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Ben Warner
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation Revolutionary/Politician
Affiliation Sirius Coalition Revolutionary Army
Joined the Coalition 817-present [ Retired ]
Rank Premier
Born January 5th 791 A.S., Planet Denver (Age 31)

Before The Revolution

Before the LRF, Ben Warner was a shipyard worker at Norfolk, however an accident that could have been avoided with the proper safety measures occurred due to the Foreman refusing to listen to Ben's arguments, thus he joined the Liberty Worker's Party and became the embodiment of the hand of Lachlan Phoenix, who would later go on to lead the Liberty Revolutionary Front.

Liberty Revolutionary Front

Ben Warner before he joined the Coalition was part of a small force within Liberty, Socialist Terrorists that called themselves the Liberty Revolutionary Front, who operated with small ships and lightning strikes against a multitude of targets, ranging from Corporate Traders to Military targets, eventually even hitting traders hauling Cardamine and Slaves.

Ben was the Intelligence Officer and a Demolitions expert, having been an engineer he knew his way around mechanical components and having a 'crash course' in the use of HE devices. Ben orchestrated the capture of a Deep Space Engineering transport which was used by the front to ship supplies to and from the Unioners and the Red Hessians in Rheinland.

Ben was also the man who put the LRF into contact with the Unioners and the Coalition, forging strong ties between the factions and also meeting with the future Premier Alvin Katz, forging a strong friendship with the young officer and opening the door for the Coalition to further their operations within Liberty space. Ben also gave to the Coalition an active Artifact that was confiscated from a Corsair transport attempting to smuggle into Liberty. Ben Warner also took a large part in the Ontario Incident when the Liberty Marine Corps imposed Martial Law upon the Ontarians.

After that incident the LRF went underground and Ben Warner eventually went to the Coalition, being accepted as a Fighter Pilot by them.

The Coalition


-Ben as a Commander-

Ben having joined the Coalition quickly rose through the ranks until he held the rank of Commander, having proven his skill and loyalty to the cause by destroying a multitude of hostile targets of the Coalition and carrying out several sensitive missions for his friend and commanding officer Alvin Katz, eventually Katz became the Premier in recognition for his duty and loyalty to the Coalition. Ben, feeling inspired by his friend's rise to leadership increased his activities, further destroying any hostile he came across and helping to inspire the new generation of Coalition Pilots.

Ben eventually came into command alongside Commander Broch of the CPW Trotsky, a Typhoon Destroyer, using it's firepower he actively sought out Corsair Gunboats seeking to pirate the various traders and miners of Omega-7, striking terror into the hearts of his enemies when the Trotsky came into scanning range with it's large amount of firepower.

Eventually after much hard work and dangerous missions he was promoted to the rank of Captain and assumed many leadership responsibilities that the Premier could not handle with his current workload, eventually with the Illness of McIntosh he was given further responsibilities as the Commandante of the Fighter Corps, he has command of the CPW Lithuania. Later on he stepped down as Commandante and eventually returned to the rank of Major and later earning the rank of General.

At present he serves as the Premier of the Coalition, having the popular support from the governing body the State Duma to that end as well as much of the Military due to his reputation as a 'Hero of the Revolution' and a Katzist (the primary ideology in the Coalition


- General Warner -

Current Status

While he is retired from active service in the Revolutionary Army he still maintains a great deal of power and respect over the Army and it's day-to-day functions as the Premier of the Sirius Coalition. His tenure as Premier has seen the strengthening of their ties with both the Red Hessians and the Mollys in addition to a cession of hostilities with The Order and the re-forging of their ties to ensure the suppression of both the Nomads and the Core.

A staunch Katzist Ben has been a stabilizing influence for the Socialist Republic and has increased the Coalition's economic strength through the establishment of trade between the Coalition, it's allies and neutral entities. Premier Warner's popularity has been on the increase with every campaign promise he has full-filled, including his oath to expand Coalition Territory through their settlement of Omega-55 and subsequent Kamchatka Station.

Premier Warner currently inhabits quarters at the Kremlin Dome where he meets regularly with the State Duma and it's associated bodies to ensure both the Coalition's stability and efficiency.


Ben Warner has received several honours for his service to the cause, including the Cross of the Patriot, the Crimson Vigil,the Order of the Red Star, the Hispania Memorium and was declared a Hero Of The Revolution.


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Red Hessian Army
Independent Miners Guild
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