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This is a timeline of known Sirius history, containing mostly events since the first human landings in the Sirius sector. To read about the background to these events, see links in the See also section.

Before arrival - 1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th - 8th - 9th - 10th

Before arrival

"C.E. is an abbreviation for "Common Era."

2080 C.E.

  • Two prototype sleeper ships, the Gemini and Orion, are sent on a colonization mission into distant space and not heard of again.

2100 C.E.

  • The communist countries of Eastern Europe, East Asia, the Middle East, and Africa sign the Unification Pact and create the Eastern Coalition. Shortly afterwards, the Coalition begins antagonizing the Western Alliance and demanding its own colonies in space. In order to avoid war, the Alliance adopts a policy of appeasement. Eventually, small-scale conflicts begin between the Alliance and Coalition colonists, but they are not enough to start a full-scale war. These conflicts continue until 2160. By then, the Coalition becomes equal in strength to the Alliance.

2160 C.E.

  • The War of Sol begins when the signing of the Balma Treaty, which was meant to end the small-scale colonial conflicts, turns into a bloodbath as Admiral Kulov, leader of the Coalition forces, ruthlessly attacks unsuspecting Alliance fleets with his own cloaked fleet. Fort Kennedy on Jupiter's moon Europa is destroyed, along with the French and Italian fleets. Remaining Alliance fleets retreat to Neptune's moon Triton. Planetary resistance against the Coalition begins, but are suppressed. The Coalition gains control of every planet except Neptune and Dwarf Planet Pluto. By 2162, the Alliance recaptures every outer gas planet, evening the odds in the war.

2200 C.E.

  • The Coalition gains an upper hand in the war. Five Alliance sleeper ships launch from one of Jupiter's moons during a Coalition attack to escape the onslaught. Each sleeper ship is named after its country of origin: The Bretonia (British colonists), The Rheinland (German colonists), The Hispania (Spanish and Mediterranean colonists), The Kusari (Japanese colonists), and The Liberty (American colonists); but later after being betrayed by the other nation a new sleeper ship was launched, "The Gallia" (French colonists) . Against all odds, the colony ships broke through the Coalition blockade and headed for the Sirius System. Secretly, the Gallia, carrying French colonists, leaves Sol and heads for Sirius as well. Shortly after the Exodus, the Coalition takes over every Alliance base in Sol, except Pluto. When the Coalition arrive to take over Pluto, the only survivor is an Alliance general named Atticus Rockford, who traveled to Sirius to warn the colonists. His ship is seen landing on Planet Manhattan, but his fate afterwards is unknown.

1st century

  • "A.S. is an abbreviation for "After Settlement."
  • "(A.G.S.) is an abbreviation for After Gallic Settlement."


  • Sleeper ship Liberty arrives in Sirius and begins scanning for suitable places to land. It is rumored that the Liberty arrived first because it launched before the other sleeper ships.

1 A.S.

3 A.S.

5 A.S.

6 A.S.

  • A Shogunate is established by the Hideyoshi dynasty. Having little land mass, architecture and technology focuses on miniaturization and high efficiency.

10 A.S.

19 A.S.

  • The Bretonia lands on Planet New London. The Bretonia's starboard engine array was destroyed during the Exodus. Therefore, it had to travel much slower than the other ships and arrived much later than them.

20-50 A.S.

  • A Coalition saboteur on the Hispania completely destroys it's engines, waking the colonists. Half of them decide to use the escape pods to finish the journey to Sirius. They leave the Hispania, land on the Planet Crete, and become the Corsairs. The other half took their chances with the wreck and kept it working while it drifted into Sirius. The Hispania couldn't land, so the remaining colonists used the remaining escape pods that hadn't been used by the Corsairs to land on Planet Malta. These colonists became the Outcasts. The wreck of of the Hispania still drifts in orbit around Planet Malta. At first, the colonists thought that a member of the other sleeper ships had sabotaged the Hispania to eliminate the competition to settle in the more desirable parts of Sirius, which was part of the reason why the Corsairs and the Outcasts wanted to destroy the Houses. However, when the Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army was discovered, the Hispanics realized that it was them who sabotaged the Hispania, but this still didn't change anything between the Corsairs and Outcasts and the Houses.

20 A.S.

  • Cold and dark conditions on Planet New Berlin encourage quick expansion of colonization into space. Emergency government powers are imposed to facilitate early space station construction.

