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VF Logo Medium.png
Origin Flag-rheinland.png Rheinland
Alignment Unlawful
Date of founding 697 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Freya Eistochter
Base of operations Bruchsal Base, Frankfurt
Primary role
Overthrow the government
Secondary role
Fighting corporate fascism
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  • ID / IFF: Bundschuh
  • Individuals: -VF)Firstname.Lastname
  • Shared Ships: -VF)Shipname


The Volksfront is the paramilitary force of the Bundschuh movement and of the People's Party of Bretonia. It is dedicated to overthrowing the governments of Rheinland and Bretonia in order to instate the the Bundschuh and the PPB as legal parties in a plural democracy and to end the Bretonian monarchy.

In Rheinland its main strategy is to persuade the common people to stand up against corporate fascism while recruiting members from the LWB, the Red Hessians and from the universities all over Rheinland. Other activities include but aren't limited to Cargo Piracy (to sabotage the economy), Guerrilla Warfare against the Liberty Navy in the Borderworlds as well as search and destroy commandos against the Wilds.

In Bretonia more aggressive tactics are used. The Bretonian Volksfront actively battles government forces through guerrilla warfare. Most of their members are recruited from factory workers on Leeds and from the many unorganized dissidents in Bretonia. Other activities include but aren't limited to piracy (to sabotage the economy and to hit the capitalistic corporations, hitting both sides in the war with Kusari as well as occasionally fighting off Corsairs.

Joint operations are mostly focused on the Omegas, where they see chances to hit their enemies together.


The Bundschuh was founded several decades before the actual revolution of 700AS, that ended the 80-years war, founded by young visionaries in a basement of the first Mitte-Stadt University on Planet New Berlin, who could no longer tolerate the circumstances the people of Rheinland lived in. Their Aim was nothing less but changing the society that made the rich richer and the poor even poorer - the society that dictated your status of a rich and educated aristocrat or a poor and exploited worker from the moment of your birth. It may be a common fact though, that the only thing intellectuals without influence do is discussing situations rather than change them with rough deeds. But over the decades, the Bundschuh turned out to become a well organized socialistic conspiracy that gained more and more influence with propaganda that was passed under the hands of laborers. It was financed by those who had left the halls of the universities behind and gathered wealth to fund the cause they had sworn to assemble for the benefit of Rheinland's people and its society.

And their day came.

On the von Rohe day in 700AS, they initialized their final strike when raging workers, carrying weapons and thoughts of the Bundschuh-Movement, revolted in Dresden as they could no longer maintain the war-machine that was fueled with the laborers blood - the blood of those who worked for more than 16 hours per day with no payment for months, to keep the burned out economy going that backed up the useless efforts in Sigma 13 which kept taking the sons and daughters of Rheinland away from their parents for more than 70 years. Many People claim this day to be the Birthday of the Volksfront (People's Front) even though those people who stood up for their right weren't centrally organized and only stuck together for three weeks until the revolution moved from the mining grounds of Dresden into the Reichstag of Mitte-Stadt. What followed were 15 years of a peoples coalition ruling Rheinland, that consisted of the aristocratic, the conservative, the liberal democratic and the Bundschuh Party. This short period of time wasn't used to consolidate the peoples coalition and to finally establish frequent election terms, instead, those who fought for justice had to witness their young democracy becoming corrupted. The thirst for more power of the leading party members made them obey the will of the aristocratic upper class that had the most influence in the economy and military forces. As the Bundschuh was the only party that heavily protested against this open corruption, it was prohibited by the parliament they helped to get the power over the house of Rheinland. Those parties who stuck with the power became nothing but pets of the companies they were supposed to control with the parliament's chancellor being the shameful mascot of this exclusive puppet collection.

Shortly after the Bundschuh got forced into the underground again, the Volksfront was founded. Previously, the Bundschuh had made legal attempts to become an acknowledged party. As they failed every time, the party members realized that they had to fight for their and the people's rights by using force. In the beginning it were normal people who set up a front in the underground against the government. Striking against political institutions and military installations with hit and run tactics. Backed up by the old party members who still stayed in line and supported them with propaganda or financial support. But over the time, they lost more and more influence on the common people of Rheinland who got fed with opinions delivered by the controlled media. By the following years, the Bundschuh movement literally lost more ground as the Volksfront started to operate in space as it was the best way for them to deliver the highest damage to the companies with the smallest investment of force.

