individuals looking for safe haven. They aligned themselves with the Zoner movement and its open-to-all philosophy, then purchased a series of Synth Foods biodomes for Food production. The exploding demand for Food from the adjacent Texas System and from local criminal elements had provided them with a steady market for their surplus until the onset of the Liberty - Rheinland war in 817 A.S. forced the Bering system into isolation.

During the five years of conflict and lack of trade, an issue made worse by the destruction of the Hamburg gate by Rheinland forces in 819 A.S., Freeport 2 fell into obscurity. Those aboard clung desperately to the faint glimmer of hope that trade would resume with the ending of hostilities and restore the Freeport to its previous state, as the steadily rising number of lawless visitors began to threaten the station’s denizens. Their hope proved to be in vain as the governments of Liberty and Rheinland focused their efforts upon Hudson, leaving the Bering system and all those within to fade into shadow.

Abandoned by their former trade partners and facing an ever climbing Pirate presence, the Zoners of Freeport 2 began to leave their former home little by little. Over the course of two years the population of the Freeport has gradually shifted until only a handful of its original inhabitants remain. It is uncertain when Freeport 2 fell under control of the Pirate bands that had long threatened the station, but now their colors fly brazenly upon the hull of the once quiet Freeport.

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