Brian Scott

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Brian Scott
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Occupation Order Operative
Affiliation The Order
The Order Agent 817 A.S.
Rank Commander
Born August 12th, 795 A.S., Planet Leeds

Brian Scott is a former LSF agent who currently works for the Order. He is considered M.I.A. by the Liberty Security Force.

The early years and the family

Brian rarely talks about his previous life, considering it irrelevant to the cause he serves now, so people don't know too much about it. Only the basic info is available. Brian was born on planet Leeds on the 12th of August, 785 A.S. Soon his parents decided to move to Liberty (where Brian's mother was from). Why? Maybe because of the ecological situation on Leeds, maybe because of some other reason. Their destination was planet Los Angeles where they decided to settle for good. Brian doesn't remember Leeds good, so Liberty may be called his home as well. That's why Brian decided to join the Liberty Navy when he was 18 (just like many other young men and women who wanted to serve their House).

The career in Liberty

The Liberty Navy

West Point Military Academy is famous for its good pilot training programme. Those who get through the entire training process usually become most skilled pilots. So, Brian never had a reason to complain about his skills (although he wasn't the best in the Academy). During his training Scott got acquainted with several people, who would later become his friends: Norman O'Connor and Kyle Cross. They all passed their final tests successfully and were accepted to serve onboard the Justice, a Libertonian warship. At first things went rather well. But then the new war with Rheinland began, and the vessel was sent to the frontline. It was among the first ships to fall a prey to Rheinlanders in the Hudson system. Few people managed to survive by using the escape pods. Brian made it to the escape pods, along with Norman and Kyle.

Diary entries: Graduation and "a friendly tip"

Finally, the graduation! The studies an West Point didn't take too long, but now it all seems like an eternity. But now it's all over! We've finally become real Navymen. The ceremony was solemn, as expected. But the main experience was the graduation party afterwards. It was... awesome! We danced, drank, then danced again, there were some contests once we got drunk enough... not sure now, and the head's still cracking. I remember a lot of faces, but only a few names... Norm and Allie were at the party, along with Kyle.

Norman tells me that I should stop drinking that much, and this time I'll probably listen to "a friendly tip".

Diary entries: Our first task

Well, this is it, the first real mission. We have been ordered to deploy in Hudson to provide a mobile base for our fighter wings. Sounds suspiciously easy, but some people are nervous. It's no wonder: many of them are fresh graduates of West Point, just like me. At least Norman and Kyle are here, along with Allie. At least I'll see some familiar faces.

Diary entries: Could've been worse and better at the same time

We've been in the sector for almost two weeks. Nothing apart from regular fighter launches. Sometimes I fly a Guardian myself. Nothing too interesting, just simple patrols. Can't say that's what, but I'm not complaining. The less the danger is the better. However, I found nothing romantic in the Navy service. Still, could've been worse. At least this job pays and I (supposedly) can feel useful. Although it's hard to feel useful when a simple encounter with a Xeno or a Rogue sounds like a notable event.

Diary entries: In the retrospect

I hurried when I wrote that the job wasn't dangerous. The three last days have been... well, can't get any word apart from the obvious curses. The Rheinlanders attacked us. The story itself is quite shady, I had heard some rumours about encounters with Rheinlanders, but I didn't give them too much credit... with all those recent tensions it's no wonder that such rumours find soil. But when our ship got attacked by a Rheinland bomber wing, I had to change my mind.

Anyway, the Justice received multiple hull-breaches. The Rheinlanders managed to get close undetected when the fighters were launching... And they hit us hard.

What happened then... it's still hard to describe all that, despite some days have already passed. Before the attack hit, I had been in the landing bay, checking my fighter. Then I headed for the main deck, and once I was almost their, the bombers launched first antimatter torpedoes. I was lucky to have left the bay, as it was the first target they hit. We were ordered to evacuate the ship. You don't need to ask me twice. I'm not a coward, but losing my life onboard a doomed ship wasn't an option either.

