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This is a player faction. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Liberty Police Incorporated

Liberty Police Inc.
LPI Logo.png
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Alignment Lawful
Date of founding ~ 653 A.S.
Founder(s) unknown
Current leader(s) Chief of Police Matt Myers
Base of operations Planet Manhattan, New York

Fort Bush, New York

Primary role
Upholding of the Laws of Liberty
Secondary role
Economic growth and profit
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Liberty Police Incorporated (LPI) is a private company that handles the policing of Liberty space to interdict the transportation of contraband and to prevent attacks on civilian and commercial traffic. As with any Government-endorsed company, the LPI are the best in their field. Many other corporations bid for the position but the LPI brutally crushed such opposition by clandestine means. As such, the Liberty Police Incorporated have a reputation for being ruthless and efficient.

While there are rumours of corruption and bribery being rampant within the ranks of the LPI, they are normally silenced quickly. The LPI is renowned for its ability to strike with deadly force at any threat from within Liberty's borders.

'Summary of Duties:'

  • Interdiction of smugglers
  • Upholding the peace, by deadly force if necessary
  • Destruction of any pirates, including Rogues, Hackers, Xenos, Outcasts, and any other rabble-rousers
  • Filling of the prison stations Huntsville and Sugarland for the rehabilitation of criminal elements and the riff-raff
  • Rescue and Assistance of distressed ships and personnel


1 A.S. The Liberty Peacekeepers are formed to help maintain the peace and provide assistance those in need. The Liberty Peacekeepers were a combination of Police and Rescue and Assistance squads.

10 A.S. Liberty Police Department founded.

16 A.S. Liberty Police Department's space arm is founded.

653 A.S. Liberty Police Inc. takes over control of the old government-funded Liberty Police Department.

800 to 801 A.S. Liberty Police Inc. participates in the Nomad war.

815 A.S. "The Great Shake Out", as it was known, rids the LPI of dozens of incompetent and corrupt officers. This is after a year of investigations led and supervised by Chief of Police Matt Myers.

815 A.S. Chief Of Police Matt Myers retires and moves to Curacao.

816 A.S. Chief Of Police Roger Williams dies in an Assassination Plot.

816 A.S. Matt Myers is brought back as Chief of Police.

816 A.S. Terrorist attack on Fort Bush kills 150 LPI officers. Leads to the largest manhunt in all of the LPI's history. It was discovered that the bomb parts used in the bombing were Rheinlandic in origin. Liberties President Powell lays blame for the bombing at Rheinland's feet.

817 A.S. War is declared on Rheinland. The LPI distinguishes itself by assisting the Liberty Navy and Liberty Security Forces in several battles in the opening of the war that turn out to be complete losses for Rheinland.

818 A.S. Failed assassination attempt is made upon Matt Myers. By a miracle, he survives.

818 A.S. Matt Myers sells his shares to the IND and retires, Hull O'Brian is made Chief of Police.

821 A.S. Unrest begins to spread within the LPI's higher ranks as Hull O'Brian still hasn't showed up to his office after three years. Some say that he has been observed enjoying life alongside Mr. Myers at Planet Gran Canaria, but these rumors are as of yet unconfirmed. Our glorious leader Hull O'Brian would never leave us to hang like that. Right, guys? Right?


LPI Chief Officers Roster

ChiefOfPoliceLPI.gif Chief of Police ChiefOfPoliceLPI.gif
Hull O'Brian (AWOL)
DeputyLPI.gif Deputy Chief of Police DeputyLPI.gif
Jack Bauer (Bauer) Colin Sinclair (Space)
Oliver Shaw (Dejavu)

