Liner Brixton

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Liner Brixton
Pilgrim class Liner
Liner Brixton.jpg
6F, New London
Technical Data
Gravity Partial
Docking bays Yes
Amenities Limited
Crew Unknown

The fall of Trafalgar struck a massive blow to the Junkers of Sirius. As one of their oldest installations in the galaxy, many Junkers had fond memories trading all stripes of goods in its busy halls, drinking in its pubs with Mollys, or spending quiet times in the gardens so studiously up kept by a small Gaian enclave on the station. So when the Castres Battlegroup entered New London and was noticed by Junker patrols, the scouts made haste back to Trafalgar to alert the trade hub of the danger that was soon to approach. Tragically, only a population of 50 escaped the station before the Castres’ forces overwhelmed Trafalgar’s defences and ultimately vented it into space. The small band of Junkers fled toward Southampton, rendezvousing with an Armed Forces rescue party responding to the doomed station’s distress beacon.

The remaining escaped refugees - not content to sit idly by waiting for the Gallic Royal Navy to invade - chose to do what they did best, and began combing the fields of New London for anything that had been missed over the years; any ship that could be salvaged in defense of Bretonia. By chance, a dark husk drifted on the northern edge of the Cornwall Field, a relic from a bygone era before Jump Gates; before Trade Lanes; before war.

The Brixton was one of the first Pilgrims to be christened by the fledgling Border Worlds Exports. In its prime; armed to the teeth. Now - In horrid disrepair, engines totally inoperable and several decks depressurized. The small band of Junkers set to work at repairing the decrepit vessel, its cargohold becoming a small bustling marketplace. The Junkers are now selling or making use of what they are able to salvage from the skirmishes between the Armed Forces and the Royal Navy. The crew of the Brixton is currently seeking anything they can get their hands on to patch up and get the ship running again, in order to flee the Gallic Forces.

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Bull Dog
Heavy Fighter
Super Heavy Fighter