Liberty Trade Shipping (player group)

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This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Interspace Commerce.

Liberty Trade Shipping
Origin Flag-liberty.pngRepublic of Liberty
Alignment Lawful Corporation
Recruitment Join Us!
Date of founding 819 A.S.
Founder(s) David Leroy
Rick Tenda
Current leader(s) Susan Miller
Base of operations Newark Station
Primary ID Interspace Commerce ID
IFF Interspace
Tag(s) LTS|
Primary role
To provide high quality shipping services from Liberty to Bretonia and Kusari.
Secondary role
To extend influence of the Republic of Liberty, through diplomatic ways, in all Sirius systems.
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Founded in 819 A.S. by former employees of the Interspace Commerce, Liberty Trade Shipping is a private company specialized in providing high quality shipping services from Liberty to Bretonia and Kusari. Its goals are to become a reliable partner in the market dominated by competitors and to extend influence of the Republic of Liberty, through diplomatic ways, in all Sirius systems.


  • To become a main competitor on the shipping services market.
  • To extend influence of the company, through diplomatic ways, in all Sirius systems.
  • To keep a neutral position in armed conflicts between all houses.
  • To build trade centers in the main houses from Sirius.
  • To sign profitable contracts with the biggest lawful trade corporations.


Although Liberty Trade Shipping was founded officially in May 819 A.S., the history of this company began earlier, when Rick Tenda, a 22-year-old young man, has decided to resign from Interspace Commerce corporation, after his parents died in an accident. Becoming very rich, as result of the exceptional financial situation of his family, Rick tried to start his own bussiness, together with two brothers, Mark and Joe. They succeed to create a small private company, named Liberty Trade and Supply. But due to lack of experience, their initiative has failed. Few months later, the father of those two brothers, David, also an employee of Interspace Commerce, being dissatisfied by the policy of this corporation, has decided to resign and joined to these young mens, in their attempt to form a new shipping company. And thus was born the Liberty Trade Shipping corporation, with Rick Tenda as Vice President and David Leroy as President.

Knowing that to become a competitive company on the shipping market is necessary to have a vast transportation division, they bought many transport ships and decided to begin first businesses in Kusari space, trying to take advantage of the poor relationship between Interspace Commerce and local authorities from this house. Seen as a foreign competitor, arrival of Liberty Trade Shipping in this space was not greeted enthusiastically by other much bigger corporations. However, in a few weeks, Liberty Trade Shipping, with the consistent financial support from Rick Tenda, has succeeded to sign some contracts with local companies, like Kishiro Technologies or Samura Heavy Industries, to purchase from a group of freelancers, known as Coalition of Free Traders, a private station, named Muroto Trade Center, wich has become also the headquarter of Liberty Trade Shipping and to promote the company name by creating their own Media Center.

Beginning was a tough one. But having more employees, more ships and more influence, David Leroy considered that it was the proper time for the beginning of a intense campaign, in order to extend the operations area of his company in other houses. In this regard, he started negotiations to receive approval from Bretonian local authorities for building a new trade center in New London system. In the meantime, this company was forced to cope with different obstacles in its way to ascension: repeated attacks from terrorists groups like the Xenos in Liberty or the Artisan Farmers Alliance in Kusari, difficulties due to relationship with Interspace Commerce and influences of this corporation or solving of some events occurring in the Honshu system, after a treaty has been signed by Kusari Naval Forces and Rheinland Military, initially considered a potential danger for the Liberty Trade Shipping, and it all culminated with sudden disappearance of Rick Tenda at the end of June 819 A.S., while he was in a business travel in Nagano system. Left alone in the lead of this company, David had a psychotic break, two days later, when Mark Leroy ran with over two billions of credits from the funds of Liberty Trade Shipping.

Being betrayed by one of his own sons and without his best friend, David was very close to give up. Two full weeks he tried to find a way for solving of this situation. He was also tempted to sell Muroto Trade Center and to dissolve this company. But in a night, he had a dream about future... A future where Liberty Trade Shipping is seen as one of the biggest shipping company from Liberty, where all lawful traders are protected by global treaties signed by the most important corporations from all Sirius, where civilians have a different status and are not involved in conflicts between the military forces from all houses and where... the traders rights, foreigns or not, are respected everywhere. Remaining only with a few friends which have trust in his dream, David Leroy, has decided to continue his fight for the success of this company. And so... it seems that the true history of Liberty Trade Shipping, is written nowadays.

