Watanabe Kazoku

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Seek perfection in all things and achieve it in everything you do. Seek the stillness of the mind, for when the mind rules the body obeys. Show no mercy in the field of battle, and expect none for yourself, as caring you are for your friends and family so fearsome and unforgiving you must be to your enemies… - A quote from "Courage, Honor and Prosperity" written by Renjiro Watanabe in 400 A.S
This is an unofficial player group. For the affiliated NPC faction, see Blood Dragons.

Origin Flag-kusari.png Kusari
Affiliation Blood Dragons
Alignment Unlawful
Recruitment Invite Only
Date of founding 322 A.S.
Founder(s) Katashi Watanabe
Current leader(s) Hirotada Watanabe
Base of operations Kyoto Base
Secondary Base Sendai Research Complex
Primary ID Blood Dragon ID
IFF Blood Dragon
Tag(s) WK
Primary role
Unite the Blood Dragons under their banner and overthrow the Kusari government.
Secondary role
Find a suitable planet the Dragons can call home. Strenghten the Blood Dragons as an organization. Support technological development.


An ancient and highly respected family of Blood Dragons that centers its resources on research, trade and exploration but often participates in other Dragon duties. After a brief time of inactivity, and the deaths of core family members, the Kazoku has been reborn again under leadership of Hirotada Watanabe, hoping to unite all Dragons under a common banner and lead their people to prosperity, progress and ultimately victory. Extremely hostile to the Samura but more than friendly towards the Gas Miners Guild and the Freeport 10 Zoners.


The Watanabe Kazoku is descended from one of Shogun Hideyoshi's Royal Guards named Katashi Watanabe who fled to Chugoku with the rest of his Royal Guard brethren during the infamous Sakura Coup in 321 A.S. Katashi traveled on one of the Togo class battleships that those still loyal to the Hideyoshi dynasty managed to retrieve. Before it could reach the confines of the Chugoku system the Togo was severely crippled in a collision with an intimidatingly large asteroid and had to be abandoned with no chances of repair. Before any attempts to retrive the vessel were made, records of its position were held in one of the Kyoto's Libraries but were lost in an unexpected fire that occurred within the Library. When the Royal Guard that now called themselves the Blood Dragons started to carve a large asteroid that was later to become their home, young Katashi was given a task that best suited his age - to be a manual laborer. He hauled large quantities of rock, dust and other unneeded waste found within the confines of the Kyoto asteroid, and dumped them out the airlock into the Okamura cloud. When Kyoto was finally completed and the Dragons now had a solid base of operations to launch attacks from, it was time to exact revenge on the new Kusari empire and its dishonourable leaders. Katashi participated in many of those attacks successfully, thus earning himself a house in the upper levels of Kyoto. He married a young girl that had only recently joined the movement and founded his own bloodline that endures until the present day - The Watanabe Kazoku. Time passed, the Kazoku has grown and so did the house that by 400 A.S housed a population of fifty people, either Watanabe or some far relatives. In 510 A.S the Kazoku got more organized as an independent group and stopped following the Blood Dragon shogunate blindly. The Kazoku still felt a need to help their brothers in arms and did so on many occasions, but they were now more independent and self sufficient. Treasuring a single Hachiman named 'Raijin' the Kazoku organized around it by leading it into various raids against the corrupt Samura and foreign transporters. They also used the Raijin as a transport of a kind, the one that could return more goods to Kyoto than a regular fighter ever dreamed of, donating something over the half of the food and supplies to the Shogunate and keeping the rest for themselves.

In 642 A.S, when the Dragons heard of the young group of Kusari women disgruntled with the way women are treated in Kusari, they saw their chance for an ally they so desperately needed. Emissaries were sent out on diplomatic talks with these women that called themselves The Golden Chrysanthemums. As the Dragons understood that the emissaries would be likely target of the Kusari lawful forces, they issued them a few escorts and among them Watanabe Reiko, an esteemed member of the Watanabe Kazoku and most of all - a woman. As the negotiations were successful, they returned home - but without Reiko that decided to join the Chrysanthemum movement. The Kazoku was disappointed, but respected her wishes under the belief that everyone has their own path they should follow.

