Battleship Carcassonne

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Battleship Carcassonne
Richelieu class Battleship
Battleship Carcassonne.png
Flag-gallia.png Gallic Royal Navy
6B, California
Technical Data
Docking bays CLASSIFIED

The Carcassonne was the Flagship of Gallic Royal Navy forces preparing to enter Languedoc and "liberate" the system from the Council in 816 AS. However, the plan of attack had to be delayed when the Council and Maquis jointly attacked the Navy in Burgundy and the Core Worlds in the same year. This bought time for the Council to eliminate Navy defences near the Languedoc mine field, and finally breach the field itself. Carcassone eventually entered Languedoc in the middle of 817 AS as the forerunner of the larger Navy fleet, and with the push into Sirius, was one of the ships to spearhead the taking of Tau-31. Heavily damaged during multiple engagements with the Kusari Naval Forces, the ship was unable to keep pace with the main fleet as it advanced into Edinburgh.

Carcassonne was returned to full operational status in late 818 AS, and was chosen to be one of the ships to lead the Gallic push into Leeds. After securing the Leeds / Tau-31 Jump Gate and Stokes Mining Station, Carcassonne and her support fleets were ordered to bypass Planet Leeds and secure a bridgehead to Newcastle. The Bretonian scuttling of the jump gate prevented any ships from making it through. Unable to advance further, the ship took up position by the heavily damaged gate while engineers assessed the prospects of bringing it back online. Over the ensuing months the project was determined to be impossible and the gate irreparable. Despite this, the Carcassonne remained in place for several years while Solar Engineering, which was later divided between EFL and Ile-de-France Shipping, researchers attempted to disassemble and reverse engineer what remained of the ruined Sirian technology.

With the Battleship Villeneuve and Oubli destroyed in 822 AS, the Carcassonne was sent into the Magellan system. This was intended to prevent further counter-attacks into Leeds and also to drive a wedge between Bretonia and Liberty. It soon became apparent that the capabilities of the Carcassonne were going to waste in the relatively low-priority system of Cortez. Thus, in an effort to move the more combat-capable Carcassonne into a high priority area, the brass of the Royal Navy decided that it would be best to switch the positions of the Betheny and the Carcassonne, as the more carrier oriented Betheny would perform better in the environment of Cortez. Now stationed in California, the Royal Navy has launched an attack on Los Angeles, intending to use the increased momentum of the Carcasonne's battlegroup in order to break the Liberty Navy opposition in orbit.

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