Things got even worse since the end of the nomad war. The fear of the people was systematically exploited by the government to raise the competences of Rheinland's authorities and to force more control by observation of the people's private sphere, thus a higher level of oppression on them. This was eventually exploited by the commercial lobbies in order to get rid of any union rights. Health care now is nothing but a privilege to the wealthy and connected while social services have been mostly suspended. There are government black lists that prohibit the mentioning of certain topics on neural net media services. The only ones who we still have a little influence on are the college students of Rheinland's universities. The only kind of people that seeks to have an opinion of their own.



The Bundschuh once tried to become an acknowledged party again which hasn't to force the socialistic idea on the people but rather convinced them during free and open election terms. But as we didn't succeed on a peaceful way the armed wing of the Bundschuh, the Volksfront, gained more importance as the party seeks for nothing less but overthrowing the government - again.

To reach this goal, we follow certain actives to grow, gain more influence and disrupt the economy of the fascist state of Rheinland. We grow by always presenting our selfs in a helpful and idealistic way to our most important allies, the Farmer's Rights Movement and the Red Hessians which are our main source of new recruits. We act on a planetary level by striking against government installations. As we are not depending on piracy due to our supports within New Berlin's high society and the financial support of Interspace Commerce (that allows us to supply our selves at Kreuzberg and Yanagi) we can concentrate on disrupting the economy of Rheinland that only makes the rich ones even richer but doesn't help the poor ones in any way! We understand the position of those traders who were hired by the big companies to ship those goods for nothing but a pittance. That's why we try to get into their minds every time we encounter them, to give them the chance to freely hand the cargo over or sell it at the Junker's. If negotiations fail however, we will make sure that the goods that are meant to support the fascistic regime of Rheinland don't stay in the cargo hold of those greedy and inhuman people among the traders. We are not seeking an open conflict with the Police or Military Forces, but we won't run from them either.

The secondary goal is to keep Rheinland's people save from foreign invaders such as the Fascist House of Liberty or the Infected Wilds of the Omegas. Guerrilla warfare in the Borderworlds against the hostile Liberty Navy as well as search and destroy missions against the infected are the most used strategies in our repertoire to defend our people.




After RPing the Bundschuh for some time and gathering background-information, we realized that it is actually really hardcore faction: Bundschuh (thus Volksfront) are an unlawful faction that doesn't pirate credits. On one hand we are bound to a strict, serious and reasonable political RP. On the other, we could engage our enemies on sight. Those are no one less than the entire states of Rheinland and Liberty and everything that comes with it as well as both, Corsairs and Outcasts. As a result, we will have a rather hard time recruiting members since they should be dedicated Role Players AND decent PvP players. That brings us into the position of always staying a small faction that's forced to say rather fast "good-by" to members that mess things up by abusing the PvP tendency or just hiding in some remote corner of the system ranting. As a result, we want this faction to be a challenge for experienced Discovery-Members.


Our main objective is only fun, really. We want to have some decent inRP arguments and banter with traders, lawfuls and other criminals before we conclude it in a well sorted and hopefully fair fire fight. It may sound rather simple, but trust me when I tell you that a well balanced combination of RP and PvP isn't something everyone can enjoy.

//Faction Rules

inGame RolePlay

  • In Character chat must be used at all times, in all blue and pink chats.
  • Members are free to object to given orders but are obligated to execute them when overruled.
  • RP must be performed before unlocking weapons - except in cases of ambush/self defense.
  • In Rheinland we are Genossen (plr.)(f: Genossin, m: Genosse). We are no Comrades. It's not Herr Kommandant. It's Genosse Kommandant.
  • In Bretonia we are actually comrades however.
  • Hardware restrictions must be respected. No exceptions will be made.
  • We are no conventional pirates: VF members must never demand credits.


  • Recruitment is done by sending an in-RP message in the recruitment thread. It must at least include a name, age, background and reasons for joining the Volksfront.
  • When your character was recruited in-game by a member, sometimes the Vorstand may decide to skip the recruitment thread and make you member directly.


  • All members must use Skype to be able to participate in spontaneous operations.


Every member of the Volksfront is, at the same time, member of the Bundschuh Party or the People's Party of Bretonia. He will thus have two ranks: A civil and a paramilitary rank.
Paramilitary ranks are handed out by looking at what fits the character's roleplay best and how the player performs. Normally all members start out as a Aktivist/activist. Paramilitary Volksfront ranks Indicate who has the command in combat situations. The highest ranking member coordinates search operations, has the responsibility to call targets for his individual squads in combat as well as ordering a retreat when required to.
Political Bundschuh/PPB ranks Entitle the highest member to act as spokes man of a wing of Volksfront pilots and to lead conversations as a representative. He can transfer this responsibility to one ore more members of his current wing. On the Home Bases, the highest ranks are entitled to initialize Votes and Elections about, for example, foreign policies and promotion. Only the highest ranking Volksfront rank has the authority to order the engagement in a fire fight.