I was about to leave the ship on one of the last escape pods when Kyle showed up. Norman was with him, injured, he could barely walk. "Nothing too serious, he just needs some rest", - the doctor would say in a couple of days, when our escape pod would be picked up by the rescue team.

We will all need some rest. Luckily, we get a couple of weeks off for recovery.

The Liberty Security Force

Shortly after the destruction of the Justice Brian and Norman sent applications for the LSF, and both were accepted, since their experience and training met all the requirements. Why did Brian join the LSF? Perhaps he realised that war was not exactly for him... Maybe he thought that he'd do better there. Or maybe he just wanted to bring his friend, Norman, back to life and talked him into applying. What matters is that the LSF found some use of their talents.

While O'Connor tended to stay in Liberty, rarely venturing into reconnaisance raids, Brian became a test-pilot and intelligence officer. Having seen all those brutal experiments carried out by the LSF, Brian preferred to operate on his own and considered intelligence the best choice. At least he didn't have to stay at the LSF stations (sometimes they gave him creeps) for too long.

His flying skills and experience made him a perfect choice for deep space reconnaisance. He usually succeeded, but his last assignment went wrong. His destination was a system deep in the Edge Worlds, but the contact with the ship was lost shortly after it reached Omicron Delta. Brian was shot down by a Corsair patrol, but the 'sairs failed to detect the pod (which was equipped with the prototype cloaking device as the last measure). However, the pod was about to run out of energy, so Brian had to choose: to die unnoticed in open space or to reveal himself. He chose the second option.

Diary entries: The past and the future

The attack on the Justice happened all of a sudden, so it's natural that we couldn't think about anything but saving our lives. All other thoughts came afterwards. Only then I realised that not all of the crew members managed to make it back to Liberty alive. So many people lost, and for what?

Allie didn't manage to get out of there alive either. Not sure what happened back there, but now when I remember Norman's face when he reached the escape pod, I realise that the expression of pain hadn't been caused by his injuries alone. By the way, I haven't seen him for a while. He was released from medical, but I have no idea where he is now. He didn't respond to calls. That's understandable, he seemed to have had some feelings to Allie, although I'm not sure that it's the reason. Anyway, got to find him and see what he's up to.

Diary entries: "A friendly tip" strikes back

Well, I found Norman. He was up to... nothing, apart from drinking anything he could find and not responding to any calls. Some sort of drinking and depressed hermit, or it'd seem so. And that was the man who told me to drink less... Whatever, he's almost fine now. At least physically. Not sure how he'll manage to get through, considering the fact he did care for Allie (I learned that after the third glass of whiskey).

Diary entries: The spooks?

Well, the life has taken a radical turn once again. I don't remember what Norm and I had been talking about, but in a couple of weeks we ended up in the LSF. Norm says I talked him into this venture, but my memories fail me when I try to find out if it was truly so. Maybe I -did- give him such a suggestion. He needed a means of distraction, and a new job would work perfectly. At least there'd be fewer things to remind him about the past. Honestly, I wanted a change of job too. People tend to die on the frontline easily, and being an agent means that you won't be thrown to the frontline against uneven odds. There's nothing romantic in it, trust an expert.

Diary entries: In the retrospect... or in the escape pod once again

Didn't have enough time to write stuff down... but now I have a lot of time. Till the end of my life, to be exact. But my life isn't going to last long enough. Right, how to begin...

The LSF in general wasn't exactly a place for me. Not sure why, but it just wasn't. Maybe because of the rumours I heard at Ortega's Bar and Grill on Alert Station, or because of some missions which we had to accomplish and which... Who cares anyway? I can think of it later, and right now I need to tell what happened.

I managed to find a place that suited me: the Omicron Sector of Special Operations Division. Easy job: fly around various systems, keep away from the locals and remember to scan everything you see. That worked for me, or so I thought. And they gave me a new vessel, BDR-845. The Avenger, as they call it. I was keen on testing it.

Well, I did test it. The hull turned out to be good enough, but not when you get caught in the crossfire by several Titans in Delta. There comes the worst part - evasion is a bit hard in that brick, at least in massive fights.

But the LSF won't see my review. Nor will they see that ship again. I have told you how slow the Avenger is, haven't I?