Notable LPI officers

  • Chief of Police Matt Myers, the former Chief of Police. Rumour has it that he has his own goon squad to help him enforce his policies over the LPI. Has in his possession a tazer shot gun. Officers report that if his eye Twitches, you should run.
  • Officer Cesar Fezini, Officer that flies his patrol craft while naked. Not a pretty sight. Think overweight Sasquatch.
  • Deputy Chief of Police Sean Toronto, Recently retired, was hell on wheels in a bomber. Would charge off into the Badlands with a war cry with no regard to his own safety.
  • SWAT Officer L.Jenkins, a "some what" off balanced SWAT officer. Calling him by his full name has been the bane of more than one pilot, lawful or unlawful. LPI pilots know not to say his full name. Occasionally slips his Anti Psych meds into other officers coffee.
  • Officer James Kurios, A suspected Machoist, refuses to fly anything bigger than a Patriot. Claims someone needs to show the new kids the ropes. Head Patriot Flight Instructor.
  • Deputy Chief of Police Riza Williams, Fastest Tazer draw in all of the LPI. Has a custom made brick launcher (?) for office use.
  • Deputy Chief of Police Oliver Shaw, is also known as Riza's Secretary. Willing to do anything and everything for her, no matter how suicidal. Also makes the best cup of coffee in all of Sirius, because of this rare gift he is know as "The Phantom Coffee Maker". He can also make a very delightful doughnut.
  • Deputy Chief of Police Hull O'Brian, Fiercely loyal to the LPI and his fellow officers in it. No nonsense type of guy, will tell ya to get lost in a heart beat. Has a penchant for Tequila and Redheaded women. Rumor is that if Matt Myers ever leaves, this guy is in trouble. He was captured by a Harvester and lived to tell the tale. Once ordered the destruction of any traffic that got in the way of an ambulance that was on its way to save the life of a LPI officer.
  • Deputy Chief of Police Jim Markey, Longest-serving (consecutive) officer on the force. Possesses the button to the office laser cannon. Rumored to have the ear of the Chief. This disproven by the fact that the Chief yet has both ears. Known to make intelligent decisions from time to time, but prefers talking to fighting.
  • Sergeant Kerry Deveron, pretty much one of the most awesome officers of the LPI. Ever. Did I mention that he was pretty awesome? Because he was. Show some respect.

[Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:23 PM] The Master Elite: And I continue to sip Sunbucks in the Great Beyond. [Wednesday, October 13, 2010 7:24 PM] The Master Elite: The Master Elite (Joe) has left

  • Captain Joe Smith, Officer with a very short temper with recruits. Has the keys to the SWAT weapons locker. Known not to give a damn about procedure. Has a custom made DM-50, with a built-in Shotgun named "Steve". Has completely dominated Officer Steven Le through fear, who is now his footstool. Known to taze recruits for the most minor offenses, including for no reason. However, he is nice to those that survive to be an Officer.
  • Deputy Chief of Police John Smith, An Officer who was passionate about the job, worked his way from Officer to Deputy Chief of Police in a short time. Very good colleague to work with, did whatever was needed to help a fellow Officer who was in an hour of need. Nor retired, shame to see him go. - DC OS


  • Chief of Police (1); The leader of all LPI officers. The Chief of Police is authorized to fly any ship permitted within the LPI. Any orders from the Chief of Police must be followed. LPI-Name.Surname[C]

  • Deputy Chief of Police (4); The Four Deputies of the Chief of Police, who speak for the Chief when he is not present and may overrule the Captains. They are authorized to fly any faction allowed ship. LPI-Name.Surname[DC]

  • Captain (6); The head of a single LPI precinct. Has authority over all lower ranking officers, though will generally only operate in their own system. Captains are authorized to fly any ship below a Riot Van. LPI-Name.Surname[Ca]

  • Lieutenant (6); Assistants to the authority over all lower ranking officers, though will generally only operate in their own system. Lieutenants are authorized to fly any ship below a Riot Van. LPI-Name.Surname[L]

  • Detectives (6); Highly trained individuals that lead investigations, some times undercover, sometimes on their own. Same rank as Sergeant. LPI-Name.Surname[D]

  • Sergeant (13); Low ranking officers who supervise the Officers. Has authority over all lower ranking officers, though they will generally only operate in their own system. Sergeants are authorized to fly anything below a Riot Van. LPI-Name.Surname[S]