As 700 A.S approached, one more expansion of the Watanabe Kazoku house was undertaken in order for it to be able to house all those people that already lived there or were supposed to arrive. Food was short for such a large house so the Kazoku made their raids more frequent in order to feed their hungry wives and children. As Planet Kitahara was made known to the Dragons by their now faithful allies and sisters the Golden C., the Kazoku decided to move a large portion of their family there and fund a new house in this place that seemed like a paradise the Gods granted them. The current head of the Kazoku Watanabe Masahiro, married a woman from the Gas Miners Guild that gave birth to three sons Takeshi, Hirotada and Toshiro. Toshiro being the first born son was destined to become a new descendant of the bloodline and the new master of the Kazoku.

801 A.S The Battle of Heaven's Gate. The Dragons assault the Tohoku Planetary Arch with the assistance of the well known Freelancer Edison Trent. Among the Dragons, one of the two brothers of Watanabe Masahiro flies to battle among his brethren. As he bravely held back the tides of the Kusari Wild he was ultimately overwhelmed and destroyed by the overpowering force. These were sad times for the Kazoku but its misery was yet to begin. It is the year 805 A.S and the Golden C. elders decide to introduce the highly addictive drug Cardamine into Planet Kitahara's ecosystem. The Kazoku, disgusted and frightened leaves the planet that was now their home and returns to their overcrowded manor in Kyoto. As a joint operation of the Dragons and The Order the first Kagutsuchi Class Cruiser was created and put to active service. Seeing that they would need a Kagutsuchi of their own the Kazoku funded a large project to build one more of them as an operation between some Order and Kazoku scientists. Meanwhile, the current head Watanabe Masahiro was murdered as he was returning from a trip, making Toshiro assume the rule of the Kazoku. The newly completed cruiser was named Dragon Tears to honor their grief towards the deceased Masahiro.

With more firepower and transports the Kazoku started to take interest in scientific research and with some stolen blueprints they managed to create automated Drones called Home Seekers. They were named this way because of the current situation on Kyoto: constant lack of food, lack of living space and just being sick of 'imprisonment' on a space rock for hundreds of years. The Kazoku understood, they needed a planet from which they could harvest food, have plenty of living space and the always needed ship building recourses. The Home Seeker drones were built into transports, for their fighter piloting was well below average. Their intelligence extending from sapient to almost fully sentient made them perfect scouts, explorers and above all traders. They could visit the Junker and Zoner bases frequently and bring back the recourses Dragons constantly need.

In 819 A.S, shamed by an unfortunate chain of events involving a Kazoku member leaking vital information, ending in death of twenty blood dragons, Toshiro Watanabe commited ritual suicide, followed by many other Kazoku members. The rest of the family members scattered around the sector, the manor laid mostly vacant, all until Hirotada, the middle child of the main Kazoku bloodline returned with his right hand and most trusted ally Daimyo Ichiro Raionno, to revive his family, unite the Dragons and restore honor to his name. The remaining Kazoku members united under his leadership and a steady influx of other recruits gathered under his banner, effectively putting the Kazoku back on its feet and in active service, circa 820 A.S.


  • The Project Izanagi: Izanagi no Kami is one of the Togo class battleships on which among many others, Katashi Watanabe traveled to Chugoku. But before it could ever reach Chugoku the mammoth vessel collided with a large asteroid and those that could, left it in smaller craft. Others either dead, or missing. All records of the battleships position were lost in a fire, that conveniently to some occurred inside the Kyoto Library somewhere in mid 410 A.S thus losing all information about the battleship's whereabouts. The Kazoku focused it's exploration drones and recourses to finding this lost relic of it's time, and when found putting it into a good use. The search bore fruit only recently, the vessel was discovered drifting near the edge of the vast Okamura Nebula, and was towed to Mito, where its undergoing repairs.

  • Project Home Seeker: Kyoto is overcrowded, living on Kyoto is demoralizing and difficult, especially if you have a large family to take care of. For the ever growing Dragon population food and supplies are always short, so the Kazoku has devised a plan on how to fix this. The Home Seeker Drones are sent out to investigate the location of a planet that can be possibly settled. For now the Drones are tested around the uncharted parts of the Chugoku systems and around it in hopes of discovering some active and traversable jump holes. Still without success. Since the Kazoku discovered the planet Tomioka, that is controlled by the Samura and it's lackeys the Farmer's Alliance, they have been devising a plan on how to capture or destroy the nearby Farmer's Alliance installation and gain access to the planet, however, with recent developments, such plans have been deemed too costly and inefficient.