In the meantime I can review my escape pod and its low oxygen supply. But unless some ship catches that pod, that review will be useless too.

The Order

First "welcome" or The beginning of a new life

Luckily for Brian, his pod was spotted by the Order patrol passing nearby. Agent Scott managed to get rid of all evidence that'd compromise him and thus he came to planet Toledo. Having spent some time there, he decided to stay. The LSF would declare him M.I.A. anyway, and if he returned, he wouldn't get a warm welcome. However, the Order's "welcome" was not the best either. Somehow they managed to find out who Scott really was, and that's why he was arrested and had to pass polygraph checks on battleship Isis. Only few people were present there, so not much is known about that. Most of the records were not revealed to anyone but the High Command (and to the Order Intelligence, perhaps). However, Brian ended up in the Secondary Fleet. He even visited Kusari (Tohoku and Chugoku, Kyoto Base to be exact) during the negotiations with the Blood Dragons.

The Primary Fleet (before the fall of Toledo)

It took Brian some time to make up his mind, but eventually he applied for the Primary Fleet. His experience allowed him to survive during several assignments, although he had some "unlucky" incidents. One of them was meeting Christopher Dangen, the renegade who had left the Order before Brian joined the Secondary Fleet. Several encounters with the Nomads ended up badly as well.


Nevertheless, Brian was promoted to Corporal. The fighter training courses he had passed turned out to be especially useful. As most of (ex)-LSF agents, Brian is more like an individualist who prefers to deal with the enemies on his own and one by one rather than enter a large-scale battle. However, situations differ, so Brian had to get used to massive engagements, although he still prefers duels.

As a corporal he participated in several patrols and operations all over Sirius. The most notable events were:

  • Tokelau battle, when a strike team of supposedly infested Kusarians almost vaporized an Order squadron;
  • The investigation of Kansas and surrounding systems in search of a base of operations for the Order; the scouting team was ambushed in California by the Liberty Navy, and the entire system was under lockdown;
  • Investigating the research station in Kusari space;
  • Several scouting operations in Rheinland and neighbouring Omegas.

The job was hard indeed, as corporal Scott couldn't even find time for rest. The entire Order personel had to work overtime. And Scott passed even more tim on combat trainings, because he felt the urge to improve.


Brian never thought of him as a commanding figure, so his promotion straight to Lieutenant was quite surprising for him. Maybe he was promoted because of his dedication, or maybe for some other reason. Whatever the reason was, Brian intended to do his best.

As a Lieutenant he participated in planning several Order operations. One of them was the interception of LSF transport vessel Halifax, carrying a load of dangerous alien artifacts and a nomad power-cell to Willard Research Station. Although the convoy turned out to be defended too well, the objective was partially completed, since the power-cell wasn't delivered to its destination. It's rumored to have been lost, and only few people in the Order are actually aware that the power-cell was broken during the attack of the strike team and later delivered to Toledo by undercover operatives.


Despite the fact that the interception of the LSF convoy didn't go exactly as planned, the main item was retrieved. Maybe that is the reason why Brian was promoted to Commander shortly after the operation. The promotion also meant new responsibilities, like finding and recruiting capable agents.


The position of the recruitment officer was the reason why Brian was later promoted to the rank of Captain.

Known vessels



Considering Brian's LSF background, it's not surprising that some rumours about him can be heard occasionally.

  • They say that Commander Ciana of the Primary Fleet led the interrogation of Brian Scott shortly after his true origins were found out. At least Henry Frederick (the other member of the Primary Fleet, who, according to the rumours, was also present there) sent a report to the Order High Command after that "polygraph check".
  • Some people mentioned shots being fired on Isis shortly after the check. However, no records of that were revealed to the Order personnel.

Traits of character

Brian used to be a simple soldier back in Liberty, therefore he is used to following orders. He doesn't like "unnecessary risks", although when he's required to do something risky, he'll follow the order (after voicing his opinion, perhaps). He feels responsibility for those who serve under him, and he won't hesitate to do anything to help them, should they need it.