  • Officer (Unlimited); The regular ranks of the LPI, with no supervisory authority or power. They will generally operate only in their own system. Officers may fly a Patriot or Liberator. LPI-Name.Surname[O]

  • Recruit Officer (Unlimited); The lowest of the low, these flatfoots are required to prove themselves by completing certain menial tasks, logging time in space, and other things as well as passing a written exam. Recruit Officers may fly a Patriot or Liberator. LPI-Name.Surname[RO]

  • SWAT (Unlimited); These officers have joined the elite SWAT squadron and as such are permitted to fly the heavy-hitting ships of the LPI. They are permitted to fly the Havoc bomber, Upholder bomber, Civilian "Roc" bomber, and Eagle Very Heavy Fighter. Callsign is: LPI-SWAT-Initial.Surname[#] with [#] signifying shiptype (H for Havoc, U for Upholder, R for Roc, E for Eagle, X for Executioner, G for Guardian, and Z for Grizzly).

  • The Blackwatch (4); These are the elite guard of the LPI, they have proven themselves worthy to join The Blackwatch squadron and as such are permitted to fly the heavy-hitting ships of the LPI. They are permitted to fly the Havoc bomber, Upholder bomber, Civilian "Roc" bomber, Executioner Heavy Fighter, Guardian Very Heavy Fighter and Eagle Very Heavy Fighter. Callsign is: LPI-BW-Callsign[#] with [#] signifying shiptype (H for Havoc, U for Upholder, R for Roc, E for Eagle, X for Executioner, G for Guardian, and Z for Grizzly).

  • Riot Vans (Unlimited); Riot vans are used to interdict smuggler convoys and fend off small to medium pirate attacks. Grizzly Transports and Armored Transports are used. Callsign is LPI-Riot-Name

  • Asset/prisoner transports (Unlimited); These are used to haul prisoners and goods to and from our stations as required, reducing our dependence on third-party contractors. (Trust me. You lot cost a lot less than Universal. -Colin) The most commonly used ships are the Mammoth and the Bison. Callsign is LPI-ADX-Name

Shoulder patches of the LPI

Libertybadge.jpg LibertyshoulderpatchAI.jpg

Ships and their recommended loadouts

Please note that special dispensation from these standard loadouts and regulations may be given if you ask your superiors nicely.

-Colin Sinclair

LZF-9805 "Liberator" LF Permitted for use by all officers of the Liberty Police Inc.
Standard setup:
2x Adv Debilitator
2x Vengeance V
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear Mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

CLI-11000 “Arrow” LF Permitted for use by Sergeants or above as a more agile alternative to the Liberator.
Standard setup:
2x Adv Debilitator or 2x Vengeance V
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

CTE-HF "Kingfisher" HF Permitted for use by Sergeants or above.
2x Imp Debilitator or 2x Adv Debilatators
4x Vengeance V
1x Train/Mosquito CD or Mini Razor or Sunslayer torpedo
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

BDR 337 "Executioner" HF Permitted for use by Lts and above, also for SWAT members. SWAT designator [X]
Standard setup:
1x Train/Mosquito CD or 1x Mini Razor or 1x Sunslayer torpedo
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

BDR-804 "Guardian" VHF Permitted for use by Lts and above, also for SWAT members. SWAT designator [G] (*Note: Returned to service.)
Standard setup:
2x Imp Debilitator or 2x Adv Debilitator
2x Vengeance Vor 2x Magma Hammer
1x Firestalker/Cannonball/Sidewinder missile
1x Adv Debilitator turret
1x Train/Mosquito CD or 1x Mini Razor or 1x Sunslayer torpedo
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

CTE -6000 "Eagle" VHF Permitted for use by the SWAT team. SWAT designator [E]
Note Those Sergeants who previously had Eagles are allowed to keep them, they have been grandfathered.
Standard setup:
2x Imp Debilitator or 2x Adv Debilatators
4x Vengeance V
1x Vengeance/Debilitator turret
1x Train/Mosquito CD or Mini Razor or Sunslayer torpedo
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