Oberst: The Oberst is exclusively concerned with long term strategy, personnel management and logistical issues. He or she commands both the Eastern and the Western Volksfront. Usually also the Vorstand of the Bundschuh.
Kommandant/Block Commander: The highest local rank. They advise the Oberst and deal with most local issues.
Hauptmann/Squad Commander: Commands groups of Soldaten/soldiers and Aktvisten/activists in the field.
Soldat/Soldier: These are warriors, they do most of the guerrilla warfare.
Aktivist/Activist: The starting rank, they form the main bulk of the Volksfront. They are mostly concerned with political activism rather than combat.

Vorstand/Party leader: Leads the Bundschuh Party or the PPB. Can start &/or cancel any kinds of elections and votes that concern any matter.
Revisor: Currently exclusive to the Bundschuh. Can start any vote that concerns any matter.
Genosse/Comrade: Entitled to vote.


Eastern Volksfront


Oberst Eistochter, Freya (TheJarl)


Kommandant Wolf, Michael (Omicron)


Kommandant von Seelenburg, Hagen (Cawdor)
Hauptmann Boehmer, Daniel (Vrabcek)
Hauptmann Zillich, Matthias (The_Prophet)
Hauptmann Marks, Josef (Shaka)
Soldat Sober, Tim (Ruthrog)
Soldat Oshiro, Jason (Erebus.X)
Soldat Fiedler, Lisa (TheJarl)
Aktivist Koehler, Gertrude (Neon Genesis Evangeline)
Aktivist Adler, Erik ( Pingu!?)
Aktivist Trayne, Jason (Charos)


Kaptain Gruber, Viktor (Malenka)
Aktivist Vargas, Ronald (mayu20)


Landser, Viktoria (Cawdor)
Bauer, Thea (Ktayn)
Schenck, Gunther (Sandvich thief)

Western Volksfront

Party Leader

Glamis, Sean (Cawdor)


Block Commander Sommerville, Tearloch (TheJarl)
Squad Commander Winters, Arthur (Omicron)
Soldier Craw, Tyler (Cawdor)
Soldier Raffles, Walter (Shaka)

Zone of Influence


Bu zoi2-1.jpg

Special Notes

  • Frankfurt, Bremen, Luneburg and Munich are our staging grounds in Rheinland. We maintain bases in these solar systems.
  • Dublin, Cambridge and New London are our staging grounds in Bretonia. The Mollies maintain bases in these solar systems.
  • Sigma 13: We claim the south of Sigma 13 as our own, exclusive pirating ground. Yet, we have to try to stay out of trouble with the GMG.
  • Bering, Hudson & Hamburg serve as battlegrounds for hit and run operations on the Liberty Navy.
  • Omega 54, Saar & Duesseldorf are the Hessian, LWB and Unioner Guard Systems. We may visit these systems for war exercises and exchange of equipment.
  • Omega 3, Omega 5, Omega 7 and Omega 11 will be entered for joint operations with our Hessian allies or for joint operations between the Western and the Eastern Volksfront.
  • Sigma 17 and Omicron Theta will be crossed in order to resupply at Freeport 9.


Faction Relationship
Red Hessians
Libertonian Party for Freedom and Equality
The Order
Interspace Commerce
Independent Miners Guild
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
At War
The Wild
At War
At War
At War
At War
At War



The Borderworlds ship line is regarded as our traditional ship line. Many of those ships are sold on our bases and have proven to be very reliable combat vessels.

  • Scimitar LF
  • Switchblade HF
  • Sabre VHF
  • Falcata Bomber

The Hessian ship line is rarely seen in the ranks of the VF as only former Hessians fly its ships.

  • Loki LF
  • Odin VHF
  • Thor Bomber

The Order ship line Only one ship has been delivered for the Volksfront so far.

  • Nephytis


  • Lugers
  • Natterturns
  • Destroyers
  • Protectors
  • Vampires (Limited. Available only from the Armory)
  • Death hands (Limited. Available only from the Armory)
  • Reavers (Limited. Available only from the Armory)
  • Debilitators
  • Codenames
  • Supernova ACs
  • Minirazors
  • Ammo based weapons