They say we have retreated, they said we gave up. But let it be known, the Dragon's flame is still alive, and its claws envelop all of Kusari. None are safe from our wrath. - Watanabe Hirotada


Chugoku, a system hidden deep within the mists of the Crow Nebula, innside the Okamura Cloud. This system, the home of the Blood Dragons has evaded being discovered by everyone Dragons did not deem worthy for over 500 hundred years. This system is the primary Zone of Interest for the Watanabe Kazoku, because it contains the Kyoto Base and inside it the Watanabe Kazoku Manor. The system is always patrolled by the fearsome Dragon wings and whoever entered unauthorized, never returned. The Kazoku uses the thick asteroid laden Okamura Cloud to perform field tests of their Seeker Drones.


Tohoku system, the location of the Heaven's Gate, one of the wonders of Kusari's technological advancement and architecture. The Gate however is not a place of wonders as it's would suggest, instead the system is heavily infested with Nomad and Wild patrols. The Hanta-Iseijin maintain the Heaven's Gate as their primary base of operations to combat this Alien threat. Dragons, however have little to no information on what is going on there, and rumors speak of concerning activities aboard. The Dragons maintain a base of operations in this system called Ryuku Base on which the Kazoku has a small presence in form of several rooms in which the Kazoku Members live. The Kazoku transports often traverse throughout the system carrying supplies to or from the Sendai Research Complex in the Okinawa system.


Hokkaido is a system at the edge of Kusari's lawful control, in which the Golden Chrysanthemums maintain their base of operations, Ainu Depot. The system is laden with numerous nebulae rich in H-Fuel, that the Samura collects in a greedy manner. The system was also the location of the Chugoku Gate Construction Site maintained by the Deep Space Engineering, an unacceptable threat to the Dragons. The project was held at bay by numerous Dragon raids that slowed down the process considerably, and ultimately shifted the gate's direction. The Kazoku now mainly concentrates on assaulting the Samura Gas Miners and Convoys but occasionaly also collecting the Alien Organisms located in a pocket of the northeastern nebula for scientific research purposes.


A Kusari core system, considered to be as important as New Tokyo, and the Kazoku often launches surgical strikes against domestic and foreign shipping alike.

Sigma 13

The system owned by the Gas Miners Guild that maintain their base of operations on the Gas Miner Naha. The Kazoku visits the system frequently to purchase various supplies and information from the Junkers that also maintain a base of operations there.

New Tokyo

The capitol of Kusari, and the location of the Planet New Tokyo - the seat of the current Kusari government. The Kazoku sometimes launches raids against the Police and Samura installations in the system and maintains a spy network throughtout the system's installations.


A system owned by the Gas Miners Guild and Kshiro that maintain their installations there. The system also holds an installation crucial to the Kazoku, the Sendai Research Complex. The Kazoku maintains a laboratory on the station where all of the Home Seeker Drone research is conducted. The Home Seeker Drones, the most notable of them - Ikazuchi, visit the system carrying various supplies from and to Sendai.


The Kyushu, as beautiful as it may seem to an unwary visitor that stops to look around, is actually a place where many cultures and groups meet. The Kazoku often operates within the system, raiding, collecting intelligence and directing the Home Seeker drones towards the Tau 23 system, from where they continue their journey towards the Zoner freeport in Tau 37. The system is often visited by numbers of Outcasts ships, which are treated with suspicion by the Kazoku, and beyond the protection of the Chrysanthemums, even hostility.

Tau 23

A waypoint system which the Kazoku drones pass on their way to Freeport 10. A site of major conflict between the Outcasts, Independent Miners Guild, Colonial Republic and the Gallic Royal Navy, all factions attempting to control the system one way or the other. This patch of space is a historical smuggling hub of the Outcasts' cardamine, some of it making way to Kusari. If a few cardamine transports go missing without any witnesses to report their last location, no real harm would come out of it. Otherwise, all pilots are advised not to interfere with the affairs of the denizes of this system, unless completely necessary.

Tau 37

The location of Freeport 10. The final waypoint of the Kazoku drones. Pilots may engage in trade with the local zoners, and rest before returning.


A Kusari core system largely controlled by Samura, also the location of Fuchu Prison, where many of our brethren are held. Attacks on prison convoys, Samura transports and supply depots are encouraged, however, large Liberty criminal presence is reported. The meddling of these foreign pirates in our space is bothersome, and if some of them happen to go missing, the Shogunate would be pleased.