CTE-19000 "Roc" bomber Permitted for use only for members of the SWAT teams and officers of Captain rank and above. SWAT designator [R]
Standard setup:
4x Bomber Pulse Cannons or 4x Bomber Energy Cannon
1x Supernova Antimatter Cannon
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

XB-2 "Havok II" bomber Permitted for use only for members of the SWAT and officers of Captain rank and above. SWAT designator [H]
Standard setup:
4x Bomber Pulse Cannons or 4x Bomber Energy Cannon
1x Supernova Antimatter Cannon
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

Li-117 Liberty "Upholder" Bomber Permitted for use only for members of the SWAT teams and officers of Captain rank and above. SWAT designator [U] (*Note: Returned to service.)
Standard setup:
4x Bomber Pulse Cannons or 4x Bomber Energy Cannon
1x Adv Debilitator turret or 1x Magma Hammer turret
1x Supernova Antimatter Cannon
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
1x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

DL-Hai Liberty "Grizzly" Class Freighter Permitted for Cargo Interdiction and SWAT. SWAT Designator [Z].
Standard setup:
4x TR9-D "Vengeance" Liberty Laser Turret Mk V or 4x TN26 "Magma Hammer" Liberty Plasma Turret Mk V
4x Imp Debilitator
1x Train/Mosquito CD
1x Screamer/Nuclear mine
2x Adv/Enh/Hvy CM

Armored Transport Permitted for use by the Sergeant and above. These transports act as riot vans will be used to handle the larger pirate attacks.
Standard setup: N/A

CT-49X "Gull" Civilian Transport Permitted for use as a storage ship and for transport only
Standard setup: N/A

CT-39X "Albatross" Transport Permitted for use as a storage ship and for transport only; LPI-Rikers.
Standard setup: N/A,br.

Prison Liner Permitted for use only as bursar and prison ships.
Standard setup: N/A

Liberty Gunboat Permitted for use by the Deputy Chiefs and Above (Special permission required for anyone below the rank of Deputy Chief)..
Standard setup: N/A

LZF-6364 "Patriot" LF Permitted for use by all Colin Sinclairs and Nitram Radclyffes of Liberty Police, Inc.
Standard setup:
1x Adv. Stunpulse
3x Justice III
1x Imp CM
1x Hornet CD
1x Tadpole/Razor Mine

All other ships as allowed by the LPI ID.

Note on all standard setups: minor variations are allowed, including adding one or two missile launchers to your ship, or substituting Vengeances for Flashpoints if you have the prerequisite rank.

Shipboard Equipment

Justice/Vengeance Liberty laser cannons - allowed for all officers
Stunpulse/Debilitator Civilian pulse cannons - allowed for all officers
Lavablade/Magma Hammer Liberty plasma cannons - allowed for all officers
Starbeam/Flashpoint Civilian laser cannons - allowed for all officers
Warrior/Buckshot Bounty Hunter particle blasters - by request only
All explosive ordinance allowed
All cruise disruptors allowed
Ship Armour is highly recommended

Officer Handheld Weapons

Agiera’s Detroit Munitions turns out several new models of sidearms a year. Some of the weapons used by the LPI are listed below:
The DM-9 “Peacekeeper” - Plasma hand weapon. Good for pilots to have, fits into a lifepod easily. Good for escape and evasion scenarios.
The DM-12K "Spam gun" - Shortened laser submachine gun. Used by SWAT in close quarters. Can be fired with one hand, and are used in conjunction with riot shields.
The DM-50 “Riot killer” - Plasma assault rifle. Guaranteed to take down the biggest Perp that is out of his mind on drugs.
The AG-BS “Back shot” – Automatic sawed off plasma shotgun. When a criminal absolutely positively needs a load of buckshot in his arse. Good for debilitating perps that run.
The TS-72 "Headhunter" - Bolt-action gauss sniper rifle with thermal scope. Used by SWAT teams for cover fire and - what else - Sniping perps through the wall before busting down the door.
The AG-FF “Flechette Flinger”– Metal/Ceramic Flechette launcher. Used to take out large groups of foes at once.
The DB-IKY2 "Door Buster"- Man-portable grenade launcher used by the LPI SWAT teams for boarding smuggler craft on the surface of a planet.
The TT-90 "Little Shocker"- Hand held Tazer with enough stopping power to jump start a Patriot fighter. Has 3 settings: stun, lights out, and crispy.

