Nick Newport

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Nick Newport
Nick newport.jpg
Nick Newport in 818 A.S.
Origin Flag-bretonia.png Kingdom of Bretonia
Occupation Bowex Logo.png Borderworld Exports
Gender Male
Height 185 cm
Weight 79 kg
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Affiliation Bowex
Bowex) since 05.10.819
Rank Department Manager
Status Active (820 A.S.)
Born 10 January 794 A.S., Planet Leeds, Leeds
Died Still alive.
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Nick Newport - Bowex Department Manager

Nick Newport is currently employed at Borderworld Exports as Colonial Authority Department Manager. He used to be the Executive Vice President of Interspace Commerce back in time.


Nick Newport was born in 794 AS on Planet Leeds. He was an only child and his family was rather poor. Because of the continuing bombardment on PLanet Leeds by the Kusari Naval Forces, his family lived in fear and pain. Nick's father used to be an Officer of the Bretonian Armed Forces and died tragically in the war with Kusari when Nick was only five years old.

This was one of the reasons, why he and his mother finally left Planet Leeds as refugees. But since they hadn't enought credits to pay the Convoy, they didn't made it to Planet Pittsburgh, so they settled down on Planet New London in 800 AS. Which was still better than keep living on Leeds.

His mother spent their last savings to send her son to a primary school. In school, the teachers were hardly impressed by Nick's economical understanding and his calculating skills. Though, his mother hadn't enough credits to give him a acceptably education, the teachers sent a request to the Interspace Commerce, asking for financial support. After doing tests with Nick, the IC decided to send him on a private IC school, where they teach people in banking and shipping service.

Colonial Authority

Nick's mother was quite proud of his son, that he has choosen to go this way, although she had doubts, if he'll make it in view of his young age of ten years. But Nick knew, that this'll be the chance of his life to get success. So he worked hard at learning fast and good. Compared to his age, he gained soon the same knowledge like some older students had.

Finally in 814 AS he finished his education with excellent results. And he recieved a invitation for a four-years-long practical course from IC on Waterloo Station near Planet New London. He knew, that this'll be the starting shot for his career. In the following four years, he got introduced to the typical workdays of an IC employee. He also had a satisfying income. And soon he was able to buy his mother a lovely house on New London.

During his practical training, Jim learned everything about Sirius-wide economy, banking service and shipping service. Like every trainee, he made his pilot's licence in a "Stork" Advanced Train and combat vessels. When his practical training was over, he was confident, that he'll try to get an employment at IC, this was his primary aim so far since he already worked for them as trainee.

Soon, he became a full time worker of the Interspace Commerce. He has been doing his job reliable and with discernment for almost one year. Standing under the lead of six different CEO's, and even being Vice President for a short period, his career couldn't have been any better.

But then, in late 819 AS, there has been a radical change in the high command. Whereupon Jason Kronos, the new CEO, accused Nick, to be responsible for Otemachi's base destruction. From one day to the other, he got "removed" without previous notice from the corporation. Furthermore, he got blamed in publicity for those accusations. Though, only days later, it got proven, that Nick wasn't at fault. Whereupon, he recieved a general excuse from the Board of Directors, together with a reinvitation.

Driven by anger, wounded pride and mainly the loss of face, he refused their offer. He had to look about for an alternative employment. A more reliable and faithful one. He thought about a taking on a new job in Liberty once more, but he also played with the thought of returning to Bretonia.

After a successful interview with Borderworld Exports he got hired as Colonial Authority Department Manager of Borderworld Exports.


Nick on his search for an employment offer:

Dear Sir or Madam,

please let me present myself first: My name is Nick Newport, born on Planet Leeds in 794 AS. I've removed to Planet New London, where I had a general education, and spent several years in a private school, followed by four-years-long practical course at Interspace Commerce in 814 AS. Afterwards, I've successfully applied at the corporation itself and got placed to Liberty, New York. I've been doing pretty well with my career highpoint as Vice President of Interspace.

In late 819 AS, when there has been a radical change in the Board of Directors, the new CEO, Jason Kronos accused me of being responsible for Otemachi's base destruction, last week. Without previous notice, they removed me from office. Furthermore I got blamed in publicity for those wrong accusations. Just a few days later, my innocence got proven. Whereupon, I recieved a general excuse from the Board of Directors, together with a reinvitation.

Driven by anger, wounded pride and mainly the loss of face, I refused their "generous" offer. And that gets me to the point, why I'm contacting you. I'm looking about a new reliable and faithful employment. For that I'd gladly return to Bretonia, but might stay in Liberty, too.

The reason, why I'm not reporting to anyone's recruitment office, is because I'm searching for personal contact, verbal informations and offers instead. Please don't understand my indecisiveness wrong. I'm interested in employment offers, but my current situation and recent events made me sceptical. Furthermore, I'm tired of always reading the same recruitment advertisings. I'd like to know more, before I'll decide to throw my letter of application in. Or even skip this process, and interviewing for a job at first. For more details about myself, check the attachment.

I'm looking forwad to your reply.

Faithfully yours,

Nick Newport


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