However, very recently, due to the unexplained disappearance of the the CEO, David Leroy, the Vice President, Nicolas Carter, the Trade & Logistics Manager, Brian Ford, and the Director of Public relations, Armund Pagasi, the Chief Security Officer, Francois DeVersailles, has decided to take temporary full control of the company until the other directors or the CEO come back. He stepped up as temporary CEO of the company on the September 5th, 819 A.S. Currently he is the only board member active, and is trying to keep Liberty Trade Shipping alive until the return of the others.

Liberty Trade Shipping

LTS logo.png Structure



  • President - is the leader of Liberty Trade Shipping.
  • Vice president - when the leader is unavailable, the Vice President takes his place.

Board of Directors

  • Trade & Logistics Manager - is responsible with organizing the convoys and a their routes.
  • Chief Security Officer - is responsible with the security of convoys.
  • Public Relations Officer - is responsible with the public image of our company.


  • Senior - is a trader with vast experience, and he know already what are his duties.
  • Junior - is a new employee wich can be promoted only if will prove that know what are his duties.


  • Transportation Division [TD]

- This division is the first source of income for our company. The main activity of Transportation Division is to provide trading and shipping services with lawful commodities, in the areas where Liberty Trade Shipping operates. Also, vessels from Transportation Division, are responsible to provide supply of goods to our own trade centers, every time when is required and to participate in convoys organised by the Trade & Logistics Manager.

  • Luxury Division [LD]

- This division is a special one, being specialized only in transport of vips, vacationers, tourists, passengers, scientists, spaceship crew or refugees. Usually, the personnel of this division is carefully selected, from the Transportation Division. The Luxury Division is considered a etiquette of our company and therefore it is necessary to have in this division only employees with a vast experience.

  • Security Division [SD]

- This division is extremely important one. By its employees depends the life of other crews, from Transportation and Luxury Division. Selection of personnel for this division is made by the Chief Security Officer, according with the level of skills they have in combat. As a main rule, if a situation is too tough, their duty is to fight with any price for the integrity of our crews, vessels and goods.


  • Headquarters

Muroto Trade Center

Located in Honshu system (Kusari), at 10k distance from Planet Honshu, Muroto Trade Center was built at the beginning of 819 A.S. by a group of freelancers, known as Coalition of Independent Traders. Later, this trade center was purchased by Liberty Trade and Supply. The value of the transaction has never been made ​​public. After this company has been disolved and Rick Tenda, together with David Leroy have founded Liberty Trade Shipping, Muroto Trade Center has become the headquarter of this new corporation. It's good to know that this station, according to a previous agreement, has been constructed with the consent of Kusari Naval Forces and they have reserved the right to dock there, anytime and in any conditions, in order to perform some periodic inspections. Also, Kusari Naval Forces ensure the security of this center against various hostile forces, as long as the owners are agree with obeying of the Kusari laws.

  • Trade Centers

- One of the goals of Liberty Trade Shipping is to have trade centers in all main houses from Sirius. According with the latest news, the leaders of this company are in negociations with Bretonian authorities in order to get the right for the construction of a second center in New London system. All what is known so far, is that this new trade center will be located near to the Planet New London and will be christened Harlow Trade Center.


In the leading positions of Liberty Trade Shipping are 5 experienced people. Their role is to discuss the future of our company and to take the best decisions.

LTS logo.png PRESIDENT LTS logo.png
Francois DeVersailles
LTS logo.png VICE PRESIDENT LTS logo.png
Nicholas Carter (missing)
Brian Ford (missing) Francois DeVersailles Armund Pagasi (missing)
LTS logo.png TRANSPORT DIVISION LTS logo.png LTS logo.png SECURITY DIVISION LTS logo.png LTS logo.png LUXURY DIVISON LTS logo.png
work in progress work in progress work in progress

LTS logo.png Technology


Liberty Trade Shipping use the following types of ships:

