2nd Dragoner Regiment

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Red Hessians.

2nd Dragoner Regiment
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Affiliation Red Hessians
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 814 A.S.
Founder(s) leadership of the Red Hessians
Current leader(s) John McClane, Dr. Klent and Diego Erzbaron
Base of operations Vogtland Base, Dresden
Primary ID Red Hessian ID
Tag(s) [Dragoner]
Primary role
Support the Red Hessians movement by attacking Kruger and Daumann transports
Secondary role
Support the Red Hessians Armee


The 2nd Dragoner Regiment is a former Red Hessians military unit on duty during the war against the Corsairs between 814 and 817 A.S. Once the Red Hessian leadership disbanded the Regiment it deteriorated to a loosely organized group of veteran pilots who attack Daumann and Kruger transports to support the Red Hessian movement and gain profit by selling the captured goods. Now the Regiment isn’t much more than a group of Pirates, but they will always honor the call to arms and participate in special operations against the Rheinland government and the Corsairs.


Roots and formation

The 2nd Dragoner Regiment was constituted in 814 A.S. shortly after the Red Hessians formed an alliance with the Outcast as one of several new military units. It was recruited almost entirely from disappointed independent miners from Rheinland especially those born in Hamburg which had joint the Red Hessians recently. Organized at Vogtland Base in Dresden the 2nd Dragoner Regiment became part of an assault group that would launch a series of Attacks against the Corsairs.

Consiting of almost a hundred fighters at it's maximum the 2nd Dragoner Regiment played a huge role in countless battles with the Corsairs and eventually became part of a strike force that would fight over dominants in Omega-41. Equipped with the newest technologies and weapons available the Regiment took part in direct assaults as well as special operations in Corsair space. But despite all efforts the Red Hessians failed to gain control over Omega-41.

When the Alliance between the Outcast and Red Hessians suddenly ended in 817 A.S. military officials decided to scale back on number of soldiers dedicated for the fight against the Corsairs. While the war between the Corsairs and the Red Hessians is still ongoing the 2nd Dragoner Regiment was returned to Vogtland Base and disbanded. While most of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment veteran soldiers returned home to their families some others stayed together and roam Rheinland Space as pirates.

Recent occurrence

After some years of hijacking Daumann and Kruger transports as well as smuggeling supplies for the Red Hessian Army the remains of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment where able to gain some profit. The achievement of their hard work were some capital ships they used to join multible battles against the Corsairs in 822 A.S.. Despite all efforts the Red Hessians and their allies were not able to drive the Corsair forces neither out of Omega-7 nor Omega-47 but suffer heavy defeats in both battles.


The remains of the former military unit are lacking any cain of command. All members are equal and mostly free in their decisions but they will always follow Red Hessians leadership orders. Because of the close cohesiveness resulting of the battles fought together the 2nd Dragoner Regiment is a very closed group hardly accepting any foreig fighters in lines.


Although there are light changes in diplomatic because of their focus on to hijacking transports the 2nd Dragoner Regiment mostly accords with the political attitudes of the Red Hessians as well as the Red Hessian Army.

Allies Enemies Bundschuh
Faction Relationship
Red Hessian Army
Red Hessians
The Coalition
Liberty Rogues
The Order
Faction Relationship
Liberty government enforcers
Kusari government enforcers
Bretonia govern. enforcers
Rheinland Federal Police
At War
Rheinland Military
At War
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
Aliens and infested forces
At War
At War
Kruger Minerals
At War
Daumann Heavy Construction
At War
Considered as immediate allies the 2nd Dragoner Regiment support the political intentions of the Bundschuh like the other Red Hessian groups. Also the Regiments lags of political dedicated members they share the dreams of equality and freedom represented by the Bundschuh and are desperate to force a change in the Rheinland systems.
IMG and Mollys
Sharing the same roots as miners revolting against the working payment and conditions the 2nd Dragoner Regiment have quite a lot of sympathy for the IMG as well as the Mollys. Also declared as unlawful the Red Hessians are closer to the Mollys than to the more moderate IMG. And there is another fact linking the groups: The corsairs as a common enemy.
Sirius Coalition
Sharing similar views about political systems the 2nd Dragoner Regiment feel some solidarity with the Sirius Coalition like the whole Red Hessians. But a lot has changed since the arrival in Sirius and interests may start to differ.
Rheinland government enforcers Kruger and Daumann Outcasts Unioners Corsairs
Being part of the third largest unlawful group in Sirius the Rheinland Federal Police as well as the Rheinland Military are attacking every member of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment they are able to find. Also the Regiment doesn’t share the highly political motivation of other Red Hessian members Rheinland government is still considered as an enemy who need to be forced of Red Hessian territory. As the largest transport corporations in the zone of influence of the Red Hessians Kruger and Daumann are considered as the biggest enemies of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment. Even so transports are escorted with heavy fighters and military patrols were increased in systems with Red Hessian activity no Daumann or Kruger]] will be save from an attack of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment in Rheinland space. Being allied when the 2nd Dragoner Regiment was founded the relationship to the Outcasts was more than friendly. Doing missions together and fighting the Corsairs strengthened this connection even more. It was quite a shock when the Red Hessians found out that the Outcasts started to infiltrate and manipulate their leadership. After this breach of confidence there is a lot of mistrust in the relationship between the Outcasts and the 2nd Dragoner Regiment.

The relationship of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment and the Unioner movement is quite difficult. Being allied to the Red Hessians since the beginning the Unioners lost a lot of their reputation when they started to fight alongside the Corsairs in 813 A.S.. Although these bounds are dissolved for many years now the pilots of the Regiment still are not fully sure about the intentions of the Unioners. It will be hard to re-establish the trust …

Rooted in territorial disputes the conflict between the Red Hessians and the Corsairs rapidly escalated to an ongoing war. Founded to repel the Corsair forces the Hispanics are still considered as the greatest enemy of the remains of the 2nd Dragoner Regiment even after the group was official disbanded. For this reasons the Regiment continues to attack Corsair ships whenever they come in scanner range.

Recent members




Capital Ships