The Shogun, Head of the Kazoku

A member of the Blood Dragon Shogunate, a great master of war, serving the Imperial Court, he is also the direct descendant of Watanabe Katashi and is bound by blood to rule over the Kazoku. He commands the Kazoku flagship, and cares for the wellbeing of all family members.


An imposing figure in the Kazoku and all of Dragon society. He commands the respect and lives of dozens of warriors, and has access to most Kazoku resources. He is both an accomplished warrior and a skilled diplomat.


Those who establish themselves as both great warriors and wise scholars are sometimes granted the tittle of Tairo, marking many years of experience and commanding immense respect from their fellow Dragons.


The elite of the elite, a product of many battles and a life of hardship, that hardened these warriors into Roju. Usually led by a Tairo, these are the commandos of the Blood Dragon order, that inspire courage in their brethren and crippling terror in their enemies.


The direct retainers of the Shogun. The one that has mastered both body and mind, and is in charge of coordinating Fighter/Bomber strike forces through various battles and raiding parties.


Elite warriors of the house in charge of guarding the Dragon bases and defending the Kazoku members and interests. Every one of the Gokenin must go through a ruthless training that leaves no room for mistakes, the result being a warrior that when given a Katana can sweep through the enemy lines with ease.


Warriors that have came to serve the the Kazoku from various cousins and far relatives, as well as fresh recruits. To be accepted into the main Kazoku body they must prove their worth and honor in the battlefield. In short, a standard soldier.

Special Ranks

Home Seeker Drone

A recent joint project of the Kazoku scientists and some hired Zoner researchers. The original blueprints were found in a wreck of strange and unknown ship found deep in the Crow Nebula. The blueprints were heavily coded in a number language, similar to the advanced computer languages, taking months to decode. The result was, data files of strange artificial intelligence mainframes, ranging from sentient to sapient. Soon after, the first fruit of this research was born, the Ikazuchi computer, controlling every computer in the Kazoku house, as well as the rest of the sapient drones. The primary role of the drones is to explore nearby space, searching for habitable planets, and the secondary transporting various goods and weapons.




The Kazoku uses all of the advanced Blood Dragon weaponry, Kusari cannons available for purchase at Kyoto Base and Mito Shipyards, Civilian Weapons and some rare previously approved Golden Chrysanthemum weaponry. The Kazoku keeps a large stock of ammo, Supernova Antimatter Cannons, Shields, Thrusters etc. aboard the PHS-Ikazuchi - the main Home Seeker Drone.

As time passed, The Kazoku often encountered unknown weapons commonly named CODENAME weapons. These weapons were quickly scanned and studied by the Kazoku scientists, so that new copies of these weapons could be made. Some of these became standard issued weapons to those more skilled pilots.

As the deals with the Freeport 10 Zoners were made, and the Kazoku made some trips to Tau 37, they discovered the potent power of the Improved Debilitator technology that the Zoners sold freely on their base. As the Home Seeker drones went back and forward with various goods, they often brought back these weapons that were put into a good use on the Kazoku ships.


Fighter Line
Ku fighter.png
Light Fighter
Ku dragon.png
Very Heavy Fighter
Capital Line
Primary Gunboat
Secondary Gunboat
Drone/Transport Line
Big Dragon
Primary Transport
Secondary Transport
Diplomatic Envoy Vessel
Notable Vessels


A courageous foe is better than a cowardly friend. Hold your friends close, and your enemies even closer.
Faction Relationship
Golden Chrysanthemums
Gas Miners Guild
The Order
Kusari Freelancers
Everyone else
Bretonia Armed Forces
Gallic Royal Navy
Independent Pirates
Kusari Naval Forces
Kusari State Police
Bounty Hunters Guild
At War
Farmers Alliance
At War
At War
Nomads and Nomad Infested Forces
At War

Gameplay Rules

    • A member must always behave according to the server rules, no exceptions.
    • Katana > Everything
    • If possible, members should always attempt to help new players get familiar with RP and the Rules.
    • Members must always behave in character, OOC spam will not be tolerated outside private and/or group channels, no exceptions.
    • Members must always abide to the rules of the Blood Dragon Space found here


By in game roleplay and invitation.