20 A.S.

  • Prince Harry IX., great-great grandson of Queen Elizabeth III., takes control of Bretonian Government in a coup.

23 A.S.

25 A.S.

34 A.S.

  • After failure of Sleeper Ship Hispania's engines due to sabotage, some of the sleepers awaken and take escape pods to Planet Crete.

35 A.S.

  • After failure of Sleeper Ship Hispania's engines due to sabotage, some of the sleepers awaken and take escape pods to Planet Crete
  • The arid and mountainous terrain of Planet Crete turns out to be unsuitable for agriculture. A famine and fighting over the dwindling supplies follows.

40 A.S.

  • Planet New Berlin's orbital structures merge into The Ring. Rheinland becomes an industrious, tightly-organized space-faring Empire with a fleet larger than those of the still more planet-bound Houses.

41 A.S.

  • The wreck of the Hispania enters orbit around Malta, where the remaining sleepers awaken.
  • Many succumb to the harsh planetary environment of acidic oceans and vast plains covered in a species of tall, razor-sharp, orange grass.

44 A.S.

  • Valhalla Research is formed, with backing from major interests in the government and military, unveils a breakthrough in materials research that allows the miniaturization of the same drive technology that was used to power the great sleeper ships while increasing both their power and efficiency. Travel between neighboring star systems can be accomplished in a matter of months rather than years.

51 A.S.

  • The Council of Elders is formed at Planet Crete as an assembly of rivaling clans and groups which emerged during the famine. They resolve to cannibalizing the smaller clans.
  • A ruthless and violent clan-based society evolves, without fixed laws, using violence over resources as a means to keep the population low.

54 A.S.

56 A.S.

  • Planet Honshu is settled. Like New Tokyo, it's a largely oceanic Planet with little land mass, with few Terran fish species being able to take to the oceans.

57 A.S.

60 A.S.

  • Vast gas reserves are discovered in Sigma-13.

65 A.S.

66 A.S.

67 A.S.

  • Initial survey of Colorado is conducted.

69 A.S.

  • Von Rohe's expedition sets out on it's 50 year journey.

84 A.S. (0 A.G.S)

  • Sleeper Ship Gallia II lands on Planet New Paris. After the first Gallia was destroyed by the Coalition, a second ship was built at an even more desperate stage of the war, carrying a higher number of refugees on an extremely risky journey. Many of them believe the first Gallia was used as a decoy by the other nations so their sleeper-ships could escape safely.

85 A.S. (1 A.G.S)

  • Planet New Paris turns out to be extraordinarily food and mineral abundant, leading to high population growth. Resentment and mistrust of the other Alliance nations becomes widespread, which extremists use to gain infuence.

91 A.S.

94 A.S.

  • Discovery and colonization of Stuttgart solves Rheinland's food production problem. However the large fleets and long shipping distances cause fuel shortages.

95 A.S.

96 A.S.

  • The LCC Einstein arrives in Rheinland, finally making real-time communication possible through a series of FTL relay buoys. One of the first pieces of business conducted over the new communications link is a technology swap: Liberty's improved engine design in exchange for Rheinland's advances in construction.

2nd century

100 A.S.

106 A.S.

  • The LCC Edison arrives in Bretonia; shortly thereafter, Liberty's improved engine systems are exchanged for Bretonian advances in materials technology.

110 A.S.

118 A.S.

  • The LCC Einstein arrives in Kusari, and Liberty reaps the benefits of Kusari technological advances in exchange for the "Liberty engine".

120 A.S.

  • Valhalla Research introduces their newest technological wonder, incorporating recently discovered superstrong crystalline polymers and frictionless bearings; when connected to orbital docking rings, these materials can be used to create "elevators" that almost completely negate the cost of boosting men or materials out of a planetary gravity well. Ageira licenses the technology to the other houses.

129 A.S.

130 A.S. (46 A.G.S.)

150 A.S.

155 A.S.

167 A.S.

173 A.S.

  • A Silver rush sends thousands of prospectors in retrofitted ships to find their fortune in Colorado, providing an impetus for the development of cheap civilian spaceships.

177 A.S. (93 A.G.S.)

  • Planet New Paris turns out to be extraordinarily Food and mineral abundant, leading to high population growth. Resentment and mistrust of the other Alliance nations becomes widespread, which extremists use to gain infuence.
  • Military hardliners depose the moderate democratic government in a coup. King Charles I is crowned at Ile du Palais. He establishes the Valois-Clermont dynasty, turning Gallia towards isolationism.