Divisions, Precincts, and Guard System

Due to a restructuring that took place early 817 A.S, The Liberty Police Inc is now broken up into four subdivisions:
1. Law Enforcement Division
2. Consumer Products Division
3. Prison Management Division
4. Management Division

All three sub divisions report to Corporate Management on Planet Manhattan. The Law Enforcement Sub-Division has no control over the other 3 sub-divisions, and vice versa, except Corporate management, which has control of the other three sub-divisions.

Law Enforcement Division Breakdown

Division 1: New York

The main Bases are Planet Manhattan and Fort Bush. This sector is the by far the most patrolled. Fort Bush is home of Precincts 111, 112, and 113.

Division 2: California

The main bases are California Minor, Planet Los Angeles, Riverside Station, and San Diego Border Station. Riverside Station is home to the 204th and 205th Precincts. San Diego Border Station is home to the 206th Precinct. Planet Los Angeles has the 201st and the 202nd Precincts, while California Minor has the 203rd Precinct. The 207th Precinct used to be a halfway station between California system and the Magellan system, but was lost sometime in 699AS.

Division 3: Texas

The main base here is Houston. The LPI prisons Huntsville and Sugarland are in this system. Precincts 301, 302 and 303 are based on Houston, with minor presences aboard the Sugarland and Huntsville. Houston is also home to Cryer’s Houston Heavy Technologies subsidiary.

Division 4: Colorado

The main base is Denver. Denver is home to the Denver Research Institute, whose defense systems will be coming online shortly. Until then, however, the LPI is charged with defending it. Precincts 411 and 412 are here.

Division 5: Pennsylvania

The main base is Planet Erie, with precincts aboard Philadelphia and Harrisburg Stations. Planet Erie has the 501st Precinct, Philadelphia Station has the 502nd, and Harrisburg has the 503rd Precinct.

Division 6: Ontario, Alberta, and Yukon

The Main base for division 6 in Ontario is Toronto Station, and there is no LPI base in Yukon or Alberta after the fall of Red Deer Station. 601st Precinct is stationed on Toronto and Fort Severn, while the 602nd is stationed at the Red Deer II. The 602nd occasionally makes forays into Yukon and Freeport 14, when not stationed elsewhere.

Division 7: Minnesota, Quebec, and New Hampshire

New Hampshire and Quebec have no habitable planets or stations aside from Liberty Navy battleships, so the LPI almost never visits these systems. These two systems are warzones and because of this LPI officers are not allowed to enter these systems when on patrol. However this may change in the future as the systems are developed. Minnesota is part of the LPI patrol route, and has Moorhead Station, where the 701st Precinct is stationed.

Division 8: Illinois (LPI Guard system: LPI Home System)

This system plays host to the new Police Plaza, an expanded Springfield Station, an old Liberty Navy Battleship (the McNeil Island), Galesburg Station (home of the LPI's elite fighter training facilities), and a new Supermax prison, Attica. The LPI's new R&D laboratory makes it home on the new Police Plaza. Rumor is Seth-Konstruction Company did the upgrade work to all facilities in Illinois. The 105th Precinct (The Black Watch) are mainly assigned to guarding Illinois and make up the guarding force. The main SWAT headquarters may be found on Police Plaza with many facilities there for the training and welfare of those units.

Division 9: ???

There are rumors that a Divison 9 exists, however, there is no proof of their existance, and therefore, it is just that. A rumor.

