History of Sirius

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History of Sirius
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This document contains Sirius chronology, including the new Discovery events that happened after 801 A.S.

1 A.S. - Liberty sleeper ship lands on Manhattan.

60 A.S. - Sigma-13 discovered.

110 A.S. - Von Rohe explores Omega-11.

300 A.S. - Tau-29 discovered by a Kusari research expedition.

450 A.S. - Harris terraforming initiated.

543 A.S. - Great California Drought.

620-700 A.S. (approximately) - 80-Year War between Rheinland and GMG.

702 A.S. - Popular Revolution in Rheinland.

761 A.S. - Passage from Omicron Theta into Omicron Eta is discovered. Corsairs gain direct passage into Outcast territory.

800 A.S. - Nomad attempt to overtake Sirius is stopped by The Order. Single-player campaigh is set through 800-801 A.S.

802-804 A.S. - Nomad-infested humans from Rheinland populate an uncharted Omega system. The Wild are formed.

810-814 A.S. - Tensions rising between Bretonia and Kusari.

812 A.S. - The Wild begin sporadic raids against Rheinland that continue until present day.

814 A.S. - War between Bretonia and Kusari has started and continues until present day. The Wild ships are seen as far as New Berlin.

815 A.S. - Kusari forces occupy Tau-31. In several decisive battles, Bretonia fleets are defeated and retreat to Leeds.

816 A.S. - Front line in Tau-31 stabilizes, but fighting continues. Nomad gates build by The Wild are discovered. Rheinland gains proof that Liberty conducts secret experiments on the Nomads.

817 A.S. - Gallia reclaims Languedoc and invades the Tau systems, forcing Kusari to end the war with Bretonia. Kusari's government is overthrown and the Emperor is exiled with a small fleet in Bretonia. Liberty advances in the war with Rheinland. Numerous factions undergo upheaval as Gallia shifts the balance of power in Sirius.

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