Planet Erie

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Planet Erie
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Owner Flag-liberty.png Liberty Police, Inc.
Location 4E, Pennsylvania
Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Technical information
Population unknown
Docking Yes
Terrain Terrestrial
Diameter 10,921 km
Mass 6.67 x 10e25 kg
Temperature -53°C to 45°C
Escape velocity 10.54 km/sec

The green world of Erie was discovered in 679 A.S. Although the Pennsylvania system is located relatively close to New York, it took some time before Liberty became interested in its exploration. Planet Erie was the only Planet in the System with environment suitable for human colonization. The ecosystem is well-developed, rich in plantlife and various reptilian-like lifeforms of various sizes. The climate is slightly colder then ideal for humans, but tolerable.

Liberty considered the resettlement of "undesirable" elements from Manhattan to Erie, but early surveys found that various microorganisms and even some of the larger carnivores on the Planet would put any colonists at risk. Unwilling to provide the lower class citizens they were planning to resettle with the weapons they'd need to defend themselves, the planet was considered unsuitable by Liberty.

It were groups of Zoners that were the first to settle on Erie. In 761 A.S., the first group landed planetside, soon followed by number of small groups from all over Sirius. These early settlers brought few materials with them, but used what the planet had to offer instead - small settlements built largely out of native wood, with a palissade to keep various predators at bay were built over the course of a few years. This form of settlement continues to this day, which allows the Zoners to continue to expand on the planet despite attempts by Liberty to prevent this.

Liberty however was not willing to allow an independent planet to exist inside their borders. It considered the young colony a security risk, as there was no form of law enforcement planetside, which meant criminal groups could also freely land and build settlements for their own purposes. When the level of criminal activity became intolerable, even for the usually indifferent Zoners, the Liberty Police, Inc. (LPI) stepped in to correct the situation. It is rumored that no small amount of bribing by the Liberty Security Force (LSF) preceded this move. An orbital docking ring was established on Erie in 782 A.S., and some more modern settlements followed soon after.

Most of the local Zoners reacted negatively Liberty's moves, and some even started to assemble resistance detachments in order to start a guerilla war in case Liberty will overstep its bounds. Liberty officials were witty enough to see economical benefits that the presence of Zoners provided, and avoided a conflict by declaring Pennsylvania an independent system under Liberty protectorate, which offered the Zoners economical and political freedom. Moreover, Liberty would build a system of trade lanes to allow safer and faster travels between Pennsylvania stations and New York. While the system is supervised by Liberty governor, the Zoner cities on Erie are self-governed and enjoy complete autonomy, unlike some of the Zoner space stations that have been completely taken over by Liberty corporations.

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