Division 10: Liberty Asylum (Illinois)

The Liberty Asylum's home base is Attica Supermax in the Illinois system. Although it is often seen flying through New York and Texas these are for prisoner pick ups only. The Asylum houses Liberty's most violent criminals, they are gaurded and kept in by the Deputy Chief of Police Oliver Shaw's own elite officers named, The Blackwatch. They are known for their jet black powered armour, they are the most elite fighting force of the Liberty Police Inc. and are seen very rarely.

LPI R&D Subdivision

The Sentinel Project

LASP - Liberty Autonomous Sentinel Project

Accessing LASP Background File...

The Liberty Government were looking for ways to improve the security within its borders without having to invest vast amount of money to train new recruits since once in a while, the good ones get killed in action, or injured and unable to return to duty.

The Liberty government begun research to create an automated fighter wing that obeyed the police and navy without question or compromise. However, initial AI tests using orthodox methods proved inadequate, as most AI's were prone to corrupt and remote hacking.

One day the undercover section of the LSF branch carried out a sting on an artifact smuggling ring. A Junker transport vessel from the Omicron systems was carrying a most unusual machine, an automated defense drone of some kind. However it wasn't of human origin, some researchers believe its a Taiidan drone, since it bears resemblance to their ship's hull design. But this is pure speculation and theory, and any research into this proved fruitless.

The Navy took the machine apart and accessed the programming, it was astonishing, it was very efficient in carrying out its orders. The programmers re-programmed the AI and copied it into a test Patriot fighter's computer in Willard station area. The AI was given full control of the ship, but had fail-safes just in-case, not to mention Gunboat patrols were stepped up to maintain secrecy.

The initial combat and order tests were exemplary, until its advanced cargo scanners were activated to test its scanning capability. The 'Sentinel' as it is now codenamed, detected Nomad organic material on an incoming transport from Zone 21, the Sentinel's communication systems went down and it targeted the transport, then the Sentinel's weapons fired upon the ship carrying the Nomad materials. The transport was destroyed, the Sentinel would not respond to any of our commands and all fail safes failed. Just as the Gunboats closed to nullify the situation, the Sentinel went back to normal status once the Nomad was eliminated. We resent the shut down codes and the Sentinel complied and shut down.

Its been 5 months since the incident, Willard researchers believe they have worked out he bugs within the Sentinel, and began placing them into Liberator craft. All tests were exemplary, the project staff and police officials believe testing the Sentinel in live combat and patrols are in order.

Orders are being placed for the Sentinel units. As of now, two have been officially declared safe to fly in Liberty. More are on order.

The Sentinel is programmed with the following guidelines:

A. Obey Liberty Navy and LPI without question or compromise.
B. Let no harm come to Liberty Navy, LPI or Lawful civilians and traders.
C. Perform duties of LPI unless ordered not to by LPI or Navy officials.
D. Engage criminals at will if deemed hostile.
E. Intercept and halt smugglers and destroy illegal cargo.
F. When faced with enemy capital craft, send distress beacon and call for assistance.
G. If captured, unit is ordered to self destruct and format memory and optical drives.

Sentinel 100 series - Liberator class ships
Sentinel 200 series - 'Anvil' Gunboat class ships (limited)
Sentinel 300 series - Upholder class ships

NOTE: Units are currently missing in action.

Rescue and Assistance Subdivision

This Sub Division is headed up Deputy Chief Riza Williams. It is tasked with rescue and assistance of ships and personnel in distress. Towing, Fire fighting, Salvage, and ambulatory services are offered.



X represents:

  • Ambulance = A
  • Repair Ship = RS
  • Heavy Lifter = HL
  • "Gull" Freighter = GF

Ships used:

  • Ambulance / Medevac units- 2 Rhinos or Grizzlys
  • Firefighting / Towing - 1 Repair ship
  • Towing / Salvage - 1 Heavy Lifter
  • Salvage - 1 CT-49X "Gull" Freighter

Combat Training Sub Division

Rumor has it that the LPI has been towing in wrecked and abandoned unlawful ships lately and having them fixed up into a flyable condition.
Rumor also has it that this is happening so the LPI can establish it's own Aggressor squadron for Combat training exercises.

