Carrie Dababi

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Carrie Dababi
Carrie Dababi (01b).png
Life takes unexpected turns
Origin Flag-liberty.png Liberty
Occupation N/A
Gender Female
Affiliation Civilian
Ex-Shuttle pilot 4 months
Born 12 March 798 A.S., Planet Manhattan
Carries current goals

About Carrie Dababi

- Name: Carrie Dababi

- Age: 21

- Day of birth: 12.03.0798 A.S.

- Origin: Planet Manhattan, New York

- Occupation: n/a

- Length: 5'5"

- Parents: Catherin Dababi Sinclair (48), Andrew Dababi (51)

- Bothers/Sisters: None


  • Rebuilding a new life.
  • Released by the Liberty Navy
  • Flies around in a Griffin under a different name.
  • Keeping an eye out for Jacob Blair and his associates.

A summery of her Story

The start

Living a normal life as a decent student for becoming a pilot. She completed it at a early age and started to work on a Shuttle line between Planet Manhattan and Planet Pittsburgh, moving around the commuters. Her mother being a typical housemother. Her Father was working as a ship captain on one of the transport ships of Ageira.

On a morning the LPI knocked on the door with a message. "Your father has gone missing after a Pirate raid on the convoy he was in. He is most likely deceased". This news broke her mother world, she couldn't take the blow. Her mother tried to commite suicide shortly after, she failed and was brought to mental hospital. Carrie went to visit her and got the news from the doctors her mother was in such a bad shape that she would not recognize Carrie anymore. In response to this Carrie didn't know what to do anymore. At work she wasn't focused anymore and got fired. She started drinking and visitng bars more often.


While being drunk she ran into Jacob Blair. With some tricky words he managed to get Carrie with her. Carrie herself can't remember much of that night. She woke up in a room alone. And was taken to Jacob shortly after. He told Carrie that her dad was still alive. This gave Carrie hope, even if she didn't know he was saying the truth. This hope dragged her through the upcomming events. Jacob told her that she had to work for his boss, with the reason that her father had some high debts that needed to be repaid.

She was given a Ki to smuggle as how they called it 'important' cargo. However all shipments were in low quantities. Carrie did her job as best as she could. Mostly not even know what she was actually hauling, all this being kept a secret, only be given minimal information. However the pushing around and running into trouble with the LPI and the Liberty Navy, because of the lack of information of the cargo, Carrie started to get fed up with it. No one giving her any progresive information about her dad. She made a plan to run away from Jacob and his men. She succesfuly reached Gran Canaria, from here she thought it would be best to lay low and try searching for her dad alone. However having close to no leads this would be near to impossible.

After spending some time on Gran Canaria in peace, it was disrupted when Jacob and his men knocked the door. And took Carrie with them, Carrie being knocked uncontious. She woke up in a room with Jacob, the memories about the events that took place slowly surfaced in Carries mind, however the memories remained vague but gave her enough reason to hate Jacob. Carrie was forced to work for him again, one screw up and she would feel it. Carrie didn't want to take any risks anymore. All the events resulted into a trauma, starting to stutter, acting skittish to everything and everyone.

Mason Ralusch was one of the first Navy pilots that found out Carrie was transporting Artifacts, Carrie herself not being aware of them being alien ones and also possible dangerous. She thought they were plain old rocks some glowing some not. Jacob said there was nothing to worry about. Mason Ralusch tested Carries faith in believing her dad was still alive after Carrie told him parts of her current situation.

Terrance Chamberlain once tried to obtain the Artifacts Carrie ran around with. Carrie didn't want to give them to the Order, still believing they couldn't harm anyone. Even a pay of 2 million credits didn't change Carries mind to hand them over. She knew Jacob would start to ask questions. And he told her not to deal with the Order because they are terrorists. So Carrie did, without to much thinking.

In the leisure she had between the delivery jobs she met Concordia, Jeremy Hunter, Yoko Mori and Zack Fair

Nikki Carr

Okinawa Encounter
Carrie was arrested by the Liberty Navy on one of her Artifact trips to the Sendai Research Complex in the Okinawa system. Two officer (Johnathan Alquist, John Jackson), caught her in Okinawa and brought Carrie back to Liberty. Once in brought to Manhattan Carrie left the old Ki with some dealer and bought a Griffin with the few credits she was given. Also being given a new name 'Nikki Carr'. She was told not to talk with the people she knew, since this could blow her cover and might end up getting found again.

Being Nikki gave Carrie a hard time, seeing people she knew flying around yet not being able to talk to them. Feeling locked away from the world. Mason Ralusch ended up taking care of Carrie. He told Aleesha Cooper to look after Carrie when he couldn't do it himself. Mason kept gave Carrie a safehouse on Denver to live in for a while. Carrie got so into her role as Nikki so much, feeling the name would protect her from everything, saying Carrie did no longer exist. Mason tried to convince Carrie that the name wouldn't protect her and that she should stop being so skittish about things.Mason was of opinion she should go back being Carrie since she was just destroying herself this way.