178 A.S.

180 A.S.

181 A.S.

185 A.S.

  • Liberty starts commercially producing Jump Gates. In a ceremony that is broadcast throughout the Sirius sector, Liberty unveils the Jump Gate project to the public. Almost immediately, inquiries from the other houses concerning terms for the purchase of this technology begin pouring in.

188 A.S.

193 A.S. (109 A.G.S.)

197 A.S.

3rd century

215 A.S.

220 A.S.

  • Bretonian government establishes Gough Station in Magellan to assist disabled vessels and clear trade routes.

230 A.S.

240 A.S.

250 A.S.

  • Catastrophic decline in ocean harvesting on Planet Honshu, the second Kusari colony, causes settlers to search for alternative means of survival. They will eventually move off-planet to become the Gas Miners Guild.

257 A.S.

  • After a difficult arrival in Omicron Alpha, survivors adapt to Malta's living conditions and take longer expeditions to explore neighboring systems. Prolonged absence from the planet sends explorers' metabolisms into shock, resulting in deaths.

258 A.S.

261 A.S.

  • At Planet Malta, Scientists discover that the orange grass produces a substance called Cardamine, which alters DNA to become dependent on it. Maltesians are for ever bound to their Planet.

274 A.S.

  • Methods to extract Cardamine from Malta's gras and produce a concentrated drug are developed. Use of the drug causes euphoria and induces a trance-like dream which gives the impression of being in contact with beings from a higher plane of existence. Side-effects of prolonged use are slower aging, immunity to disease, and lower fertility.

283 A.S.

287 A.S. (203 A.G.S.)

4th century

300 A.S.

  • Strange alien beings appear and disappear from an intense radiation source in the heart of the Siniestre Cloud. Over time the location called Source of Spirits becomes a traditional burial ground.

310 A.S.

312 A.S.

317 A.S.

  • Rioting of unemployed workers on Planet Leeds sparks a rebellion against Prince Harry XXI.

319 A.S.

  • Prince Harry XXI is executed for treason and the Commonwealth of Bretonia is declared.

321 A.S.

  • Upset by connections between Kishiro and the Shogunate, Samura overthrows the Hideyoshi dynasty, assisted by the criminal Hogosha cartel. Fleeing loyalist imperial guards form the Blood Dragons.

330 A.S. (246 A.G.S.)

334 A.S. (250 A.G.S.)

  • The Royal family returns to power and the Kingdom of Bretonia is established under Harry XXI's nephew, King George I, with a Parliament that includes popular representation.

350 A.S.

374 A.S. (290 A.G.S.)

  • In Gallia, an expedition discovers a series of Jump Holes leading through systems that become known as the Normandie region. Although the Crown attempts to keep them secret to prevent uncontrolled settling, the news is spread by dissenters.

376 A.S.

380 A.S. (296 A.G.S.)

384 A.S. (300 A.G.S.)

  • On the 300th Anniversary celebration of the settling of Planet New Paris, the pompous squander, oppression, and paranoia of the crown sparks protests wich are crushed with an iron fist. A larger uprising follows, starting the first Gallic civil war.
  • Parts of Gallia's population flee the dictatorial rule by heading towards the Normandie region.

389 A.S. (305 A.G.S.)

  • Epernon Base becomes and important black market hub and becomes involved in supplying Normandie rebels.

5th century

400 A.S.

401 A.S.

  • The minerals from Omicron Beta asteroid fields allow for production of new ship-lines. The Cardamine drug-trance is found to enhance design and invention abilities. Alien Organisms harvested in Omicron Beta boost food and Cardamine production on Planet Malta.

410 A.S.

412 A.S.

437 A.S.

450 A.S.

  • An exploratory expedition headed by Franz Schulman and financed by Daumann and the Rheinland government stumbled into the Omicron Gamma system while mapping the far reaches of the Walker Nebula. The local inhabitants, sensing a historic opportunity, attacked the landing party en masse, killing all save Schulman whom they took hostage to gain control of the mother ship "Schiller" in orbit above the planet.
  • A Rheinland expedition mapping the Walker Nebula mysteriously disappears and is never heard of again. In the decades afterwards, piracy incidents in which all crew disappear become frequent in the Omegas.
  • The Danzig is lost in the Giftnebel while returning from the Diamond fields.
  • An exploratory expedition headed by Franz Schulman -- financed by Daumann and the [[Rheinland] government -- stumbled into Omicron Gamma while mapping the far reaches of the Walker Nebula. The local inhabitants - soon to be known as Corsairs throughout Sirius - sense a historic opportunity, attack the landing party en masse, kill all save Schulman, whom they take hostage to gain control of the mother ship Schiller in orbit above the planet.