The Blackwatch Elite Guard Subdivision

This Sub Division is headed up Deputy Chief of Police Oliver Shaw. It is tasked with guarding the Illinois system and the Liberty Asylum when mobile.

  • When we hunt, we kill.
  • No one is safe.
  • Nothing is sacred.
  • We are The Blackwatch.
  • We are the last line of defense.
  • We will burn our own to hold the red line; it is the last line to ever hold.

-The Blackwatch Creed.



[#] signifying ship type:

  • Liberator: L
  • Executioner: X
  • Guardian: G
  • Eagle: E
  • Roc: R
  • Upholder: U
  • Havoc: H
  • Wasupu: W

Current Blackwatch vessels:

  • Phantom
  • El Espanol
  • Spectre
  • Spooky
  • Viper
  • Moka

Hang outs and rumors

Most LPI officers like to hang out at the Sunbucks on Police Plaza or Fort Bush Station. This establishment is similiar to an old Earth coffee house,with the exception that it is also a full fledged bar and grill. This Sunbucks is notable because it has a brass plaque hanging up with all 147 Names of the fallen when Fort Bush was bombed. Other equipment includes a jukebox, pool table, and big screen for watching sporting events.
Here are some of the more notable drinks that can be purchased at the bar:

  • Sun Riza:
  • 1 part Orange Juice
  • 1 part Pineapple Juice
  • 1 Part Rum
  • 1 part H fuel.

  • Disrespect this drink, and it will put you on your butt, just like Dep. Chief Williams.

  • Agathons Agony:
  • 1 Part Jaegermiester
  • 1 Part Tabasco sauce
  • 1 Part Everclear
  • Light on fire and serve.

  • Need we say more?

  • Markey's Revenge:
  • 1 beer glass with whole Ice cubes
  • 1 Bottle of Carbonated Lemon Juice.
  • Pour carbonated lemon juice into glass. Fill the rest of the glass with gin.

  • Warning: After 2 of these, your legs go on strike.

  • Hull Buster:
  • 1 Part Vodka
  • 1 Part Tequila
  • 1 Part Gin
  • 1 Part Fruit Punch
  • 1 Part Sugar Cane juice.

  • Better have full shields up before having this one.

  • Chief's Pick Me Up:
  • 1 Shot of every Liquer, Beer, and Apertif.
  • 1 Shot of Nitro Glycerin
  • Stir with a spent Nuclear Fuel Rod.

  • Note: You must first have a signed Will to get this drink. Only One person has every had this drink and survived.

Here are some rumors one might encounter in a LPI Bar like Sunbucks.

  • Many people look at Matt Myers and think he is a fat lazy slob. Rumor is that he is a member MENSA.
  • Deputy Chief Riza Williams, it is rumored, has a "Thing" for Fiarmen.
  • Deputy Chief Riza Willians Some LPI Officers are communists.
  • The Xenos are really just disgruntled LPI.
  • Rumor has it, that a decent portion of the LPI are sympathetic to the cause of The Xenos.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the LPI is NOT donut powered
  • Reading a LPI rumor board makes you want to apply for the LPI.
  • Don't ever go to the HR department... you wont come back.... **Shudder**
  • If you ever want coffee and doughnuts whilst in the LPI, contact Officer Oliver Shaw at any time.
  • That there is a dead Sergeant from the Lost Precinct, wanders the Sirius sector, routing out evil and sending those that are to Hell.
  • Some say he works for The Order and that he owns his own BattleCruiser; all we know is he's called Radclyffe.
  • Some say Captain Joe Smith tazes annoying Recruits for any reason, including no reason.
  • Avoid the dangling wage. It's a trap.
  • Rumor has it, Matt Myers can travel through time but has to reach a speed of five Kilometres an hour so he has never tried.
  • Matt does exercise but this proves rumors aren't true. Right?
  • There are women out there who secretly want Matt Myers.
  • Beware of the Rabid Weasels.