Eventually Carrie took back her old identity, however she was dealing with nightmares from Jacob and the smuggling days, having Mason popup in her dream more often. The last encounter Carrie had with Mason she took the wrong way. They had a fight, Carrie didn't want to see him anymore for a while. She tried to evade sleeping, hoping not to dream. This at a expense of her health. She started taking drugs against sleeping, without her knowing these were adictive.

Her health deteriorating as she used the drugs longer and more often. In this state she ran into Sirlagsalot. He seemed to be a bit worried about her health, Carrie denied everything and said she was alright and didn't need anyones help.


As the drugs became more part of Carries life she searched for new sources to get them. She found a smuggler who said he could get them rather cheap and in quite some quantities too. Carrie was supposed to meet him on Rochester. The dealer was late and Carrie was getting nervous. A girl came sitting next to her in the bar. Alexis Glover. She said she had the stuff Carrie was looking for. Carrie with some hesitation finely followed her. Once at the room of Alexis, the was closed and locked.

Carrie was forced to perform acts she didn't want to do. She resisted, wanting to get out, not wanting the pills anymore either. Alexis didn't let her go. Carrie was help 'kidnapped' on Alexis her Liberty Rogue Destroyer. Carrie was eager to get out and tried everything. She managed to get a message out to Aleesha Cooper, saying she was going to try and break out. However this attempt failed. Literally Backfiring, Alexis shot Carrie in her leg and saw the messages that were send to Aleesha. Alexis contacted Aleesha herself for a meeting.

Aleesha, Alexis and Carrie met in the bar of Rochester. Carrie having a hard time walking because of the gunshot wound. At the end of the conversation it resulted into Alexis agreeing with Aleesha for a exchange. Carrie would be exchanged for Aleesha. Aleesha handed all her personal belongings to Carrie and told her to take the Guardian away from Rochester. Carrie left her Griffin behind.

Alexis Glover mentioned Mason Ralusch, what she told about him during the kidnapping made Carrie believe he could be involved, hating him even more. But she wasn't sure about it. As soon as she got the Guardian she ran to Manhattan, sitting in orbit thinking. People were confused why Carrie had the Guardian and asked questions, Carrie told some about Aleesha giving people more questions. Felicia Drums got involved too, she used Carries condition to pull off some valuable information about Aleesha. Carrie felt backstabbed by Felicia and didn't know who she could trust anymore.

Carrie ran to the safehouse of Mason on Denver, packed her stuff and left a note for Mason on the table saying she was leaving. Carrie ran away from Liberty, looking for someone she might trust. Terrance Chamberlain popped up in Carries mind. He caught her once with Artifacts, he didn't seem to have any bad intentions what so ever. After some searching Carrie managed to get a hold of him. She stayed at Freeport 1 for most of the time while Aleesha was still with Alexis.

Alexis Glover managed to get back into contact Carrie, telling her she would have to repay for the things she did. This include telling the Liberty Navy about the kidnapping. Carrie felt like she didn't have a choice then to head back to Alexis to make up, for Aleesha's sake. Alexis gave her the Greyhound to have Carrie make her job do a little better.


Carrie gained interest in the Artifacts when she first found out what she was actually smuggling. Upon hearing they could be dangerous and lives could depend on them falling in the right or wrong hands. She started to search for possibilities to gather information, one of these was getting into contact with the Order.
When all this Alexis - Aleesha business blows over, Carrie thought she would be more time to spent on her search of the truth.


Her old smuggling ship
Destroyed - Back in the days Carrie worked for Jacob she was given a Ki to do her job.

* Smuggling

Co freighter.png
Ship owner Jacob Blair
Impounded - Jacob told Carrie to pilot this Bactrian for the time being.

Jack Reeve as her co-pilot.

He was later replaced by Hans Heimbach.

Cv fighter.png
Her current personal ship
In use - She bought the Griffin when the "witness protection" program started. was broken,

has been repaired now.

* Nikki Carr, * Released from Fort Bragg

Impounded - Alexis Glover gave Carrie the Greyhound to do some work for her.

This one remains at Rochester. Under Alexis her supervision.

* Kidnapping

Impounded - Started to fly the Guardian when Alexis and Aleesha told her to be gone with it.

Belonging to the Liberty Navy 36th "Soaring Ducks" Squadron

* Kidnapping, Special Temporary Premission

Cv vheavy fighter.png
Used for a short while
Stolen - She got this second hand Eagle after she was released from the Liberty Navy.

* Released from Fort Bragg

Faction Diplomacy

Faction Relationship Factions
Liberty Navy
Liberty Police (LPI)
Zoners - Other
The Order
Liberty Rogues
Everyone else
Liberty Security Force (LSF)
Bounty Hunters Guild (BHG)

Personal Diplomacy

Faction Relationship People
Yoko Mori
Jake Logan
Shiro Soare
Alexis Hunter
Terrance Chamberlain
Zack Fair
Jeremy Hunter
Mason Ralusch
Aleesha Cooper
Veera Allen
Everyone else
Alexis Glover
Felicia Drum
Trixie Sanders
Jacob Blair
At War

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