Glasgow Outpost

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Glasgow Outpost
Atkinson class Station
Glasgow Outpost.jpg
IDF Logo.png IDF Shipping
2F/3F, Leeds
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Yes
Population 120

Before 816 A.S., Glasgow Outpost was the headquarters for Bowex (Border World Exports), a very large, very old shipping conglomerate. Bowex, which received its royal charter from Prince Harry XXI himself in 310 A.S., claims a long and storied history in which the company was involved in most of the major events of Bretonian history. Prior to the war with Kusari, Bowex was the leading Bretonian shipping concern and handles most of the shipping in and around Leeds.

When Kusari's onslaught against Bretonia reached the Leeds system, Bowex officials moved to New London and other stations located in safer areas of Bretonia. The outpost still formally belonged to the company, but in fact was operated by Bretonia Armed Forces. Glasgow was reinforced with hull plates and modern station weaponry, yet, the Armed Forces did not have time and resources to renew the dated and inefficient internal security systems. The Kusari Navy used this weakness in the battle for the Jump Gate, dispatching several small groups of commandos that were able to neutralize many of the station's defenders by a surprise attack, and gaining partial control of weapon systems. Yet, the remaining defenders of Glasgow did not surrender, and fighting on the station continued long after the surrounding space was cleared of Bretonia Armed Forces presence.

After the war between Kusari and Bretonia was forced to a conclusion by the invasion of Gallia into the Tau systems, Bowex reclaimed the station, but its perilous position so close to the Tau-31 Jump Gate made the station a hazardous duty post for Bowex's employees. During the Gallic push into Leeds, Glasgow was one of the first Bretonian outposts to come under attack. Bowex was able to evacuate the civilian staff and turned over the station to the Bretonian Armed Forces to bolster the defense of the Jump Gate, but the stations limited defenses played no significant role in the battle. Gallic forces heavily damaged the station while subduing its defenses.

After securing most of northern Leeds, the Gallic Navy turned the station over to IDF Shipping, turning it into a supply depot for the Gallic forces pushing into Bretonia.

With the fall of Planet Harris in 823 A.S. and the Tau corridor securely under Gallic control, the crown deemed it necessary to fortify and bolster their position further in Leeds. Ile-de-France Shipping, in conjunction with EFL Oil & Machinery, were given subsidies by the crown to repair the outpost in order to better accommodate the needs of all Gallic ships stopping by along the thoroughfare. As part of the renovation plans, large cargo bays and high-volume cargo loaders were added to the outpost. Significant internal work was also completed by EFL Oil & Machinery on the station, which greatly improved the condition and operating capabilities of the facility.

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