454 A.S.

460 A.S.

  • ALG tasked to clean up the Ruhr uranium mining field that Daumann had exhausted and left abandoned.

465 A.S.

475 A.S.

496 A.S.

6th century

500 A.S.

  • Corsairs develop a ship-line specialized for their raiding. The Alien Artifacts found in the Omicrons become trophies that daring pilots bring home despite the ghostly blue aliens guarding them.
  • Texas Incident. The entire Texas system was decimated. During a second phase of testing a new, long-range Jump Gate making jumps possible across the galaxy an unforeseen concentration of dark matter along the jump route created a feedback wave that expelled huge masses of dark matter and radioactivity. The Jump Gate itself sank into a monstrous singularity that still hangs at the edge of the Texas.
  • The Dallas Incident: an Ageira jump gate research project in the Texas system goes horribly wrong, killing thousands of Ageira employees instantly. The supply ship Ft. Worth is lost in the tremendous system-wide explosion. Note that some popular histories cite this as 521 AS.
  • The Alien Import Prohibition Act - prohibiting the import of any Alien Organisms onto inhabited Planets - is passed in Bretonia. This leads to the establishment of CRL.
  • The term "Corsair" comes into popular use in the inner worlds as collective slang for raiders from the impoverished Hispanic colonies.

501 A.S. (417 A.G.S.)

  • In Gallia, the Valois-Anjou dynasty ascends to power and grants Normandie autonomy in order to end the civil war.

510 A.S.

512 A.S.

  • An explosion in the Alster Shipyard killed hundreds of workers. Resulting labor unrest leads to the early prominence of labor movements in Rheinland.

521 A.S.

  • After the Rheinland - Kusari Embargo; Interspace Commerce loses countless billions of credits as both Houses nationalize their Trade Lane. The massive debts that those Houses incurred are wiped away, and the Trade Lanes become theirs. IC begins moving to cargo insurance.

528 A.S.

  • The colonists from Planet Gammu in Omicron Kappa system tried to evacuate the Planet when they revealed strong secret surface radiation that was causing dying of them in large numbers. They almost succeeded, but fully loaded transports and escort ships were destroyed by a large Nomad fleet.

535 A.S.

  • Gough Station decommissioned by Bretonia.

543 A.S.

  • The Great California Drought is combated by bombarding the Planet with ice asteroids.

550 A.S.

  • The Outcasts, how Maltesians now call themselves, learn of the survival of the other sleeper ships and believe they sabotaged the Hispania to gain an advantage in the competition for resources. They vow to make outsiders dependent on Cardamine and rule Sirius by controlling the drug.
  • Bretonian government charters the exploratory/research ship Fearless to explore the fringes of the mysterious edge nebula. After several years spent crossing the outer Omega systems, they discover Omicron Theta and its sole planet, Pygar. Upon completing a brief survey of the planet and retrieving several strange Artifacts that were sent back by courier ship to Planet Cambridge, they continue on into the mysterious clouds that traversed the eastern end of the system and are never seen again.

560 A.S.

570 A.S.

  • The Junker base Yanagi becomes an important turning point for smuggle and trade. Outcasts use Junker bases to spread their influence, acquire components, and protect their interests.

572 A.S.

  • Junkers become important trade partners, selling recyclable resources and components and smuggling Artifacts. Corsairs use Junker bases to protect the trade routes, increasing their zone of influence.

580 A.S.

  • Early Independent Miners from New London reopen Gough.

588 A.S.

589 A.S.

590 A.S.

593 A.S.

  • Junkers begin to appear in Liberty. They scavenge for abandoned equipment and materials, then sell them to smelting plants or refurbish them for sale.

597 A.S. (513 A.G.S.)

  • The Gallic Crown turns the revenge against the other Houses into a quasi-religious state doctrine, thereby deterring from Gallia's internal problems. It uses false flag attacks from alleged spies and traitors against its own population to silence opposition, while spying on the other Houses for technology.
  • In Gallia, the Valois-Clermont Dynasty returns to power in a renewed coup. They turn the governing structure of Gallia into a simple one: The King is the embodiment of the law, so everyone who opposes the King opposes the law.

