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|image=Burgundy.JPG |description=Burgundy is the seat of Gallic Royal power in the Gallic Border Worlds, currently containing the only remaining populated planet (Planet Nevers) under Royal control in the region. It also contains Dijon Station, the supply depot for the Gallic Royal Navy's efforts against Council. It also contains connections to two of the Core Worlds systems, as well as Lorraine, Champagne, and Dauphine. The bulk of the fighting between the Gallic Royal Police (and to a lesser extent the Gallic Royal Navy) and the various unlawful groups of Gallia occurs in this system, due in no small part to the commerce traveling from Dijon Station and Planet Nevers. |lawfulnpcs=





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Areas of Interest


The Saint Remy Nebula

The Saint Remy Nebula (left) is medium sized and composed mainly of ice particles. Much of it appears to be of a rusty, golden brown in colour and is within the Nouvre asteroid field. The nebula is rumoured to be the basis of the Brigands and Unione Corse influences in the system.

The Autun Nebula

The Autun Nebula (right) is a navy blue formation of ice particles, a direct contrast to the system's giant yellow planet, Tonerre and the Saint Remy nebula. The Royal Navy is frequently sent to deal with reports of Maquis in the region.

Asteroid Fields

The Nouvre Asteroid Field

The Cote-d'Or Asteroid Field is a far-off asteroid field that remains largely unexplored. The little traffic that it has can be trusted to be shady deals away from prying eyes.

The Morvana Asteroid Field is one of the places the Gallic Royal Navy avoids if at all possible- since the sealing of the Jump Gate at the end of the lanes running past the Morvana Asteroid Field, there is no reason for the area to be patrolled and criminal activity is too high to be kept in check. The Navy does not put too much weight on suspicions of enemy bases within the field, given that anything coming from there would first encounter the Junkers or Battleship Beuvray, and as such any threat they pose is marginal compared with the threat coming from the Nievre.

The Nouvre Asteroid Field is one of the most heavily traveled asteroid fields in Gallia, after the Lozere Asteroid Field in Languedoc. Containing the Royal Navy's only route to Lorraine since Council conquered the Champagne system, as well as a substantial presence of Gallic Brigands, this field is also rumored to have been the original base of operations for Council. They have since relocated to Planet Marne, but it is likely that they still possess a forward base in the area. The Nievre Asteroid Field also contains the Saint Remy Nebula, a dense pocket of gas that fleeing ships often disappear into.

Artificial Formations

The Tille Debris Field is located nearby Alesia Station and is composed of scrap metals left over from the construction Alesia and Avallon around 600-700 A.S.

Planet Tonnerre

Planet Tonnerre

A planet of immense size and gravitation, Tonnerre is the center of the explored parts of the Burgundy system. Located between two stars, this gas giant is nt only the largest planet in all Gallia (and probably in all Sirius)), but also has the largest known system of planetary rings. The rings consist of three distinct parts: colourful inner rings containing dust and rock asteroids, and a white outer ring consisting mainly of ice asteroids and small ice particles. Tonnerre has four mons, namely Yonne, Auxerre, Chatillion-sur-Seine, and Saulieu. Simulations indicate that another two planetoids in the system used to orbit it as well.

Sealed Jump Gate

Sealed Jump Gate

Burgundy, as the Royal's primary expansion into the Border Worlds, houses two sealed jump gates. Once brimming with traffic to the Gallic Core Worlds, the area is seldom touched by either side, with Royal weapons platforms cleaning up any hostiles.

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