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This is an NPC faction. For the affiliated player faction, see Interspace Commerce (player faction). For the rules for this particular faction, see Interspace Commerce ID.

Interspace Commerce
Alignment Corporation
Date of founding 218 A.S.
Founder(s) Ageira and DSE
Base of operations Newark Station, New York
Primary role
Cargo insurance
Secondary role
Cargo transport and trade


In 218 AS, as mass production of Jump Gates moved into high gear, funding became an issue for many foreign corporate and government entities that wished to finance jump routes of their own. To encourage construction, Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering capitalized a wholly independent entity, Interspace Commerce (IC), to offer loans and assist in the financing of jump-gate construction. By 350 A.S., IC became the primary financier of Trade Lanes for the other houses.

In a joint venture, IC and Ageira Technologies recently developed a new real-time scanner system, called Universal Ship Identification (USI), that can be installed in jump gates and trade lanes. It allows IC to track shipments and levy tariffs appropriately. Some houses suspect that IC is using this data to gain a competitive advantage, but so far, nothing can be proven.

Interspace is now heavily into insurance, and insures most high value cargo throughout Sirius.


218 A.S. - Company is formed by a partnership between Ageira Technologies and Deep Space Engineering to fund and stimulate Jump Gate construction in other houses outside of Liberty.

350 A.S. - IC becomes the primary financier of trade lanes for the other houses.

523 A.S. - IC agrees to forgive all debts to foreign houses, and turns control of the trade lanes and jump gates in those houses over to their governments, in exchange for tolls for using said routes for the next 200 years.

535 A.S. - IC expands its operations and begins insuring shipments throughout Sirius.

700 A.S. - IC and Ageira Technologies partner in a project to develop a system for real-time scanning of cargo passing thru trade lanes and jump gates.

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