7th century

600 A.S.

  • The Cardamine trade brings wealth and power to plantation owners called Dons. A council of Dons is formed to establish a unified foreign policy of otherwise independent oligarchies.

602 A.S.

603 A.S.

609 A.S. (525 A.G.S.)

  • A new top secret research facility called Calais is built in Picardy. Rumors say the facility houses some kind of alien life form.

614 A.S.

620 A.S.

630 A.S.

  • The impending collapse of fisheries throughout Kusari in 630 A.S. motivates the government to begin terraforming Junyo using recently discovered Alien Organisms in order to jump-start the nascent ecology. By 680 A.S., the planetary environment had been sufficiently altered to begin wide-scale production of Luxury Foods.

639 A.S. (555 A.G.S.)

  • The Mouvement de Libertation Gaulois is formed as a moderate and progressive monarchist movement.

642 A.S.

  • Yuyu Matsuda, a young but critically acclaimed poet, publishes the poem "Golden Chrysanthemum in Bloom". Charismatic and well-spoken, Matsuda has a considerable following among young Kusari women who find their lives lacking in direction but are reluctant to become married and fulfill their traditional role in Kusari society.

648 A.S.

  • Yuyu Matsuda commits suicide after being implicated in the botched assassination attempt of the planetary governor of Kyushu.

650 A.S.

652 A.S.

  • Surveys of Tau-23 reveal substantial mineral deposits. The IMG expands out of Bretonia into the Tau border worlds, shortly followed by BMM.

660 A.S.

  • Xeno vigilantes are formed by unemployed workers to combat crime, outside influence, and perceived government corruption.

664 A.S.

  • William the Great orders the construction of fleets to defend Bretonia against increasing Corsair attacks.

668 A.S.

  • The remainder of the Rheinland Navy is destroyed in the Battle of the Yanagi Cloud. GMG emerge victorious.

669 A.S.

672 A.S.

  • A worker's strike in Dresden sparks the Popular Revolution and the Emperor is forced to step down.
  • 80 years war between Rheinland and the GMG over H-fuel mining in Sigma-13 ends in crushing defeat for Rheinland, rhienalnd's economy collapses

679 A.S.

  • Probable birth of Bundschuh as a New Berlin University radical student group.

681 A.S.

685 A.S.

  • End of Stuttgart farming subsidies; radical elements of the WVS will become the LWB founders.

690 A.S.

698 A.S.

8th century

700 A.S.

  • The Council of Elders makes secret plans to annex parts of Rheinland, Bretonia, and the currently neutral Zoner population to bring them under their rule.
  • Disgruntled miners take over Leipzig Station on Von Rohe's Day, sparking a Rheinland-wide rebellion eventually known as the Popular Revolt or Dresden Revolt. The Bundschuh plays a significant part, running supplies to rebels in Dresden. The Imperial Government is eventually toppled, and the Bundschuh is briefly a legal political organization.

701 A.S.

702 A.S.

  • With the expulsion of the Bundschuh] from the Bundestag, former miners and revolutionaries become disillusioned and form the Red Hessians, which populate the Omegas with the intent to take over Dresden.

705 A.S.

  • Workers Convention of Rights finally ratified by the Rheinland government, primarily due to Bundschuh influence.

710 A.S.

715 A.S.

  • The increasingly-conservative post-revolution coalition government in Rheinland finally forces the Bundschuh to the underground.

719 A.S. (635 A.G.S.)

  • In Gallia, King Louis IV orders the disbandment of the Mouvement de Liberation Gaulois. The more progressive and liberal elements of the MLG, later known as The Council, begin a phase of militant expansion.

720 A.S.

723 A.S.

726 A.S.

730 A.S.

  • Synth Foods takes control of the WVS (Stuttgart Growing Association). LWB founded in reaction.

734 A.S.

  • Cali Base is constructed in Tau-23 to secure new trade routes and piracy grounds against the IMG.

738 A.S.

  • More Freeports start to flourish in various places and attract vagrants, wanderers, and social Outcasts.

740 A.S.

  • The Corsair - Hessian war begins with a massed Corsair assault on Ronneburg Base in Omega-5. The Hessians manage to push the attack back, continuing the war in the 'no mans land' of the system.
  • The LWB, a farmer's right's organization, starts attacking Synth Food shipments.

