"Pelican" Civilian Armored Transport

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With the introduction of DSCore (25th Febuary 2019) (Discovery Freelancer Version 4.91 Patch 5), Ship statistic pages and Ship pages will not be updated anymore. Or not regularly atleast. They will be kept for historical reasons. DSCore will give you the most up-to-date info you can get about almost everything you need to know about Ship and Equipment statistics.

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"Pelican" Civilian Armored Transport
Transport armored.png
Ship Class Transport
Built by Civilian
Technical information
Guns/Turrets 2 / 7
Opt. weapon class 9
Max. weapon class 9
Other equipment
Hull strength 60,000
Max. shield class 7
Cargo space 800 units
Nanobots/Batteries 240/240
Max. impulse speed 100 m/s
Max. thrust speed 160 m/s
Max. cruise speed 350 m/s
Power output 25,000 u
Power recharge 3,000 u/s
Additional information
Ship price $3,250,000
Package price $3,850,090

DSCore: Pelican

The Pelican and its predecessors have served the police forces and travel services of Sirius for centuries, safely ferrying prisoners and tourists to their destination and capable of turning would-be raiders into an impressive fireworks display. Modern Pelicans are built in a wide variety of configurations ranging from prisoner transports and raw material haulers to exploration vessels and luxury yachts. They have recently seen a surge in popularity among freelancers thanks to the specialized Cormorant variant, which allows for a smaller crew and heavier armor than the typical commercial versions.


  • This ship is too large to use docking bays, it must use mooring points.
Review (4.87)

As a civilian ship, you can use this for whatever purposes you wish. This was one of the first transports I'd ever flown, back when I was a rookie coming in from vanilla freelancer. Flying this will feel like a super freighter, rather than a transport, due to its smaller cargo space, smaller size, and powerful armament. I wasn't able to appreciate it as much at the time, but now that I've flown heavy transports I can go back to the Pelican and appreciate just how combat-effective it really is.

The Pelican is around the same size as most of the larger freighters. It's tiny for a transport. It handles like a slow freighter; faster than most transports. It has two class 9 gunmounts and 7 class 4 turret mounts which are capable of mounting light and heavy fighter turrets. Its power core has 25k capacity and 3k regeneration rate, making it smaller than any other transport but very adequate when using fighter turrets. It has the ability to use a transport shield, which is very powerful for such a small ship. It is best to avoid using the 100k transport shields on this due to their high power cost which its core does not support very well.

The Pelican is often referred to as the "Poor Man's Gunship" because of its small size, maneuverability, and combat effectiveness. However, it is still much weaker than actual gunships. Still, with a pricetag under $4 million, the Pelican is by far the most effective ship at its price, with the ability to be very effective in combat while still being able to carry a decent amount of cargo for its price.

Believe it or not, a friend and I using pelicans were able to take down a turret-steering, chain-firing, Liberty Assault Battlecruiser with ease.
Flavorarrow2.jpg Review by TLI-Inferno


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