There are a great many Talents within the LPI ranks, with creativity being high. Here is an example:

Charge of the Libby Brigade:

Half a lane, half a lane,
Half a lane onward,
All in the shadow of Liberty
Flew the six Libbies.
'Forward, the Libby Brigade!
Charge for the Pirates' Myers said:
Into the dark side of Liberty
Flew the six Libbies.

'Forward, the Libby Brigade!'
Was there a cop dismay'd?
Not tho' the citizens knew
Some one had fail'd:
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to ask a donut why,
Theirs but to do and sigh:
Into the dark side of Liberty
Flew the six Libbies.

Rogue to the right of them,
Hacker to the left of them,
Xeno to the front of them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with plasma and laser fire,
Yet did not their courage expire,
Into the fray once more,
Into the dark side of Liberty
Flew the six Libbies.

Flash'd all their muzzles near,
Flash'd as their mines did clear
Filling the criminals with fear,
Storming the unwavering tide again
All of Liberty stood and stare'd:
Engulfed in the fiery fray
Yelled Deveron Kerry: "Make my day!"
Jim Markey had naught a thing to say
For Riza it was mere fair play
Hull O'Brian hit the Hacker's missile bay
Lindberg evaded a Razor with a "hey!"
While Myers ate a donut while sipping some Earl Grey;
Rogue and Outcast and Lane Hacker both
Flail'd and swerved from the laser fire
Ravage'd and outdone.
Then they fled, but not those who won
Not the six Libbies.

Rogue to the right of them,
Hacker to the left of them,
Xeno to the front of them
Volley'd and thunder'd;
Storm'd at with plasma and laser fire,
Good thing LPI warranties never expire,
They that fight with such brevety,
As was fit for those finest of Liberty,
Their hulls scarred but held,
Their hearts and spirits swell'd,
So flew the six Libbies.

Not one of Liberty's foes went unfaced!
Not one enemy vessel's hull went ungraced!
All of Liberty stood and stare'd.
Their jaws agape, others scare'd.
Never forget the courage they show'd!
Never forget the Sabre they blow'd!
Never forget the donuts and tazes!
Never forget the paperwork and catchphrases!
Never forget the Libby Brigade,
Never forget the LPI. was found on the inside of a Sunbuck's cup that someone had actually managed to spill. Some Rheinlander fella....

"Down in One Police Plaza, the officers at rest. Kerry inventing random speeches, Riza remaining unimpressed.
Suddenly Myers busted in, nearly scared 'em half to death, with a Shotgun in his hand, and the Decaf on his breath.
From his beard to his boots, he was covered with ammo like a big fat, drunk, disgruntled, donut-munchin' Rambo.
Then he grinned as he said, with a twitch of his eye, "Evenin' to y'all, now yer all gonna DIE!'"

The time when, Myers went crazy. The time when the Chief went insane.
Never found out who...ate all the donuts. Now he's got the whole world to blame.

"Well Illinois is gone now, he decided to bomb it. Its a wonder that decaf didn't just make him vomit.
Then he rampaged into Cali, his wrath to be released. May Price have mercy on all those who'll be deceased!

The time, Myers went crazy. The moment Matt Myers took on all o' Liberty.
Now you can't through New York...without hitting a massive cloud of debris.

And here comes the Outcasts and Rogues, the Navy iiiiin the fore.
With the LSF watching from afar, while Xenos chalk down the score. And the lasers be flyin',
the tally mark's risin' and everyone's dyin' to know...why Myers why????

Used to be such a...friendly guy..."

"Finally Myers coughed, the decaf now all gone. He looked about and asked himself 'Well who's been on my lawn?'
Shrugged his shoulders, now much more sublime...then he twitched and sent himself...back through time! Back before...

The time when Myers went crazy, the time when the Chief went insane. Took on all o' Liberty, that decaf must've been one serious pain.
Oh yeah. The time Myers went crazy. That moment went he tried the wrong pot. Moral is, Decaf's a killer. What better lesson'd ever been taught?


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