744 A.S.

750 A.S.

751 A.S.

752 A.S.

  • Founders' Day Revolt by miners in Dublin: first major loss is the Gunboat Storm.
  • Founders Day Revolt in Dublin: BMM workers rise up and murder Sir Edward Graves and senior BMM executives on Graves Station.

754 A.S.

  • Molly separatists publish their declaration of independence for Dublin.

760 A.S.

  • Freeport 10 established by a band of Zoners looking for an outpost as far from the colonies as possible.

761 A.S.

769 A.S.

771 A.S.

  • Liberty's plans for Terraforming the Hudson system's Planet Atka come to a rumbling halt when a (Xeno?) attack squad blows up a Planetform terraforming vessel; Planetform refuses to pursue terraforming until Xenos are cleaned out. Disaffected xenophobes begin planning a "Liberty Free Republic" to be based in the system.

775 A.S.

777 A.S.

780 A.S.

  • The famous Bounty Hunter "Lucky" Logan Conner (Freeport 5) ventures too far from the safety of the Gredos Cloud on a raid into Omicron Gamma and disappears without a trace. It was rumored that the Corsairs trapped him and then disabled his ship to let him die a slow death by asphyxiation.

782 A.S.

  • A major dark matter storm predicted by Ageira based on Ames Research studies fails to materialize. Ageira - which had built costly alternative trade routes through Galileo for Liberty based on the predicted storms - tries to redeem itself by ousting an elite development team and several executives. Several of the ousted re-emerge as the core of the northern Lane Hackers.

784 A.S.

  • The dark matter storm arrives in Kepler, 104 years later than was predicted. Among the major losses in the trade routes between Liberty and Kusari space were the McKinley (Universal), Nikko Maru (Samura), and Kamakura Maru (Samura). The storm destroys the old Trade Lane through the eastern part of Kepler.

791 A.S.

  • The legendary "Corsair-turned-Bounty Hunter" Jesse Casas disappears in the Napo Cloud. Captured as a young Corsair on his first mission to the inner house systems, Casas spent years imprisoned in Vierlande Prison before becoming a Bounty Hunter.
  • Orbital Spa and Cruise Lines stations its state-of-the-art Luxury Liner Hawaii in Sigma-19. An incredibly popular destination, the Hawaii has operated at near capacity almost from the beginning. The location of the ship outside the policed boundaries of the colonies is also rumored to be part of the attraction, and much of the popularity of the Hawaii lies in the implied promise of forbidden fruit available to those who can afford a ticket.

792 A.S.

794 A.S.

796 A.S.

  • An Order exploration wing encounters the Corsairs. Shortly after, Casper Orillion offers the Corsairs blueprints of a stripped-down version of the Osiris in exchange for access to Corsair technology and shipyards. The Corsair-Order alliance is born.

797 A.S.

798 A.S.

  • The first Corsair Osiris embarks on it's maiden voyage. Corsair engineers analyse the technology and begin developing new warship designs.

9th century

800 A.S. (716 A.G.S)

  • As Sigma-13 gas clouds near depletion, GMG moves to acquire new gas miners from Kishiro to make low-density mining profitable again.
  • The Sigma-13 gas clouds are declared as 'nearing depletion', which leads the GMG to sign a contract with Kishiro for new gas miners in order to make low-density field mining profitable again.

801 A.S. (717 A.G.S)

  • Gemini and Orion, the two rebuilt Crayter Republic prototype sleeper ships, populated by a relatively small number of people, appear in the Omegas.

802 A.S. (718 A.G.S)

803 A.S. (719 A.G.S)

805 A.S. (721 A.G.S)

810 A.S. (726 A.G.S)

811 A.S. (727 A.G.S)

  • Casablanca Base is established by the Corsairs at Planet Rabat in Omega 47 system. Red Hessians later initiated a tactical assault on the base in which they were successful, and this signifies the beginning of the Casablanca campaign. Ever since the system has seen nothing but conflict between the two groups. Hessian forces take the system by storm and manage to hold it against a Corsair counter-assault, but are unable to press their advantage into neighboring systems.

812 A.S. (728 A.G.S)

813 A.S. (729 A.G.S)

  • Kusari fleets are deployed into Tau-29. Queen Carina orders the occupation of Tau-31 to enforce her claims.