  • Luxury Division
Ind liner.png
Renzu Luxury Liner
Luxury liner.png
L-584 Enterprise
Luxury Liner
  • Transportation Division
Dsy trainx4.png
CT-73 Stork
Civilian Advanced Train
Dsy trainx3.png
CT-69 Crane
Civilian Large Train
Dsy trainx2.png
CT-53 Heron
Civilian Train
Transport large.png
CT-39X Albatross
Civilian Transport
Transport small.png
CT-49X Gull
Civilian Transport
  • Security Division
T-833-GB Ahoudori
Kusari Explorer Gunboat
XB-2 Havoc MkII
Civilian Bomber
CTE-19000 Roc
Civilian Bomber
IR-7 Raven's Talon
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
Cv vheavy fighter.png
CTE-6000 Eagle
Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
  • Special ships
The Barge


Usually, vessels from Transportation Division and Luxury Division of Liberty Trade Shipping corporation use the following standard equipment:

Equipment Type

Interspace Commerce ID

Cargo Pods

Red Cargo Pod | Blue Cargo Pod | Green Cargo Pod | Yellow Cargo Pod | White Cargo Pod | Grey Cargo Pod | Drab Cargo Pod

Transport Turrets

Transport Turret Type 1 | Transport Turret Type 2 | Transport Turret Type 3 | Transport Turret Type 4 | Liberty Small Transport Turret | Bolter Turret


Adv. Transport Graviton Shield | Adv. Transport Molecular Shield | Adv. Transport Positron Shield


Heavy Armor Upgrade Mk IV | Capital Armor Upgrade Mk V | Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VI | Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VII | Capital Armor Upgrade Mk VIII


Capital Ship Thruster | Enhanced Thruster


Discovery Scanner | Advanced Cargo Scanner | Endeavour Scanner


Enh. Countermeasure | Hvy. Countermeasure

Note: Vessels from Security Division does not use a standard equipment.

LTS logo.png Activity


This section contain the recommendations related to the access of Liberty Trade Shipping vessels in all Sirius systems.

Map Zones
Activity Areas Map
  • Zone I - The access is allowed for all vessels, being our main area of operations.
  • Zone II - The access is recommended for all vessels, being our secondary area of operations.
  • Zone III - The access is allowed for all vessels, but on their own risk, not being a usual area of our operations.
  • Zone IV - The access is allowed only with special permission from the leaders, not being a friendly area.
  • Zone V - The access is denied for all vessels, being considered a hostile area.


These relationships could be modified, according with the attitudes of these groups and factions towards Liberty Trade Shipping corporation.

LTS logo.png DIPLOMACY LTS logo.png
Flag-liberty.png Liberty Flag-bretonia.png Bretonia
Faction Relationship
Liberty Corporations
Liberty Lawful
Liberty Unlawful
At War
Faction Relationship
Bretonia Corporations
Bretonia Lawful
Bretonia Unlawful
Flag-kusari.png Kusari Flag-gallia.png Gallia
Faction Relationship
Kusari Corporations
Kusari Lawful
Kusari Quasi-legal
Kusari Unlawful
Faction Relationship
Gallia Corporations
Gallia Unlawful
Gallia Lawful
Gallia Quasi-legal
Faction Relationship
Independent Lawful
Colonial Republic
The Order
Rheinland Corporations
Faction Relationship
Rheinland Unlawful
Hispania Unlawful
Sirius Coalition
Hellfire Legion
The Phantom Empire
Rheinland Lawful
At War
At War

LTS logo.png Rules

This section contain the internal rules of the Liberty Trade Shipping company.

  • 1) Read the history, goals, ranks, diplomatic relationships, responsibilities of each division and the internal rules of the Liberty trade Shipping corporation.
  • 2) Respect the specifications related to the access of your vessels, according with details presented in section "Areas of Operations".
  • 3) If you work in Transportation or Luxury Division, use only the technology specified in section "Technology".
  • 4) Confirm between day 1 and 15 of every month, the names of your vessels in our "Roll Call" communication channel.
  • 5) Follow always local laws and do not turn, under any circumstances, against local authorities.
  • 6) Remember always that you are an employee of a lawful corporation, so do not buy prohibited goods. Never!
  • 7) If you are employed in Security Division, do not forget that your main duty is to protect our vessels and not to act as a local police.
  • 8) Respect your superiors, colleagues and other traders, do not use vulgar language or threats and always try to present yourself when you meet in space another vessel, even if is a hostile one.
  • 9) Check frequently the main communication channels of our company in order to know what is new in our policy.
  • 10) Be always proud that you are a representative of a company with origins in the Republic of Liberty!

LTS logo.png Channels

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