814 A.S. (730 A.G.S)

  • After building up shipyards and capital ship fleets, the Corsairs break alliance with the Order and step up the war against the Hessians and the Outcasts.

815 A.S. (731 A.G.S)

816 A.S. (732 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.84

  • The Kusari offensive in Tau-31 is mired at Harris, but fighting continues.
  • Rheinland gains proof that Liberty conducts secret experiments with Nomads, leading to war between the two Houses.

817 A.S. (733 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.85

  • A path in the Orkney minefield is cleared by The Council, allowing ships of any size to pass in and out of Gallia for the first time in centuries.
  • Kusari’s government is overthrown and the Emperor exiled. Kusari becomes a Republic.
  • The Outcast alliance disintegrates among discontent following rumours of open Outcast support of the Nomad threat.

818 A.S. (734 A.G.S)

  • The Nomads launch a full scale invasion whilst The Order is under attack by Guild Core forces. During the Battle, Nomad bombardments overwhelm the Isis and heavily bombard Planet Toledo, killing many people and rendering the planet uninhabitable.

819 A.S. (735 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.86

  • The Kusari government reaches a trade agreement with the Kingdom of Gallia, opening their borders for commercial traffic.

820 A.S. (736 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.87

  • The completion of the Terraforming of Planet Harris and its opening for colonization was originally predicted to occur during this year. Proper colonization is, however, delayed for an indeterminate time by the Gallic occupation of the Taus.
  • Liberty redirects military forces to help Bretonia against the [[Gallic] advance.
  • Kusari opens trade with Gallia but faces internal turmoil from citizens demanding the return of the Emperor.

822 A.S. (738 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.88.1

  • The Gallic Junkers, having long earned the ire of the Council, Maquis, and Unione Corse, were attacked by the forces of all three (but primarily the Maquis). They were forced to abandon some bases and sell others, but ultimately, the faction disbanded. Rumor has it that the Brigands are looking to take up the Gallic Junkers' old ties with the Outcasts and Cardamine, but that might put them at odds with the Council and Corse.

Discovery 4.88.3

823 A.S. (739 A.G.S)

Discovery 4.88.4

  • The Nomads launch a surprise attack on the Newcastle system, clashing with BAF forces and later their allies.

Discovery 4.88.5

  • Gallia instigates another attack into Liberty through the California system, though nothing is gained or lost from it by either side.

Discovery 4.88.6

824 A.S. (740 A.G.S)

4.89.1 - Initial

4.89.2 - Battlegrounds

  • The Kingdom of Gallia's efforts against the Kingdom of Bretonia have entered a new phase as the resistance on Planet Leeds.

825 A.S. (741 A.G.S)

4.90 Initial


  • Omega-11 destroyed because of a supernova.
  • The Emperor returned to Kusari.


  • The Alberta-Poole supergate corridor has finally been activated.

826 A.S. (742 A.G.S)

4.91 Patch 5

4.91 Patch 6

  • Provence has fallen under the influence of the Syndicated Minarchy of Provence and the Unione Corse.

4.91 Patch 7

  • Bretonia has captured Aland from the IMG in a near-suicide attack using the Crayter Dreadnought Olympia's jump drive to bring a small fleet within point blank range. Several ships of the attacking force were crippled however, including the Olympia itself, due to them being fused with asteroids after jumping.
  • In response to ALG's overt declaration of war against Bretonia and fighting alongside the Red Hessians, ALG's docking rights in Rheinland have been suspended pending a criminal investigation.

4.91 Patch 8

4.91 Patch 9

  • The Alberta Super Gate underwent an emergency shutdown due to sabotage while the Whitefield and Fairmont battlegroups were in transit. The fate of both battlegroups is unknown.

4.91 Patch 11

  • A joint Bretonian-Libertonian operation named Operation Vanguard seeks the destruction of the Betheny battlegroup and the lifting of the Cortez blockade. The Battlegroups Alma and Harlow have already been rapidly re-deployed into Cortez.

4.91 Patch 12

840 A.S. (756 A.G.S)

850 A.S. (766 A.G.S)

  • Estimated completion of Liberty Debris Field cleanup.

10th century

900 A.S. (816 A.G.S)

  • Original predicted year of the completion of the terraforming of Planet Ayr and its opening for colonization. However, the Gallic occupation of the Edinburgh system is likely to have delayed this.

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